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Jerica Knox


Shenetra West


Brenda Ruffin Gardenhire

Love this color

Jerica Knox

Tell yoyo this the one

Shenetra West

Yolanda this is the style she wants

Alisha Stevens

LyteSkinn Liyahh this color

Joyleen Gatlin

Love this hair

Venetta Mitchell

Love it

Val J Hood

This color is everything!

Brigitte Graham

I am absolutely in love with this hairstyle…hot…on point and slaying

Danielle DanDan Ross

Tierra Collins Charlene Renae Kelly-Hill Fabiola Alikpokou this color i might need make a change

Tierra Collins

Yaaaasssssss that is toooo cute!

Grace Post-Naji

Beautiful! Daaiyah Naji-Erwin April Johnson

Daaiyah Naji-Erwin

That’s what that is! Color and all

Veronica Johnson Adderson

This you Yashica Wilson-hearns! I love this color!

Yashica Wilson-hearns

I like…you think I can pull it off??????

Bernice Baker Johnson


Tiffany Drummond

Love this color

Porscha Bene


Dab's N'gOom

Très jolie

Melanie Evans Trotman

Shanna Eighty-four Nard I thought this was you

Kesia Lovinkjleeleeandbo Clements


Kandice LaJuan Lawson

Kayla Goudeau can we do this when I get home?! The color and everything??

Simone Williams

Davon Katrice Oliver love this color

Jerricka Ward

Date & time

Venicesa K Sampson

Enjoli Johnson I need that color!!!!

Candi Lola Wood

Tine Bean you should get this

Tine Bean

I love it I want this hairstyle

Tine Bean

That color cute too

Candi Lola Wood

Yea, it’s like a chestnut brown.

Candi Lola Wood

And yall the same complexion

Candi Lola Wood

Smh you and that bang! Imma be like Tine, if you flick that damn bang one mo time! ????????????

Tine Bean

????????you already kno

DiSha Culpepper

Jessica Jp Wilson Thought this was you

Jessica Jp Wilson

Hahahaha! I do love me a BANG!! This is sooooo cute!!!!

Queena Shareef

LaShaiya Dudley cute

Shariah Bowling

Courtney Payne this is gorgeous. I love the color

Courtney Payne

What color is that and that style is good

Tiffany Turner

Jhamal Turner this color on me ?

Sade Russell

Yolanda Harden this cute

LaToya Lumar

♡♡♡♡ Alicia MissingmydadStevens Tiffany Lashante Fields

Ebane Masango

I see u cutting ur hair like this

Vanessa Liddell

Lydia Bryant this is you all day

Marva Marie

I so would

Lydia Bryant

Yes it is….

Shannon Beasley

Oh s**t! That is beautiful!

Amy Williams

What color is this? I’m loving it

Toya Walker


Lurentha Aprilkaye Davis

Love that color

Jenay Fields

???????????????????? I want this ????????????

Akasha Wimbley

I NEED that color in my life, not now…but right NOW!! Does anybody know the name of it?

Yulanda Gupton

I Wish I knew because it’s BEAUTIFUL! !!! Just right for a chocolate girl like me….lol.????

Stephyne Wilson

Anna Love’ this is to cute

Anna Love'

Love it ????

Erion Dudley

Lashae’ Rivens she look like you!!! Pretty!

Jean Emery

The color, style is awesome!

Tonia Lpht

Gorg, i love the color

Kimberly Foster

Love the color

Freda Rosett Rivers

Quel Wallace this is pretty the cut&color!!!! Looks like a plum color 🙂

Kelly White Gloria

Love it!!!!!

Shy Borne

Omg I love it

Cindy Young Cushion

Love this

Almaz Glasford

looks like u

Brianna Morgan

I thought this was you for a min Burgundy Robinson

Burgundy Robinson

Lol she does look like me a little

Brianna Morgan

Yep with burgundy hair lol

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