Another Unique sew in style (Vixen Sew In)




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  1. Shola Shollybabi Adebamiji

    this style to me would only work if the clients hair is full (thick) I cant see this being done for a client with fine hair. IDK though.. Really cool way of doing a sew in!

  2. Inetha Brown

    Pretty Cool, a lot of actress show this picture of their hair like this and we think its all natural….

  3. ShaRita Howard

    People That don’t get it isn’t about that sew in life because this technique is the s***!!!!!

  4. Dimitria Lee

    Lol the point is it looks very natural. I love it. When my hair grows out I will be trying this

  5. Patricia Rankin

    This is cute, when the person styling it knows what their doing and is actually growing the Childs Hair.

  6. Robyn Rucker

    Ok, thanks for clarification! Again I think it is a nice weave and the young lady looks very young! Compliment!!!

  7. Anissa Blumberg

    am I the only one who hates it? I mean come on, can’t we just innovate on our natural hair and not on “how to fake the caucasian hairstyle?” just sick of it! I mean, Black women are beautiful but still we don’t accept our full self and focus on being beautiful the way we really are… I mean in a world where black women would not wear weave all the time as a must for beauty, this would look ridiculous. I mean, she’s copying white people’s hair fooling us. That’s just sick. But I am not hating, but sometimes it’s just too much

    1. Chydonna Chambers

      Anissa I’m natural and I wear my hair with versatility, which means I wear weaves at times too, does that mean I don’t value myself as a black woman? No it simply means, I’m happy with who I am and therefore I choose to versatile with that. Paz don’t rag on women who choose to wear their hair differently simply because you don’t like it. How about next time just saying,

    2. Sopirinyé Diri

      Oh please. Just because someone wants to wear their hair straight or wear a straight weave doesn’t mean hate themselves or want to be more European. I think it’s ridiculous to get that worked up over a simple hairstyle. Straight hair isn’t a race exclusive style.

    3. Melissa Broek

      I have curls, but sometimes I want to wear straight hair. I do not want to damage my hair so I wear a straight U-wig so I only have to straight the middle front of my hair. I absolutely do not hate my hair, but I do hate it when I have heat damage or breakage so that is why I wear a weave sometimes

    4. Erica Atara Jones

      I agree Chydonna Chambers! I absoultley love my natural hair. However, there are times when I just don’t want to deal with it. So, for those times I wear weave. Also, with my hair, the more I leave it alone in a style and keep it moisturize, the more it grows. Also @Anissa Blumberg, other races wear weaves too, why not call them out? Every race is beautiful and have the way they do things. Just relax and let them LIVE ! 😉

    5. Evelyn Wise

      Who cares if you have natural or if you like weaves, its called being versatile when you want to be.

    6. Miranda Jett

      I wear weaves not because I hate my natural hair, but because I love it and I want it to be protected. I love versatility whether straight, wavy, or curly. But LAWD knows, I surely do love my Blackness.

    7. Patrice Dynastys Mummy Miller

      i get what you are saying but to be honest, i put my weave in and take it out again but it is really hard to manage when my own hair is out. having children a job and various other things to do whos got time to be spending time on hair when you need to get out the door quick. i wear my own hair with pride and i am sure most women out there do too but we just dont have the time to maintain and i dont believe in putting chemicals in my hair either

    8. Wendy Jean-Louis

      Girl shut up you found stupid. People put weave for various reasons. Historically blsck women love changing their hair. And besides the fact insinuating only Caucasians have softer textures hair is freaking ignorant. Black people come in all colours and hair textures as well. F****** hair nazis. Ever thought that some people put weave to save time. It’s get up and go

    9. Felicia Hamilton

      I get what you are saying, I don’t see white women lining up for our natural hair styles to be weaved in their heads. Because they understand they set the trends, not us!

    10. Anissa Blumberg

      My point is why don’t we innovate based on our natural looks, based on us and not based on the caucasian style. You gotta admit that most weaves are straight, and it’s always about straight hair. Promoting new weaves based on our texture would be a difference. I am not hating, I have wore weaves before and I understand “versatility” changing hair once in a while is nice but it’s mostly straight hair that is promoted and that is my point. And please, stop hating or insulting, I was just giving my opinion, something that we are allowed to do and insulting is not going to level up any discussion

    11. TyCeria Williams

      Someone always turns something into a race argument, and this has to be one of the dumbest smh it’s just hair

    12. Anissa Blumberg

      It’s not just hair. Hair is part of what makes a woman who she is, a sign of beauty, how she wants to be perceived. It is a page promoting Black’s hair, our hair. We DO spend tons of money, like every month for hair.

    13. Lerato S'thando Kgosane

      Go ahead and racialise everything..->> its honestly not our fault that other races can’t and don’t wear afro wigs/ weaves. We are very fortunate to have such versatile hair, hence some pipo perm their hair and some grow it natural. There no right there’s no wrong there. If a woman feels confident with weaves/wigs, perm and/or natural hair then she is entitled too. I just don’t get why naturalists are too quick 2 judge women who aren’t natural,whereas those women dnt judge us – THAT’S WRONG! Perhaps u seceretly dnt love ur own hair.

    14. Najee Newton

      the beauty of black hair is, in some ways, its versatility. i love that it looks great as a fro, curled, natural curls, straightened, braided, twisted, and locked up. its amazing how we can so easily change the appearance of our hair. it’s all beautiful. if you want to use synthetic hair, go ahead. i only care that it’s healthy. also, confidence comes from being comfortable with your appearance. if you like the way your hair looks, it’s like the icing on the cake of a wonderful day.

    15. Jennifer Price

      The thing to remember is EVERYBODY is imitating somebody in one way or another. Even if it IS true that black women who wear weaves hate themselves, what is it when white women go to the plastic surgeon to get bigger butts and hips and lips and breasts? My sister, EVERYBODY changes it up every now and then – it ain’t just black women and their hair. Be blessed!

    16. Simone Townsend

      Annissa i dont know why every one jumping on you but i understand what you’re saying. why cant we be happy nappy? historically it has been ingrained in us that everything about us is inferior. the way we speak, our dress even down to our hair!! some people perm their hair yes because its easier to manage but others jus wanna be as close to the ‘white’ look as possible.

  8. Nikki TheBeautiful

    @Lyndsay Johnson I think the purpose of the pigtails was to show the versatility. Did you even notice the 4 picture?

  9. Barbee Baddass Warr

    how old is this child for ya to be sewn in extensions in her hair.. boy tell yall I can’t yall hood rat ass mothers . . The girl hairs is already long .just take time to do her hair, you f****** her hair up

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