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I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of Blackhairinformation.com. I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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  1. Shanice Goodridge-FlemmingShanice Goodridge-Flemming says

    No hair type is expensive lmao! None of our hair styling methods are expensive. I especially like the part about curl enhancing creams I really just use conditioner in the shower voila curls curls curls. Kinky curly is so expensive my £2.50 conditioner is all I need. Water conditioner and oil. You know when mixed chicks say ‘oh water and oil’ it’s actually true I’ve done a wash and go with oil only lol all this advertising to make a quick pound. Smh I’m gonna go directly to the source instea of spend with these companies too!

  2. Shanice Goodridge-FlemmingShanice Goodridge-Flemming says

    Relaxed weave natural it’s all cheap not expensive and never has been. It’s us western women that over complicate things. Especially black women. Companies see this and monetize off of it. Smh you can add straigheners to that list. If I want straight hair I do roller sets and a light blow dry with a paddle brush (either that I just pull it) no need for the flat ironing all the time. Straight roller sets like the Ethiopians! Learn from them!

  3. Divva Ross-BurkeDivva Ross-Burke says

    I LOVE the denam brush lol. It is great for wash and goes and clump my waves together and give it a much better defined look. I also love my custards and oils. I do think the problem is naturals become product addicts. They have products that work but want to try more and more. Being natural is cheap for me. I have my Denam brush, seamless comb, Kinky curly leave in conditioner, coconut oil and argan oil for straight hair, then my shampoo and deep conditioner which last me for months. I don’t even spend over a 100 dollars for all my products and I don’t have to constantly buy them. If being natural is expensive for you something is wrong.

  4. Ellis says

    It’s only been 3 months I’ve been natural, but I can say with all passion that the Eco styler gel (green tub) and Ors Edge control was a complete waste.

    Both items dry leaving my hair white, even on naked hair (washed hair with no leave in or oils). The edge control only worked whilst I was bald, now that I have a some hair it does not hold down nothing.

    I can say for now I’m not a product junkie as I were using the same products when relaxed and I have a simple minimal routine. I’ve recently bought the Creme of Nature shampoo & conditioner and boy does the conditioner make my curls pop 🙂

    I plan on keeping my regimen & products simple and minimal, tweaking whether necessary as my hair grows longer.
    But Yh being relaxed with bra strap length was so inexpensive and I ain’t about to let being natural break my bank!!!

    • Tabatha says

      I love my Argan oil other than coconut it is the only thing that my hair likes. I agree with not just butters, but specific brands. Luckily I’m smart enough to keep my receipts, but when someone on YT would mention a product I would run out and get it, just to be disappointed that not only did it not work on my hair, but it wasn’t as FAB as what the person on YT said it was. I basically took a hard lesson that not all products will work the same in my hair. And that you don’t always have to pay through the nose for it.

    • Tabatha says

      I think that the white-ish residue maybe that you didn’t mix the products together, well that they didn’t mix well not that you didn’t mix it well. I use Echo-gel Argan and I like it, but I have thick hair and it takes forever for my hair to dry which is why I can’t do wash and goes. I tried so hard to get it to work, but it just doesn’t for me.

  5. Ellis says

    Oh and as for the deman brush I used it when I was relaxed and it was a disaster. Now that I’m natural it does wonders, but I had to remove a few bristles first because before it was just ripping out hair.

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