My Hair Story – Alfreda

My Hair Story - Alfreda (3)Introduce yourself . . .

My name is Alfreda, I’m Nigerian, 19, and a college junior.

Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed?


What’s your story, how did you get to where you are?

Before my big chop, all I had ever known was a relaxer. I remember it was something my mom did for my sisters and I all in one day she would relax, wash and style our hair, then the following day we’d get it cornrowed. Then my senior year in high school, on the night of my last colorguard performance, I cut my hair to neck length.

At this point I was addicted to the flat iron, so water and my hair were enemies, but a few weeks later I washed my hair and noticed I had curls, then my sister explained it all to me, a year later I did a big chop, and since then, I’ve grown with my hair in so many ways you can’t imagine.

My Hair Story - Alfreda (1)What is your typical weekly regimen?

I co-wash whenever I feel like my hair needs it. I detangle with conditioner and seal in the moisture every night, then wet it and style the next morning. I deep condition once or twice a week, and I shampoo once every two months or less.

Are you happy with your progress so far?

I sure am! 🙂

What’s your signature style?

A flat twist in the front, and the rest in a puff or bun

My Hair Story - Alfreda (2)How do you ensure that your ends are protected from the elements and your hands?

My main issue is hand in hair syndrome *sighs* but I usually put my hair in a high puff to prevent it from rubbing against stuff, and sometimes in twists to prevent it from my hands.

Do you have a goal length or are you more concerned about the health of your hair?

My hair’s health is my top priority.

Is there anything that you hair hates?

Silicones! At first my hair tends to fall in love with silicone products, but then later it starts to refuse it, no matter how much I clarify, that particular product is a done deed for me.

Do you have any favorite hair products?

Silkience Silky-Smooth Conditioner, and spahaus by silkience conditioner.

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