Would You Rock It? – Erykah Badu Got Atomic Micro Cosmic Braids [Gallery]

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Neena Harris

She just gonna shave em off when shes through lol

Kourtney Boston

Cute, until I have to take it out and wind up bald..

Heather LaCole W

Cherese Christian Chaneka Carey it took 30 days

Chaneka Carey

If it’s her natural hair it prolly didn’t take that long

Anjanette Anthony

Nope no patience!

Tamasha M. Robertson

My edges just fell off looking at it. Nope, can’t do it!

Alexis Victoria Grant


Rena K. Green


Serina Black


Chandra Monae Bland


Kenya Rivera


Alexis Gardenhire


Zainab Meredith

Right lol

Tonya George


Danielle Elleinad

Bonje Habanyama-Alleyne. Cryingggggg ????????????????????

Bonje Habanyama-Alleyne


Celeste Jackman

???????????????? stop it????????????

Denisha McCarter


Tanya Manyuira

I can’t cope!! ????

Joyce Henry

Lol!!!!! Mine too!,,

Cedra Strickland Theobald

Best comment ever lol

Tina Chichie Sello

Lol I was thinking the same thing!!!

Sarah Alexandra

Girl, you just won the Internet! ????????????????????????????

Taj Harris

What she gonna shave them out???

Raynisha Renee Jackson

She’s done it before..

Faith Bridges

it’s beautiful on her but how do you take then out

Valtiska Gordon

Heck no! Who would take it down?

Erika Roscoe

The only way I would do this is if I plan to shave my head when its time to take them out.

Joy Makouezi


Quana K. Mason

She has money so I’m sure there’s someone more than willing to help take them out for the right price. Cute on her but I wouldn’t wear it.

Deborah Graves

I bet that took forever wow would not take it down wouldn’t have any hair wow

Rachel Williams

That’s a wig

Shar Smith

Same thing I said

Rachel Williams

Right ! Lace micro braid wig

VonLuvnherfour Jones

I’m thinking the same thing ladies.

Rachel Williams

U don’t have to sit for hours now days because there’s short cuts

Tamasha M. Robertson

Thank goodness!

Shannon Wisniewski

???? yep lots of short cuts. I do small individuals in the front and crochets in the back. People ask wow that must have took a long time, and my answer is ha yea… ????????

Raynisha Renee Jackson

It’s micro braids that took 30 days to get it done. She already has long, thick hair so yes, that is braids on her scalp, not a wig. Look up her facebook page..

Rachel Williams

Wow..30 days..I still would wear a wig..that’s crazy…wow. it’s very pretty but wow

Raynisha Renee Jackson

She wanted the size of the braids to be the same size as the lines on her hands….

Rachel Williams

Well damn! She had to spend thousands of dollars

Shawntel Singletary

Hell no i would have no hair at all in a few days time.
You couldn’t pay me to do that to my hair

Vanity Rivera

It’s gorgeous but I was thinking about how much time it would take and not worth the hassle lol

Shar Smith

It’s probably a wig

Brooke Tyler

It’s not…my homegirl Yazz is layin Her sh**z…15 days & counting!!!

Shar Smith

That’s crazy

Brooke Tyler

Yea she’s too official with the braids!!!

LaTina Hamilton

Sounds about right depending…… I’d do it… just need un interrupted movies, snacks and no kids lbvs
Signed, #apatientstylist

Sophia Pierre-Louis

No there ridiculously too small!

Adrianne Horton Taylor

1. How long did that take? 2. How do you take that out?

Chelsey Turientine

Looks like a wig to me

Tammie Faulkner Taylor


Zainab Meredith

I rebuke that! Lol

Strange Enk

No thanks…

Camisha Smith

No. I could never. That would be absolute hell to take out.

Laquandra Melissa

Cute but hell naw

Tracy Mendoza

If I was shaving my head off once I was done.

Camille Nicholas-Wright

Riiiite???!!!! Madness

Celeste Jackman

Nope. That is way too tiny and i wont sit that long

Wals Baptiste

I don’t have the patience for all that..Nope!

Ashley Blue

hell no

Sandy Lou

That hairstyle screams hair dommage.

Tanya Maria McDaniel


Karen Oliver

Wow. I bet some of it is tracks…nobody has time to sit and get all them long ass tiny braids!

Shanta Mitchell


Unless you’re pretty much bald (or have no issues with becoming bald) it’s just too much of a pain in the ass to uninstall.

Stacia M Jemison

Cute until it’s time to undo them

Hazel Gray

No to small

Ashley Taylor

They look like micro twists to me

Endenezjia Graham

Cute but not for me

Karen Bryant


Chana Wheeler

Heck noooooo

Danielle Clay

There is no way on earth. How long does that take?

Jessica Jo

I think she said 15 days

Danielle Clay

Omg! Say what…..no way!

Teri Moore

30 damn ????days. She said it on her page yesterday…????

Shannon Wisniewski

Wow!!! No. If the chair your sitting in isn’t right… Your butt cheeks gone be in a coma.

Dana Muwwakkil

What in the world!!!!

Danielle Clay

No way Terri Moore!! That is too much!

Fadzayi Chambati

We have Masai men from Kenya who do micro twists and can do this in one day.

Shannon Wisniewski

One day isn’t too hard. It’s beautiful

Mbuwa Ndhlovu Mvula

Masai men do it in 4 hours actually….only problem is it damages one’s hair line….keeping the hair moisturised helps tho…

LaTina Hamilton

Bwuahahahahahaha. If someone offered us a rack($1000.00) we’re taking sections and shifts

Chana Wheeler

Sections and shift is right. Listen I’ll be an African that day

NeeNee Peoples

Nope hell naw

Alisa Nikki Nikole

Just let them dread, because they aren’t coming out

Candeice Llovely

Yes Yes Love them

Elder Pamela B. Hyman


Zena Amalachukwu Mozie


Renèe Izzard

I braided my hair like this and I will never do it again. LOL I was so mad at myself.

Zuri M. McMillan

Did it damage ur hair after…I bet u had some serious new growth

Renèe Izzard

Yes & No, i would take the braids out when my hair started to grow out and re-do them. I did have retention alopecia on my edges from wearing braids for years and not letting my natural hair breath but now i’m all natural. jbco, wild growth oil, coconut oil and ogx biotin&collagen thick/full shampoo&conditioner got me back. lol

Adriene So Mackuhlishous

Iona Brown you see this? 30 days to install? Not me!!

Stacey Dave


Monica Thornton-Anderson

Neva Eva….how the hell do you take tgat thread out??? #NoMaam!