Would You Rock It? – Erykah Badu Got Atomic Micro Cosmic Braids [Gallery]

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  1. Erika Roscoe

    The only way I would do this is if I plan to shave my head when its time to take them out.

  2. Quana K. Mason

    She has money so I’m sure there’s someone more than willing to help take them out for the right price. Cute on her but I wouldn’t wear it.

    1. Shannon Wisniewski

      ???? yep lots of short cuts. I do small individuals in the front and crochets in the back. People ask wow that must have took a long time, and my answer is ha yea… ????????

    2. Raynisha Renee Jackson

      It’s micro braids that took 30 days to get it done. She already has long, thick hair so yes, that is braids on her scalp, not a wig. Look up her facebook page..

  3. Vanity Rivera

    It’s gorgeous but I was thinking about how much time it would take and not worth the hassle lol

    1. LaTina Hamilton

      Sounds about right depending…… I’d do it… just need un interrupted movies, snacks and no kids lbvs
      Signed, #apatientstylist

  4. Karen Oliver

    Wow. I bet some of it is tracks…nobody has time to sit and get all them long ass tiny braids!

  5. Shanta Mitchell


    Unless you’re pretty much bald (or have no issues with becoming bald) it’s just too much of a pain in the ass to uninstall.

    1. Mbuwa Ndhlovu Mvula

      Masai men do it in 4 hours actually….only problem is it damages one’s hair line….keeping the hair moisturised helps tho…

    1. Renèe Izzard

      Yes & No, i would take the braids out when my hair started to grow out and re-do them. I did have retention alopecia on my edges from wearing braids for years and not letting my natural hair breath but now i’m all natural. jbco, wild growth oil, coconut oil and ogx biotin&collagen thick/full shampoo&conditioner got me back. lol

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