9 Stunning Photos Of Women And Their Hair Via @ThePanAfrican On Instagram [Gallery]

  • @pierre_bjork
  • @yemialade
  • fulani sisters
  • fulani
  • Oromo Ethiopia
  • ovahimba
  • pan
  • panafrican
  • Photo – Jim Zuckerman Hamer


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Kenyarda Austin

Latoria Currie lol come on start the trend

Maryann Brooks

This different, wow

K Ni Cole

Raven Mcleod. Wats this about??

Raynisha Renee Jackson

Interesting style! I wouldn’t want it in my face though!

Rochelle Parks

Uh no

Keisha Gaskins Joines

This’ll be cute on you Jaye Jericka McManus

Nikki Mcconnell

Sorry ..Not a cute style for anyone. ..Ijs

Pookie Skinner

That s**t look like one of those swings at six flags

Dolly LaLa Minor

its a NO for me!!

Angel Lubin


Lighthouse Martin

Please please. Please

Shaunte Ramsey

Tremel Martin, your next style…. Its on me ! Free …..lol

Tremel Martin

Ummmm! NO Thanks lol

Aliyah Cheri

Nooooo please please

Pookie Skinner

What is this called ? The amusement park swing?

Jasmine Jones

Lasarah Jones who this look like… Lol

Lasarah Jones

Idk who

Erica Cooper

Netta Cooper..going try this on you next week

Lala Savesista

Cute. Stop my sisters this their culture if we where there you’ll be slaying it too.

Netta Cooper

Lmao u is crazy omg!!! laughing hard ass hell

Erica Cooper


Erica Cooper

The middle part is a fat braid..

Angel Mya

Flexin N Flawless

Angeline Mimi Mqakelabe

That is horrible!

Tasha Roach

I have to agree with you

Yashura Tuggle

Looks like our ancestors ????

Marcoa Michelle

Being african descent design……..it’ Creative!

Tasha Roach

Not for me

Elaine Reed-Anderson

To each his own not a style I would wear..

Rebel's Rendition

It’s Different…