This Father And Daughter Team Are Natural Hair Goals For Us All [Gallery]



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      1. rene

        You are insane. Shows how your upbringing was. Black people have to stop these single moms raising kids. Some clueless people in our black community no longer have a good role model about how a father should treat a daughter. I would hug my dad like this, no problem. I had a great dad. And to think so many people agree with you, the black community is doomed and needs and overhaul. Stop the single moms.

    1. Maya Woodall

      You’re f**king stupid and biased because I bet your bottom dollar if it was a mom or grandma with a son it would be AWW HOW CUTE. PUHLEASE

    2. Pack Leader

      I’m sure a mom and granny wouldn’t gather together on their knees caressing their kids head while they move in for a passionate kiss, but excuse my stupidity you blank faced empty head looking ****.

    3. rene

      I disagree, with you a lot of black women especially from the inner city do not know the way a good father acts. Its unfortunate due to the large number of single moms in our community. My dad was kind and loving like this man and was the best dad in the world. I am sorry if you were not treated lovingly and kindly. My dad would hug me everyday. Sad that this world is so evil and bad thinking. I am black by the way. Yes I grew with two loving and kind parents.,

  1. Tracy Simon

    Damn, a dad can’t even kiss his daughter anymore? Lol. People act like he got his tongue in her mouth smh. That’s her father. Always finding something wrong.

    1. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      That’s because ppl have gutter minds that man ain’t thinking like that about his child and neither is the child thinking that way…this world is full of so much hate that it tries to shame love

    2. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      My daughter is 5 I kiss her and her dad kiss her all the time. I’m pregnant now and when my son gets here he will get the same love. There is a point in time when I think you stop doing the mouth kisses but other races do this all the time until old age and no one cares. But if it’s a blk parent it’s automatically deemed as bad or weird in our community. I don’t get it.

    3. Vivian Davis

      People sexualize things because sexual abuse of children is very prevalent. We know it exists. Not saying this is an erotic pic or that dad is a perp, but there are pedophiles out there probably enjoying this pic.

    4. Tracy Simon

      Next it’s going to be the daddy can’t change his daughter’s diapers. Its too much

    5. Vivian Davis

      Not even the same thing, actually, unless they photograph it. Sorry, I’m in the field of child abuse & neglect, all I’m saying is it happens. Doesn’t mean I have a dirty mind.

    6. Huni Buni

      There is nothing wrong with kissing on the lips it’s just THE WAY THEY ARE DOING IT don’t look right.

    7. Tania Coriolan

      If it didnt say that was her father i would have thought that was his wife at first glance that all..just looks really passionate

  2. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

    People are crazy now days…when a father shows love it’s deemed as too intimate? She’s like 4, when you still kiss your parents on the lips and no one should take a second thought. Ask yourself this, if it was a mom & her child would you even question it?…smh

    1. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      I’ve seen the full uncropped photo before on another black hair page and a few others of them walking on the beach she is that size. Not on her knees, she’s standing. She’s a child, 4 maybe 5 yrs old.

    2. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      What about it is too much? I have a 5 yr old that kisses me and her dad good night every night. I see nothing wrong with this photo, lol and the fact that their lips aren’t even touching is even more funny to me…

    3. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      You’re more then entitled to your opinion we all have freedom of speech. We can agree to disagree… I respect your opinion even if I don’t understand it…

    4. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      Wish I could post pics in here me and my daughter have tons of kiss pics, I love her to pieces and I always show her twice the love I received as a child. I don’t want her to ever question that we love her cause I tell her everyday. Till this day I still don’t hug my parents or siblings because we were never really taught that especially after a certain age. It was like the least affection the better in my house growing up. I refuse for my child to experience that. She will be sick of me loving on her before its all through lol

    5. Tina Waters

      Probably if they had their eyes closed one was holding the back of the others head and the other caressing the others face while they did it.
      I don’t see anything wrong with fathers showing their children love. It’s a beautiful sight. At first glance I did not see a child with her father but a man with a woman in this picture.

    6. Chan Shayjo Shantaelle.. Everyones perception is different . To me this specific shot exemplifies passion which is a term not associated with a parent and their child. Not to mention it is unclear if it is a short woman or a little girl(appears to have nail polish). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the warranted reactions of this photo, which resembles the cover page of a romance novel. Where and how you kiss your child is one topic but the reaction and opinions formulated by this specific photo has nothing to do with being crazy. Its just perecption until the story is told.

    7. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

      People are entitled to their opinion that will never change. And I will always respect their opinion. But it doesn’t mean I have to change my personal opinion on that matter that all I see is a loving father and an adoring child. No one has answered the second part of my original statement, that if it was a mother and her child boy or girl would you even think twice about it?

  3. Pack Leader

    U do realize that she is on her knees as well… Right…. What freaks can imagine the scene leading to the kiss, the way they are positioned, their hands and the way his lips are forming towards the kiss vs hers and say this is okay???

    O well. Everyone has the right to their opinion,

    Until you walk in on your husband kissing YOUR daughter that way…

  4. Yoshii Domino

    He can kiss his daughter I’m all for daddy daughter love , its the fact that they look like a couple that has fought all odds to be together and has finally found each other to share a passionate embrace and kiss…… That’s the problem.

    1. Huni Buni

      EXACTLY, it don’t look like a father daughter kiss but a romantic couple’s moment weeeeeeird. I wanted to like these pics so much because of other reasons but this is too awkward. AND WHERE IS THE MOTHER? NO FAMILY PICS?

  5. Jerussia Cannon

    A father does not put his hand on the back of his daughters head before they kiss. When I was younger my father never kissed us on the lips either.

    1. Tiffany Coleman

      Lol. I showed you his picture like a year ago and you said you didn’t think it was really his hair

  6. Tonya D McKinney

    Beautiful father and daughter but the photographer should’ve had them do a more father daughter pose. My opinion it looks more like the scene of a romance movie when two people are about to kiss for the first time.

  7. Karen Reynolds

    A bit too much for me- what does this type of scene have to do with showing off hair- if that is the main reason for the picture?? What was the photographer really trying to show here?? Raises too many questions!!

  8. Nickey Topnerd

    At a certain age (which this little girl IS) CHILDREN do NOT kiss their parents in the mouth….. at least not when I was coming up.

  9. Shonai Gatlin

    I its not sexual its innocent ppl find so much wrong in a good thing not everyone. Thinks like that thats how ppl life gets screwed up.behind lies ..

  10. Michel Barnes

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with kissing her child HOWEVER I wldn’t have chosen this pose for a daddy daughter.

  11. Angela Morgan

    It’s a beautiful father daughter pic and I’m sure it’s very innocent. .. but I wonder do the photographers think about how these pictures look.. some poses no matter how innocent can look very perverted.. it’s the vision of the photographer that really should be in question. .

    1. Tricia Grimes Grant

      That’s exactly my thoughts.Models don’t get to choose their poses. The more I look at it the more I feel that the child is being used in a inappropriately sexualized way.

  12. Kay Bessent

    Hell i thought it was a lil woman midget when i first looked at this pic. Then my second look a lil girl.Too much dont look right looks perverted

  13. Nette Mae York

    People on here calling others twisted but honestly when I first looked at this pic I fell in love with it for 2 reasons 1.the hair 2.I saw a man and his woman!! Went back up read the caption and instantly became uncomfortable!! Of course it’s innocent but a different pose should have been used seeing how the daughter is not a toddler but of age!! My opinion!!

  14. Watson Tona Mae

    He!! You say that’s a grown woman kissing a grown man…Show don’t look like a child an father kiss…Look like they bout to have relations

    1. Lani Brooks

      Dude do you see something wrong with this photo? People are idiots. Why is it’s okay for a mother to pose like this with her son but whenever a father is in the picture doing the same damn thing it’s perverted. People are so sick! I bet he treats his daughter like a queen

  15. Tracy Conklin

    It’s a gorgeous picture but I have to say that before I read the caption, I thought that was a couple. I think we have to remember that it’s a still shot and while it comes across a certain way, it is more likely a totally innocent and precious moment between a father and his daughter. And I am totally jealous of the hair. Lol

  16. Philicia Bailey

    Something is off with this pic… It’s perfectly fine to kiss your children but the way how they’re grabbing each others head is a bit odd to me… Idk maybe it’s just me

  17. Tricia Grimes Grant

    Never have liked all that hair on a man. The picture got all these reactions because it is a provocative pose. First he’s shirtless and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. ..none of which are saying father/daughter to me.

  18. Illyanna De Shields

    They posted another picture which is more becoming to people who think it’s off.When I first saw it I knew people would go there.

  19. Tammy Anderson

    A father daughter relationship should be intimate. Despite popular belief intimacy is not synonymous with sex!

  20. Aloma Tracey

    Tbh i don’t like the pose thingy… Looking like a couple naaahh. Woow if she was kissing him on his cheek then yh i would’ve understand but naah i would never take a pic like tha with mu father you CRAZY even if i was her age!

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