16 More Reasons The Hashtag #BlackSalonProblems Is So Funny

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Larissa Rachelle

You like let me comb this s**t out uh uh. ????

Renee Holt

That’s why I do my own..f*k a bump bih I said flat and if I can do my own hair like that then u with the license shouldn’t have a problem IJS

Nesha Thompson

Don’t worry I’ll just bump the ends they said

Jantell Ramirez

Lol Mia Lucas-Lambert all of my complaints

Melissa Hunt Burke

Kartina Cromartie LOL

Laila Montana

Exactly lol

Tamika Simone Toppin

Every..damn.. time

Tee Collins


Tee Chambers-Butler

Always got to put a bump in it

Victoria Gibson

OMG! ????????

Jamille Henderson McKinney Daniel

Lalitha Arnold…I don’t experience these problems!

Onyxcia Brown

This happened to me yesterday lol

Stunning Reby

Story of my life

Tanda Mahaka

Oh for real

Selena Richardson

Lmaoo yeah I had a few of those

Ashanti Bess

Mdrrrr 0 respect … problème d’afro

Sherma Gustave

Human Weave and wigs straighten​s better than real hair.

Stacy Wallace

Teresa Becton-Carter. Right!!!!!

LaCondra Antoine


Ramzy Gross

I was just taking about this style today !! LMAO … Beaulah

Beevee Mcgowan

Jasmyn Routt
DeJa Routt
Beauty Shop days

Ashley Williams


Kiana Lopez

Sad times they be making me look like Dora

Shantae Stokes

Yes!!! Every single time!!

Crystal Smith

To funny ????????????????

Lalitha Arnold

Lol not at all

Lesett Dabney

Ashley Reese why they always add that bump???

Liv Ann


Jenn Best

Jennifer James omg why is this so accurate

Angela Terry

You want Beyonce straight but have the length of a newborn… We don’t work miracles!

Terika King

Flat and extremely curly have nothing to do with length lol. I’ll take 5 inches of flat ironed hair over 5 inches of James brown curls ????

Angela Terry

I don’t do james brown unless I am asked… My client are very satisfied…

Madianna Schneider

Asiah Atiq every time when we use to go get our hair done together

Erica Moore

Imma ask for a bump next time so it can be straight. .

Victoria Richardson

Hair dressers will bump the ends if you have split ends but don’t want them cut off. It makes your hair look healthier! So if you want it bone straight, you’ll have to get it chopped off to a healthy length for your hair! (My hair dresser told me this when I told her I didn’t want my hair too short for prom)

Jenaya Johnson

Jessica Johnson omg yess! why tho

Ram Reives

“Let me just bump those ends.” Don’t miss that phrase.

Ashleigh Marie

This used to be what I hoped my hair looked like… Vs reality ????????

Janaya Edwards

That’s why I don’t go to em

Angela Angiepooh Vinson

Lmmfao this is so funny to me

Amell Rachel Elgseter

Jees true!

Breanna Richardson

That’s so true lol

Renee Letsgetthis Scurry


Janee Brooks

Brittany Fishersad but so true lol

Nylah Smith

Tina Jones when you would bump
my ends

Tyeisha Berry

Yes, “Ima just bump your ends a little”. Wth asked you to? Sha’kayla Berry

Tyeisha Berry

Yess ????????

Shanice Whitley

Beyoncé ends are curled too

Sheryle Lewis

So u saying I did your hair like James Brown???

Keria Isidore

Lmao u sure did

Sheryle Lewis

That’s funny

Keria Isidore

No ma’am i liked it when the curls fall

Sophia Sophiaa

Fatma Reminds me of the day when we were at the hairdresser in Kenya ‍♀️

Fefe Allen

Naw cause if you do it bone straight they be like ” you ain’t gonna put a bump in it”