Which Has Been More Expensive For You – Relaxed Hair Or Natural Hair?

Natural hair versus relaxed hair
Some people are of the view that maintaining natural hair is more costly compared to relaxed hair. Well I beg to differ from this school of thought basing on my own experience and the following points.

My groceries serve a two-fold purpose

I eat them and I know that my hair eats as well, so I utilize my fridge and pantry contents for deep conditioning like eggs, mayonnaise, banana, avocado, sour cream or greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar etc.  I use the same oil like canola and sunflower oil for my hair and also use this for cooking.

When my hair was relaxed I used to buy the hair food, the olive oil hair spray, deep conditioner which used to cost be almost $15.00 each. Then I used to relax my hair every month myself and the relaxer cost me $10.00.

I am my own and my kids hair dresser

I am soley responsible for my hair and my girl’s hair therefore I do not have to go to the salon. I do not need anyone to straighten, trim, or provide any of my hair’s basic needs.

I say this because I have met naturals who go to the hairdressers to have their hair washed and straightened almost every two weeks. This would be a regular cost to them but for me, it’s free.

Minimal costs for keeping it healthy, well-conditioned and frizz free

I deep condition my hair and my kids hair every week and seal it with oil and then install a protective style on my kids hair.

I keep mine in a single French braid, 2 French braid or bun, or some other protective style until the next wash day. My kids sleep on a satin pillow cases which I bought for about $2.00 each. I tie a satin wrap on my pillow which I bought for $5.00 and I have not had to replace it since my initial purchase.

With all that said based on my experience, my natural hair is costing me far less money that I did when I was relaxed. What about you? Is your natural hair cheaper or more expensive than your relaxed hair?

About Fiso Moyo

Fiso Moyo (CPA) is a Wife, Mother, Certified Public Accountant, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Founder of encounterCS.com. Her blog is dedicated to all things financial & providing tools to propel people beyond inspiration towards walking in their dreams. Basically alleviating financial distress and enabling people to walk in their dreams.

About Fiso Moyo

Fiso Moyo (CPA) is a Wife, Mother, Certified Public Accountant, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Founder of encounterCS.com. Her blog is dedicated to all things financial & providing tools to propel people beyond inspiration towards walking in their dreams. Basically alleviating financial distress and enabling people to walk in their dreams.


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  1. Alice Hawkins

    Natural for me…because I became a product junkie. Once I learned my hair it wasn’t as expensive.

  2. Nyca Anthony

    Natural but no regrets becuase my relaxed hair never got as long and pretty as it has being natural

  3. Ebony Pettway

    Once you learn natural hair it becomes inexpensive. At first you because a product junkie and spend a butt load. Now its just deep condition, water, natural oils, bobbie pins, trims and hair ties. Very cost effective.
    Perms you have to deal with hair salons every week or 2 perm every 6weeks. It can get expensive.

    1. Ace Ellis

      This! I try to tell people they don’t need all those products–the simpler the better

    2. Mo Butter

      You are so right! I am so glad I made the switch! I use to worry about how the chemicals effected my over all health.

    3. Niesha A. Williams

      As a relaxed girl I do my hair every 4 months, and protective style for the most part. and I wash and deep condition my hair every week or 2 and that’s about it. So it’s not all that expensive

  4. Neki Love Greergirl

    All hair requires maintenance so it kind of depends my styles basically it’s equal or my natural more however my natural is more maintenence and time consuming!still Natural though!

  5. Keys Jones

    I love being a natural, my curls are just beautiful to me. But it’s definitely more expensive too. At least for me.

  6. Rhonda Blais

    Being this is my THIRD time growing out, my natural hair is more expensive because I’m bi-racial and have thin hair but loads of it. I go through more product than when it was relaxed because I have to re-wet my natural hair daily because in the night, due to menopause, I’m pulling my bonnet off in my sleep and no amount of finger manipulation sets it right again.

  7. Reigns Shynes

    I just buy shampoo and conditioner with natural…. I wash an go do my own hair but with a relaxer someone else has to do it and I have to pay for the service. Natrual is less expensive. Natrual all I need is water and conditioner and done

  8. Motasha Little

    Natural is inexpensive you may start off with 15 products but afterwhile you realize it don’t take all that

  9. Lauren Franklin

    Natural costs more…even if u dont buy a lot of product the price is higher on single products in comparison to relaxed hair maintenance

  10. Anna Ogonji Smith

    Relaxed was more expensive. Twice a month salon visits plus at home upkeep. Now I only go to a salon for a trim or if I want a particular style. The LOC method saved me from becoming a PJ. I only use maybe 5 products on wash day and after that it’s just leave in condition.

  11. Amalfi Elizabeth Elibo

    Natural hair is more expensive for me. I am from the Dominican Republic, so am very mixed, I have very soft curls, but a lot of hair. It gets dry very easily, so I have to buy oodles of products, in order to maintain the health of my hair.

  12. Crystal Ortiz

    Relaxed. All i need is one product and a spray bottle of water since going natural. Having relaxed hair meant I had two baskets of maintenance and emergency breakage kits. Not to mention – I don’t need to see a hairdresser every 3 months to “fix” my new growth anymore.

  13. Lachelle Lala Francis

    Natural Hair is way cheaper once you understand your natural hair and what it needs … Relaxed hair is expensive cuz you have to buy perms well in my country ah relaxer cost like $32 EC still going to Salon to treat them … and trim them for like $85 EC … for Natural hair you don’t have to go Salon to treat them .. you can treat them with whatever product or you can use stuff at home to treat your natural hair …. so Yeah relaxed hair is expensive …

  14. Quennie Dixon

    Natural , I used to perm my hair and it was very expensive and my aunt never charged me a penny for it

  15. Shari Powell

    In terms of money it’s a wash for me. What I didn’t spend in hair products when I was relaxed, I spent in the actual relaxer service. If you want to talk in terms of TIME spent, then for me natural is WAAAAAY more costly. I need to wash my hair now, but am dreading it because it takes sooo long.

  16. Tiffinie Weatherspoon

    Relaxed…I was spending anywhere from $65-$105 every time with all this hair, Been natural since 2000, and use very minimal products..

  17. Kamilah Stapleton

    Natural, trying to find the right products to maintain moister and curl pattern without a lot of gel. Natural products cost wayyyyyy more.

    1. Kamilah Stapleton

      When I first went natural like 4 years and 4 chops ago, it was easy to maintain gel and go now not so much if I don’t almost put the whole container of gel on the curls won’t stay and most product that say they will help hold curl and that is not gel don’t work as well that is where the cost comes in.

    2. Marie Taylor

      Me too I’ve tried severs products but have not found the one that keeps my curl without a ton of gel

  18. Hc Jones

    Natural is less expensive a little old Jamaican woman told me all i need was water and coconut oil her hair was to her but and it was kinky… I’ve been on the same regimen since no expensive products that claim the same and my hair is growing

    1. Nette Mae York

      Wow really?? May I ask what’s your regimen?? Cause it seems as mine stopped growing as soon as I did my final chop and now it just eats moisture, always dry!!

    2. Hc Jones

      I’ve done two chops so far
      My only regimen is water and coconut oil in a spray bottle and style
      For washing i use a regular shampoo and vinegar
      For deep conditioning i use lime juice mixed with coconut oil….
      Haven’t had any issues
      Did a big chop all the way down like faded back in November and it’s grown substantially

  19. Arela Grate

    I would love to go natural, but I love my hair straight and I know blowouts would be very expensive. I do my own relaxed hair and I trim and relax every 6 to 8 weeks. Very inexpensive, but takes a lot of time.

  20. Natswa Akela Smith

    Relaxed is way more expensive.
    When I’m rocking my hair natural, I stick to basic ‘ish like my mama did when I was younger. Coconut oil, water and yes good ol’ fashion blue magic.

  21. Tanesha Turner

    Natural is cheaper for me(shampoo, conditioner, gel). Relaxed was $30 every two weeks and $60 every 8 weeks at a salon, because I would have no hair if I permed at home by myself.

  22. Ashley Blue

    Relaxed is expensive. with natural hair I can make my own products thanks to YouTube and it last for months

  23. Valeria Avil

    natural is expensive in the beginning since you learning your hair and trying out all products…plus in comparison to relaxed products natural tend to be expensive and not readily available everywhere

  24. Sheryl Lowe Johnson

    Well I’ve just done I’m big chop I’m learning what works well I’ve spent a bit but once I find out what works it will be wayyyyyyy cheaper

  25. Vedejah Scroggins

    In the beginning natural was expensive once I saw that I need to just do the basics like my meme taught me it’s the cheapest thing ever lol wash your hair comb it and grease it with hair grease and pin it up or whatever you wanna do with it roll it up whatever you wanna do so much better than that 20 dollar crap I was buying what wasn’t doing anything

  26. Nichole Davis

    I was never into all the products for natural hair. Just the same basics as I was relaxed (15 years relaxer free)

  27. Donna Van Daal

    Relaxed hair!my natural hair don’t cost me much after washing it I put sheabutter and coconut oil finished!!!!

  28. Daphne Robinson

    Relaxed hair: at least 800 bucks per year. Transitioning to natural over 8 months: 200 at most. Plus I love my curly fro more than bone straight hair.

    1. Daphne Robinson

      I know. I have as much new growth as relaxed hair. I’m tempted to big chop, but I’m not trying to look like a man.

  29. KeKe Pool

    The PRICE one pays for killing their own God given identity for years on end far outweighs the cost of going, remaining or being Natural.

  30. Khadine Pessoa

    Natural hair costs less. £2 for bottle of olive, almond, coconut or argan oil, buy shampoo and conditioner for a quid each. Wash my hair myself. Have almost shoulder length locks, and couldn’t be happier! Air dry , rarely use a hairdryer so not burning up static, thus keeping my electric bill low. Wrap a towel to blot water From hair. And I use teatree oil to clean scalp partings between shampoos. Keeps scalp from itching.

  31. Jocy Carter

    Wigs weaves and relaxer was way more expensive. It might be cheap up front but if you count the cost of all of that plus having to repair damaged hair…natural is cheap. Plus i have sister locs so all i put in my hair is water mixed with a little oil every day.

  32. Sarah Louise Augustin

    Natural £30 min a month when i was relaxed £15 every 3 months. I used home kits and believed the myth that i didnt have to wash my hair often so shampoo lasted agggggggess

  33. Cassandra Bartee

    Natural is definitely less expensive than relaxed! I’m wearing a TWA, using a curly curl for style & definition, whereas with relaxed, short style, cut, color every 2- 3 wks, that adds up over a period of almost or to 20 years.

  34. Nelly Arroyo

    Natural hair but I think it’s because it’s such a new movement. The market will soon be flooded with natural hair care and the hairstylist will all get trained in dealing with natural hair. Give it a few years and the times will change. It won’t cost so much in a few years.

  35. Tianna Small

    Relaxed is way more expensive. So glad I ditched that unhealthy relaxed life a long time ago.

  36. Marie Taylor

    Natural still trying to find the right product. I use coconut oil but it does not promote my curl pattern. It ends up puffy and dry still. Trying to find a good curl cream

    1. Antonia Maldonado

      Do you deep condition your hair at least once a week? And are your ends trimmed? If your ends are dry often you could need to trim them or condition your hair more often.

    2. Antonia Maldonado

      Also if if you end puff maybe your not using enough product. I do the loc method which is a liquid like a leave in, a oil, coconut oil is fine and a cream, I use as a am curl cream or my shea butter mix I made. Good luck!

  37. Gigi Robinson

    Natural cheaper Carol daughter elixer oil lAst 3 to 4 months, silk elements products especially the intense mayo Sally Beauty, red skin smooth down, design essential all good product

  38. Lordine Goodwealth

    Relaxed hair was more expensive for me. I don’t go around buying every product posted on YouTube. I keep my hair in protective style 80% of the time.

  39. Antonia Maldonado

    Relaxed her was definitely more expensive. I went to salons often but now I do my own hair and make most of my own products.

  40. Jamaican Ak

    Buy a bottle of olive oil, a brush and warm water for natural hair. Relaxer is more expensive

  41. Sonya Rice

    Natural hair is way more expensive for me because my hair hates everything so I had to figure out what worked. Now that I’ve found what works my hair has grown in VERY thick so it takes so much of the oils and butters to maintain the growth and look of my hair, plus the longer it grows the more it requires.

  42. Paula Escobar

    Then again, the upkeep of black hair (both natural,permed and braided) is getting ridiculously expensive

  43. LaMesha

    I would say my natural hair is a lot cheaper. My hair products are pretty basic (coconut oil, black castor oil, shea moisture gel) and I don’t usually go the salon for anything. I recently had my hair trimmed by a professional and she flat ironed it and my curl pattern is weird now, so from now on I’ll trim my own hair. It’s empowering to do your own hair and take care of it yourself.

  44. Tina Day

    At first I thought being Natural cost more after learning a little more of what my hair like and don’t I know longer believe it to be true. A little product for my hair 4c goes a long way, were as me visiting to the salon frequently started cutting into my funds. I feel like now I am in control and I like the results of my hair growth and health.

  45. Keisha Evans

    Natural hair is cheaper… a big bottle of natural shampoo and conditioner goes a long way. Coconut oil and water gives my hair life.

  46. Cb Sampson

    Which one is better for your health is the question and its natural hair you can do with natural hair much more than you can with relaxed hair and you dont get a fibroid

  47. Tanya Baray

    Being natural cost so damn much in france because I only use products i know and these products are from the US , so I pay at least 4-5$ more. :/I Love my hair doeee !

  48. Nessie Belle

    I use to spend 300-500 on my weaves every 3-4 months. Now I spent 45 dollars on hair products every 3-4 months. Idk how some are saying natural is more expensive. Your weave game must be terrible.

  49. Anna Mae

    Natural hair is waaaaaaaay cheaper and takes less to maintain. Folks just get caught up thinking they need all these fancy/expensive ass products and they don’t, unless of course they’re trying to recreate the styles of these YouTube girls who don’t even have the same texture as them lol

    Also, the closer to its natural state you wear your hair, the less it needs.

  50. Davis Riece Gela

    Natural. I can get a wash and set for $15 with relaxed hair, but natural they charge $25 just to wash it and extra $10 to style or dry it.

  51. Andrea Tre

    Honestly, the natural hair. But it has given me this confidence and originality and is so versatile; that feeling I never had with chemically relaxed hair. That feeling is priceless!!!

  52. Lai Lai

    Once you understand your hair and what products work best for you relaxed hair is much more expensive. Too many “naturals” get to product crazy or spend too much money in protective styles. Natural hair is cost effective & the way to go in my opinion

  53. Takeisha Jeffrie

    Neither I just water and grease, that what my mom used on my head as a little girl. I use to waste my money on those natural hair products, not any more

  54. Danyel Floyd

    Natural…but I’ve learned that all the things that are good 4 u is almost always the most expensive

  55. Sherrell Giles

    Relaxed hair is more costly, hands down! Going to the beauty shop every 2 weeks in addition to all the styling tools, just to keep it bone straight. Smh. I dont even have to style my hair everyday now that I am natural andit still looks nice and healthy.

    1. Dom's Will

      I had this issue as well but I force myself to use the rest of the product unless it’s just AWFUL. I also made a rule that I can only sample a max of 2 of a type of product at a time (e.g. curling cream, shampoo) to keep my product junkyism at bay! =)

  56. Kween Kari

    Relaxed. I’ve had dreads for 16 years and they are very easy to care for. Just shampoo which lasts forever, lotion for twisting which also lasts a long time and oil for my scalp.

  57. Dom's Will

    Natural. I used to only go to the salon for perms and cuts. Now I do everything myself and natural requires more hair product because my hair is thicker.

  58. Lee Danielle

    I’ve always been natural but I straighten my hair less now. Let me just say, that trying to wear my hair natural every day and the amount of product I go through is a bih! VS flat irons lasting 3 weeks and only having to wrap it up at night and maybe apply product to lay the edges down

  59. Ashera J. Powell

    Natural because now that I am looking for natural ingredients in my products, I’m spending way more for those quality products. Sometimes I make my own and those essential oils & butters ain’t cheap!

  60. Tiffany Elston

    Relaxed. Being natural I only need to use water (free), coconut oil (lasts about 3 months at $10 a jar), and raw African shea butter (large $10 container lasts about a year).

  61. Gina Appasamy

    Relaxed. My natural hair requires less products now that I’ve stopped fussing with it and I’ve not been to a salon for almost 18 months!

  62. Terra JoAnne

    natural for sure. you don’t need anything except relaxer, shampoo, conditioner, and grease when you have a perm lol

  63. Cris Evers

    Relaxed… product, salon visits…added up.
    My natural hair journey has been lots cheaper n less time consuming.

  64. Wanda Pendleton

    Now that ive found what works for me Natural is cheaper, permed hair was cheap only if you permed your own hair but, if you went to the beauty shop it could get costly and with permed hair you constantly had to get trims and all that now that im natural I wash, condition braid, twist, or wear a twist out keep it moving!

  65. London Wilson

    At first it was being natural, because I was experimenting with all those different products until I got my favs in order. Being natural is less stressful. Don’t have to worry about the rain or drizzle. I ❤️ it.

  66. Dabney Ross Jones

    Natural is less expensive. After you realize you just want healthy moisturized hair and you find you perfect hair product you stick with it. Plus when I don’t want to deal with twisting my hair I put it in a bun. Less time.

  67. Robin Flow

    Natural has been more expensive and time consuming and we all know that time is money but I have no plans on ever going back to the creamy crack

  68. Lulu Lefrank

    I learned over the years to do my own natural and relax. I Just go to salons to get a trim. For natural I have finally found good products for my curly hair. And for the relax look. I wash, condition and bought a bomb a** flat iron.

  69. Amber Sandifer

    Natural was more expensive for me in the beginning. But once I learned what works for my hair it was definitely the better option.

  70. Em Tang

    With natural hair u have to buy more products .. but with relaxed hair wash and set every week or two adds up .. But I think natural hair is more expensive Bcs the product prices r outrageous

    1. Rose Dawson

      Yes they are. I didn’t realize how more expensive black women’s hair stuff costs until I had two mixed children (one with courser hair than the other) i can buy a bottle of shampoo and conditioner for me for like 15 bucks and it’ll last me a couple of months. They need to lower them prices. It’s ridiculous

    2. MsIsrael N Cop

      Not for me. Maintaining my natural hair isn’t expensive at all. If you find the right hairproduct line and stick to that it less expensive. Also your diet plays a huge part. I drink green smoothies and add collagen powder and it really helps

    3. Olympia Ortega

      Only product I use on my natural hair is pure coconut oil .I’ve found once I cut out the use of all the products I thought I need to maintain my natural, the expense was cut by over half.

  71. Latrina Bunch

    Natural hair is for me; but, that’s by choice. I have been going to the salon since the age of 4. Natural stylist charge a hell of alot more but I have no clue what to do with my hair since I have never had to deal with it. I didn’t even own shampoo until going natural.

  72. Jekia Dowdell

    Natural is expensive! Every time I turn around a new product is on my counter (still searching). When I was relaxed I only went to the salon when I’d get my hair relaxed and trimmed, other than that I washed and styled my own hair.

  73. Quintin Dye

    If you’re not a product junkie, natural hair is MUCH less costly. All I need is a good shampoo, deep conditioner, gel, whipped shea butter, and my hair is good. Most of the curl definers, etc.. don’t work for my hair type anyway. I’m loyal to my two strand twist and twist out style lol.

    1. Quintin Dye

      Not for me. I got my hair relaxed every 6 weeks. At $75 a pop, that added up. I don’t use expensive natural hair products. I’m not paying $20 for 8 oz. of product. Blacked owned or not.

    2. Eunice VK Faveur

      I knew whipped shea butter is used in diy lotion making, now that u mentioned it for hair I’m curious. Do u use it as a leave in conditioner?

    3. Olympia Ortega

      Same. I use Treseme anti breakage shampoo/condition, bout 8$ for both and about 5$ for my coconut oil and I’m good to go!

    4. Eunice VK Faveur

      By the way, my shampoo costs $10 (yes), conditioner $20, pommade $10, and oils but I use olive smtimes. Leave ins haven’t worked so far. I use pantry food for masks n deep condition. My products last at very least half a year and I have a thick fro. The more simple, the better. Trust me. Product junkiness is a marketing trap against natural hair we should stop falling fall.

    5. Kamorlyn Daniels

      I use as i am. Which isn’t cheap. But it’s the only product that provides the moisture my hair needs. When i had a perm i used just for me products. So it’s definitely more costly now. But it’s all worth it because my hair is 10 times thicker

  74. Natasha TN

    Since I’m a natural myself, natural has been more expensive. I pay like $30 monthly for care for my hair but I prefer natural because its more healthier. And don’t about messing up my hair when sweating out at the gym.

  75. Chelsea Bilyk

    Tips for a good daily leave in moisturizer ladies for my natural daughter? Coconut oil helps a little but I have to use a ridiculous amount on my daughter to make a difference. I leave in hair conditioner and it doesn’t help keep her moisturised much. Her hair is bone dry by the end of the day. We only shampoo about every week and a half. None of the lotion textured moisturizers work very good unless I drench your hair and twist

    1. Vanessa Olszen

      “As I am” had a good product line. I think it’s the butter cream that I like. Cantu coconut cream works great. Mix a little grapeseed oil or castor oil helps me maintain moisture with these creams. Not sure if your a fan of grease, but blue magic works great at maintaining moisture, especially in the winter season. These works for me. Hope you find something that works soon

    2. Chelsea Bilyk

      We have that as I am coconut cowash twist out creme curl defining cream and buttercream .. the buttercream works great but I have to use damn near half the container ugh

    3. Chelsea Bilyk

      I will definitely try mixing a little oil with them to see if it helps stretch it out thank you

    4. Tatiyana Wells

      Thats EXACTLY how my hair was until I discovered OGX Coconut Curls and E Shampoo!! They are 7.99 a bottle and I’m going on 2 months plus my hair is actuall keeping in the moisture. ❤ I also use Brazil Nut Oil (which helps it shine and grow).

  76. Vanessa Olszen

    To me natural products can get costly if your a product junkie. Once I found what works for me, I’ve been able to save a lot of money because I stopped chasing every product line that came out.

  77. Pamela Nathaniel-Riley

    It depends on the person’s natural hair. For me, natural. ONLY because I do not wear my natural out anymore. My hair is 4 b and c and is very dry. I’ve been natural for 12 yrs. and over the yrs. I’ve found with my hair it is cheaper to buy a wig. Yes I said wig and yes I do have hair VERY thick hair and edges actually, and no I don’t use got to be glue or snot. I do not sew it on and I take it off every night to allow my scalp to breath. A real good wig at $200 to $300 will last me a year, if it is taken care of correctly, which is much cheaper than what I would spent for a yr. going to a salon and letting some of these crazy, jealous so-call beauticians PLAY in my hair and take my money and I still gotta come home and do it right. Y’all lost me for a min. anyway, I wash my own hair every other week, condition it, use castor oil (NO OTHER is strong enough for my hair) and cream conditioner. Twice a year I do have it pulled out and trimmed. Honestly, I do the wigs more because I truly don’t have the time it takes to manage MY natural hair to look the WAY I want it to, it’s to corse and thick. The products to do that is more expensive than a wig for me. As for a perm, well after my doctor and dermatologist told me 12 yrs ago what the chemicals does not only to your hair and scalp, but possibly your brain, it will NEVER be an option for me again!

    1. Kamorlyn Daniels

      Hey Nothing wrong with wearing wigs as long as you take care of your hair. If you’re struggling with moisture. U could try “as i am” and leaving it in braids will help it flourish.
      Also there’s this dread moisturizing spray that smells like lime and this stuff called “hair food” that can be found in your local beauty supply. You get hella moisture and shine. Almost works better than as i am

  78. Valerie Vallion

    Natural, but I think it’s more expensive because it’s the “now style”. When perm was more popular, it was also expensive.

  79. Keesh Showme

    The polling feature that Facebook offers should’ve been used in this post to tally the results. This is an interesting discussion. For me it was natural. I found myself always testing the newest product thinking it would be perfect for my hair type. The only way relaxed was costly was when I went to the shop.

  80. Kimberly Anderson-Rule

    I think both natural and perms can get costly and requires maintenance. Some people think just because you have natural hair there isn’t maintenance involved. However it requires getting your hair trimmed and maintaining a healthy balance for your natural coiffed. So many women I see don’t even comb their natural hair, now that is a hot mess. If you go natural take care of it, get trims, wash it, put moisture in your hair and stop letting it look like it as dry as the desert. IJS

  81. Athea Bellingerdawes

    Perking is just as expensive salon use lots product too that why cost keep going up l love silky look of perm but not as healthy l’ seriously thinking this year to go natural

  82. LaLa Young

    All i have to do to my natural hair is wet it, put some leave in conditioner, and any kind of gel/mouse! I havent had a perm in 6 years

  83. E.L. Ransom

    Natural hair by a mile. It’s expensive and time consuming. Relaxed hair was easy to manage at home and I didn’t have to use any products in my hair.

  84. Olympia Ortega

    With my natural hair all I buy is shampoo and conditioner and coconut oil. I used more product on my relaxed hair then factoring in the relaxing touch ups and hair cuts I had to get so often because of the damage, in gonna say I don’t spend as much on my natural.

  85. Ranee John

    Natural hair is way cheaper, the reason why some might say it’s expensive because they keep following all these natural YouTube channels that keep shoving countless products down their throat. I buy my shampoo & conditioner at the dallor store for $1 each, it would last me 2 months or more. I make my own deep conditioner from stuff i have at home. Simple!

  86. Tracy Proctor

    Relaxed hair…..I still go and get my natural hair blown out every week..ppl swear it’s relaxed but I’ve been natural going on 4 years now.. at least I don’t have to pay extra every 6 weeks for a touch up

  87. Sonya Moore

    Honestly I’m going to say permed was more expensive, I wash and deep condition my hair, I use an herbal hair grease and I use Pro Styl coconut oil styling gel. Brush my hair back and make a bun and I’m good to go!

  88. Cynthia Rabb

    why does it matter… And who cares I don’t .. it your hair… As long as it looks good..that all that matters .. natural hair styles Cost to.. if you want them to look good on you..

  89. Shon Jones

    Natural can be just as expensive as relaxed if you are getting your hair blown out. With wearing my hair natural with no heat, it is less expensive because I am able to take care of it myself.

  90. Angie Mimms

    It doesn’t matter. I’ll never to relaxers. I luv this freedom baby, and embracing the natural beauty and diverse styles I can hv with my natural hair! Luvin me

  91. Erianna Mack

    Natural I’m 2 tender headed for it but going natural grew my hair but I couldn’t take it once I got pregnant

  92. Katrina Figaro

    Natural hair is a whole lot more cheaper than relax hair….relax hair you have to treat it when you go to wash and steam every week too much time and money wasted…

  93. Morette Thompson

    Same difference. It is not the hair, it is your knowledge of the hair that makes the difference. All hair products are expensive over time.

  94. Pinky Promise

    Natural hair is cheaper (to me) mainly because i dont jump on bandwagons and am not a product junkie. Shampoo, conditioner, leave in, oil and occasional grease. Boom! No gel, no edge control.. None of that extra fancy stuff. Im good.

  95. Cynthia Jones Goings

    Now that I found the right products for my hair, natural hair. I wore a short cut for years and the stylist charged $60 per visit which was every two or three weeks. I’m happy to report I have attended PJA (product junkies anonymous) and I’m clean!

  96. Rivian Jones

    My natural hair is more expensive period. Relaxed hair is less costly and more manageable. Relaxed hair you wash, condition, blow dry and style. My Natural hair condition, wash, leave in conditioner, wash it out after a hour, finger detangle with leave in, blow dry with paddle brush. See that’s too much.

  97. Margaret Graham

    More expensive with my natural hair when it comes to hair products. I’m getting better and know what works. The hair products, I believe, do not need to be so costly…but relaxed hair in general cost me more because it affected my health etc

  98. Claire Line

    Once you find your staple pieces , being natural is cheaper. I believe that relaxer 65$ perm + tip every 8 weeks , my hair grows fast, the upkeep when it was time for a new one cost me money.

  99. Hoda Sulub

    Nah! Natural hair can be cheap! Just get a couple of stable products & replace them as needed. Also keep it light handed…too much weighs the hair down.

  100. Abena J. Oguz

    Natural but with the health benefits and all the freedom and choices I have on styling and caring for my own hair, I will do it over again! One just have to find the right products and find natural hair bloggers to follow for styling ideas when stuck on what to do. . I can still go to the saloon to get my hair done ‍♀️ just as when it was relaxed m, if I want a fancy styling or silk press.

  101. Nyca Anthony

    About the same for me. What I spent on weave when I was relaxed has been replaced by being a product junkie natural

  102. Ashley Gaines

    I’ve never been relaxed but as a natural I was spending a lot of money on products. I cut back on spending and now buy grape seed oil, I use tresemme shampoo and conditioner, I use a moisturizer and use grease to seal my ends. All of my products cost 3-6 dollars.

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