Which Has Been More Expensive For You – Relaxed Hair Or Natural Hair?

Natural hair versus relaxed hair
Some people are of the view that maintaining natural hair is more costly compared to relaxed hair. Well I beg to differ from this school of thought basing on my own experience and the following points.

My groceries serve a two-fold purpose

I eat them and I know that my hair eats as well, so I utilize my fridge and pantry contents for deep conditioning like eggs, mayonnaise, banana, avocado, sour cream or greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar etc.  I use the same oil like canola and sunflower oil for my hair and also use this for cooking.

When my hair was relaxed I used to buy the hair food, the olive oil hair spray, deep conditioner which used to cost be almost $15.00 each. Then I used to relax my hair every month myself and the relaxer cost me $10.00.

I am my own and my kids hair dresser

I am soley responsible for my hair and my girl’s hair therefore I do not have to go to the salon. I do not need anyone to straighten, trim, or provide any of my hair’s basic needs.

I say this because I have met naturals who go to the hairdressers to have their hair washed and straightened almost every two weeks. This would be a regular cost to them but for me, it’s free.

Minimal costs for keeping it healthy, well-conditioned and frizz free

I deep condition my hair and my kids hair every week and seal it with oil and then install a protective style on my kids hair.

I keep mine in a single French braid, 2 French braid or bun, or some other protective style until the next wash day. My kids sleep on a satin pillow cases which I bought for about $2.00 each. I tie a satin wrap on my pillow which I bought for $5.00 and I have not had to replace it since my initial purchase.

With all that said based on my experience, my natural hair is costing me far less money that I did when I was relaxed. What about you? Is your natural hair cheaper or more expensive than your relaxed hair?

About Fiso Moyo

Fiso Moyo (CPA) is a Wife, Mother, Certified Public Accountant, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Founder of encounterCS.com. Her blog is dedicated to all things financial & providing tools to propel people beyond inspiration towards walking in their dreams. Basically alleviating financial distress and enabling people to walk in their dreams.

About Fiso Moyo

Fiso Moyo (CPA) is a Wife, Mother, Certified Public Accountant, Trainer, Coach, Mentor and Founder of encounterCS.com. Her blog is dedicated to all things financial & providing tools to propel people beyond inspiration towards walking in their dreams. Basically alleviating financial distress and enabling people to walk in their dreams.


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  1. Alice Hawkins

    Natural for me…because I became a product junkie. Once I learned my hair it wasn’t as expensive.

  2. Nyca Anthony

    Natural but no regrets becuase my relaxed hair never got as long and pretty as it has being natural

  3. Ebony Pettway

    Once you learn natural hair it becomes inexpensive. At first you because a product junkie and spend a butt load. Now its just deep condition, water, natural oils, bobbie pins, trims and hair ties. Very cost effective.
    Perms you have to deal with hair salons every week or 2 perm every 6weeks. It can get expensive.

    1. Ace Ellis

      This! I try to tell people they don’t need all those products–the simpler the better

    2. Mo Butter

      You are so right! I am so glad I made the switch! I use to worry about how the chemicals effected my over all health.

    3. Niesha A. Williams

      As a relaxed girl I do my hair every 4 months, and protective style for the most part. and I wash and deep condition my hair every week or 2 and that’s about it. So it’s not all that expensive

  4. Neki Love Greergirl

    All hair requires maintenance so it kind of depends my styles basically it’s equal or my natural more however my natural is more maintenence and time consuming!still Natural though!

  5. Keys Jones

    I love being a natural, my curls are just beautiful to me. But it’s definitely more expensive too. At least for me.

  6. Rhonda Blais

    Being this is my THIRD time growing out, my natural hair is more expensive because I’m bi-racial and have thin hair but loads of it. I go through more product than when it was relaxed because I have to re-wet my natural hair daily because in the night, due to menopause, I’m pulling my bonnet off in my sleep and no amount of finger manipulation sets it right again.

  7. Reigns Shynes

    I just buy shampoo and conditioner with natural…. I wash an go do my own hair but with a relaxer someone else has to do it and I have to pay for the service. Natrual is less expensive. Natrual all I need is water and conditioner and done

  8. Motasha Little

    Natural is inexpensive you may start off with 15 products but afterwhile you realize it don’t take all that

  9. Lauren Franklin

    Natural costs more…even if u dont buy a lot of product the price is higher on single products in comparison to relaxed hair maintenance

  10. Anna Ogonji Smith

    Relaxed was more expensive. Twice a month salon visits plus at home upkeep. Now I only go to a salon for a trim or if I want a particular style. The LOC method saved me from becoming a PJ. I only use maybe 5 products on wash day and after that it’s just leave in condition.

  11. Amalfi Elizabeth Elibo

    Natural hair is more expensive for me. I am from the Dominican Republic, so am very mixed, I have very soft curls, but a lot of hair. It gets dry very easily, so I have to buy oodles of products, in order to maintain the health of my hair.

  12. Crystal Ortiz

    Relaxed. All i need is one product and a spray bottle of water since going natural. Having relaxed hair meant I had two baskets of maintenance and emergency breakage kits. Not to mention – I don’t need to see a hairdresser every 3 months to “fix” my new growth anymore.

  13. Lachelle Lala Francis

    Natural Hair is way cheaper once you understand your natural hair and what it needs … Relaxed hair is expensive cuz you have to buy perms well in my country ah relaxer cost like $32 EC still going to Salon to treat them … and trim them for like $85 EC … for Natural hair you don’t have to go Salon to treat them .. you can treat them with whatever product or you can use stuff at home to treat your natural hair …. so Yeah relaxed hair is expensive …

  14. Quennie Dixon

    Natural , I used to perm my hair and it was very expensive and my aunt never charged me a penny for it

  15. Shari Powell

    In terms of money it’s a wash for me. What I didn’t spend in hair products when I was relaxed, I spent in the actual relaxer service. If you want to talk in terms of TIME spent, then for me natural is WAAAAAY more costly. I need to wash my hair now, but am dreading it because it takes sooo long.

  16. Tiffinie Weatherspoon

    Relaxed…I was spending anywhere from $65-$105 every time with all this hair, Been natural since 2000, and use very minimal products..

  17. Kamilah Stapleton

    Natural, trying to find the right products to maintain moister and curl pattern without a lot of gel. Natural products cost wayyyyyy more.

    1. Kamilah Stapleton

      When I first went natural like 4 years and 4 chops ago, it was easy to maintain gel and go now not so much if I don’t almost put the whole container of gel on the curls won’t stay and most product that say they will help hold curl and that is not gel don’t work as well that is where the cost comes in.

    2. Marie Taylor

      Me too I’ve tried severs products but have not found the one that keeps my curl without a ton of gel

  18. Hc Jones

    Natural is less expensive a little old Jamaican woman told me all i need was water and coconut oil her hair was to her but and it was kinky… I’ve been on the same regimen since no expensive products that claim the same and my hair is growing

    1. Nette Mae York

      Wow really?? May I ask what’s your regimen?? Cause it seems as mine stopped growing as soon as I did my final chop and now it just eats moisture, always dry!!

    2. Hc Jones

      I’ve done two chops so far
      My only regimen is water and coconut oil in a spray bottle and style
      For washing i use a regular shampoo and vinegar
      For deep conditioning i use lime juice mixed with coconut oil….
      Haven’t had any issues
      Did a big chop all the way down like faded back in November and it’s grown substantially

  19. Arela Grate

    I would love to go natural, but I love my hair straight and I know blowouts would be very expensive. I do my own relaxed hair and I trim and relax every 6 to 8 weeks. Very inexpensive, but takes a lot of time.

  20. Natswa Akela Smith

    Relaxed is way more expensive.
    When I’m rocking my hair natural, I stick to basic ‘ish like my mama did when I was younger. Coconut oil, water and yes good ol’ fashion blue magic.

  21. Tanesha Turner

    Natural is cheaper for me(shampoo, conditioner, gel). Relaxed was $30 every two weeks and $60 every 8 weeks at a salon, because I would have no hair if I permed at home by myself.

  22. Ashley Blue

    Relaxed is expensive. with natural hair I can make my own products thanks to YouTube and it last for months

  23. Valeria Avil

    natural is expensive in the beginning since you learning your hair and trying out all products…plus in comparison to relaxed products natural tend to be expensive and not readily available everywhere

  24. Sheryl Lowe Johnson

    Well I’ve just done I’m big chop I’m learning what works well I’ve spent a bit but once I find out what works it will be wayyyyyyy cheaper

  25. Vedejah Scroggins

    In the beginning natural was expensive once I saw that I need to just do the basics like my meme taught me it’s the cheapest thing ever lol wash your hair comb it and grease it with hair grease and pin it up or whatever you wanna do with it roll it up whatever you wanna do so much better than that 20 dollar crap I was buying what wasn’t doing anything

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