14 Extraordinary Alopecia Camouflage Cornrows By Braids By Necole

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Tametria BrookeLynn'smommy Guillory


Tam Tam


La Toya Kristina Taylor

Wow very nice!Looks like her hair didn’t even fall out.

Karlyn Briggs

Wow …..

Michelle Hellum

Amazing work!

Kiki Smith

Beautiful work

Tiffany Alisha

I have a product that will help grow hair back in

Tori Monroe

What product is that??

Daria Williams


Monique Unique Diah

What type or brand?

Adrianne Carter


Sharon Jackson

What’s the name of the product

Daria Williams

Looks like it’s HSN vitamins from the body wrap company

Laura D Bowden

Really please tell me more

Olajumoke L Adetoye

What product would that be ?

Jazelle Washington

She is an amazing braider!!

Denise Dazzelingbeauty

Really beautiful work!

Dominque Barnes

Absolutely Beautiful

Miracle Adetayo

You are extremely talented! What vitamins do you recommend for individuals who suffer with this hair condition?

Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

Mines grew back from botin I take 20000 mg , JBCO, Coconut oil and virgin olive oil

Jazz Cherry

Im like damn necole u did that girl where i can find u @

Jazz Cherry

Or would u take a trip to the big apple

Jazz Cherry

And get me and take me with u lol

Linda T. Roberts

We should fight alopecia, not hide it with flat twists

Katana Charm Buckley

I agree

Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

I agree also but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a easy protective style for her hair she can still moisturize and oil and everything. She doesn’t have to walk aroud with a bald spot

La Toya Kristina Taylor

Absolutely but if you braid it,the hair wil come back faster.

Thomas Alicia

↑↑↑Not necessarily, she may have gotten into her current situation from braids. If you braid it, the hair may fall out faster.

Shawnetta Jones-Mochabella Nursery

Traction alopecia could be her cause so braids won’t make it better.

Precious Williams

Not with #braidsbynecole she is really good gentle and don’t braid tight she grows hair

Patricia Hankins

Massage thinning areas daily with Rose Mary Oil

Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

Where can you get rose mary oil

Nikia Monique

Im pretty sure these women are trying their best to make their hair grow back. But in the mean time why not wear protective tension free hairstyles that’ll make women feel beautiful again. My friend had alopecia and had to get shots of steroids every week. She also wears briads. And now her hair is back to how it was before

Lloydchell Ransom
Lloydchell Ransom

Did your friend go to dermatologist for shots? Please share. email me at [email protected]

Shirley Ulter


Jada Cummings

These styles r cute

Blessing Wisdom Ugokwe

Good job

Sheila Thompson

Awesome work Necole God bless your hands with continued skill, that helps women deal with alopecia.

Necole Monique Lafayette

Thank u

Sheila Thompson

You are working your gift and it should be celebrated. 🙂

Lisa Harris

Nicole, where are you located?

Ruby Dioum

u need to visit north Carolina or new York I need help bad with my hair

Sheila Brown Crowson

Let us know what we can used to grow our hair back

Sheila Thompson

My brain would probably be screaming though whew Wonderful work.

Niechae Glosson Leverette

This person has blessed hands.Good Job….Excellent

Necole Monique Lafayette

Thank u

Shaimonique Eatmon

no problem… you are an amazing braider and I so have to come back and get my hair braided again

Latoya Monroe

That’s going pull it out more

Kimberley Warlick Criss

These styles are gorgeous

Gail Brown

Amazing work

Haydie Hoen

your damm right Latoya Monroe it will pull the hair out more. This is not good for the hair my sisters. Its indeed beautiful but if you don,t want to look like the before picture don, t do it please.

Shirlon Roberson

That is not true. I’ll inbox you how my hair looks now !!!! Grew all the way back her braids cause no tension period !!

La Toya Kristina Taylor

It only pulls out the front edges cause that’s the most fragile part of everyones head but if you have thick hair you won’t lose your edges but your hair will grow braiding it.

Cha LaBranche

She suffers from alopecia that’s why she has hair lost

DaChosen Funchess

Love it

Lisa Harris

Excellent work. You can make a lot of women who suffer hair loss happy.

Bobbie Vaughns


Jaleesa Jeneen

She’s the truth! Got mine done two weeks ago and still looks fresh, and she’s not pulling nothing out, you can barely feel her in your head, but haters will hate

Abigail Mapamba-Zinyengere

Where is she based?

Yolanda Smith


Williams Shaundrica

That’s a same good job were can I found u at hit me up

Thomas Alicia

I don’t understand getting more scalp pulling braids to cover up the damage from scalp pulling braids. Mmmmk

Kamela M Oxner

Maybe I’m wrong, but braids seem to put stress on the hair foilicals.

Nl ManouBens Be

Actually the feed in technique used by @braids by necole dont require much hair.
N if u go check her fbk u can actually see some of her cx’s hair journey

She actually grow their hair back
She’s amazingly talented

Nekabari Faithful Nwigbarane

Alopecia is a medical condition

Veronica Barksdale

My thoughts exactly. Why continue to damage your hair. Frequent braiding damages your hair and they braid so tight the hair can do nothing but come out. Your hair has elasticity. It’s not elastic.

Nadia DJ-Vidal

That’s what I just said. All of this mechanical pull will cause more alopecia.

Sonnie Nicole Heath

Braids likely did not cause the alopecia. They actually grow my hair.

LeighAnna Edwards

Now that’s talent!

Gloria Maria Nduka Borico

Oh Lord have mercy! I would cut all my hair off…

Brenda Keegan

will you look at that name close but not Ne’Cole

Tamara Bazile

Very NICE!!

Lilian Adesheila


Jamila Kelly

It’s very great work, in don’t think anyone is denying it , however it seems counter productive. Why solve the problem when can just hide it? But I guess that goes for any kind of weave on anyone

Katina Wiggins

Where is this person located?

Fallon Pryce

This is a amazing. This makes sufferers of alopecia feel beautiful and like a woman again. If only this woman lived in the UK. And for the ignorant people out they it’s not a simple task to just grow your hair if you’ve got alopecia! ! And sometimes you don’t always want to be in a wig!

Soraya Miller

Nice work

Necole Monique Lafayette

Thank u. Lol I know right

Leticia 'Choc' Joshua

Hair grows from braiding it look at the picture no tension at all…great protective hairstyle

Vivian Coleman

Probably those braids are the cause of hair lost. They also started my hair lost along with stress.

Vivian Coleman

Just a cover up with the word Alopecia.

Tricha Menelas


Felicia Thompson-Stafford

Wow! Thats amazing!!!

Hoshalah N Misodi

It’s nothing I haven’t done before..

Sydrena Dennis Osborne

Montrae Waiters #postchemo