Why Are People STILL Coming For Gabby Douglas’ Edges?!

gabby-douglas-badhairIt’s been 4 years since the London Summer Olympics where, unfortunately, people brought more attention to the way Gabby Douglas wore her hair than the fact that she was the first black gymnast in Olympic history to win the individual all-around title.

As this year’s Olympics is currently taking place in Rio, apparently some people just can’t let it go.

Many individuals took to Twitter their opinions of her hair.

It saddens me that some cannot understand that she is not in a beauty pageant, but she is competing in a serious sporting event.

Those who are natural know the struggle of keeping your edges laid, especially when working out. Sweat causes our hair to curl up and not be as sleek. It is what it is.

If she was focused more on her appearance instead of her craft it is possible that she would be distracted and fail miserably. And personally, I don’t blame her for not caring about her edges being laid while she’s tumbling, flying through the air, and doing hop on slim balancing beams. Hair should be the last of her worries.

I’m just saying, let the girl live. Can we not mature and move past this? Why must some remain in this crab mentality where they pull people down instead of cheering them on for doing a great job?

She has performed extremely well and, similarly to the situation in London, instead of focusing on that an uproar of a response to her hair and edges has commenced.

Don’t forget that she has feelings too. And we all definitely know that when she is not competing she knows how to slay!

Let’s build up and encourage one another and not tear down. —By the way congratulations on winning gold last night!

About Vanessa

Hi! I'm Vanessa! I'm a 26 year old natural. Making the decision to go natural has been one of the greatest decisions in my life. It has boosted my self confidence and has given me a way to express myself through the hair God has blessed me with. I had my last relaxer in Dec of 2013 and big chopped Aug of 2014 and there's no turning back! I now share my journey with tutorials and tips that work for me through my youtube platform and my blog in hopes of helping other naturalistas in their journey to natural.

About Vanessa

Hi! I'm Vanessa! I'm a 26 year old natural. Making the decision to go natural has been one of the greatest decisions in my life. It has boosted my self confidence and has given me a way to express myself through the hair God has blessed me with. I had my last relaxer in Dec of 2013 and big chopped Aug of 2014 and there's no turning back! I now share my journey with tutorials and tips that work for me through my youtube platform and my blog in hopes of helping other naturalistas in their journey to natural.


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  1. Ebony Seraa Nefertiti

    IDC she needs to brush that shit lol I’m natural my s**t never looks like that its not just her growing up black people always been serious about hair this is no different!

  2. Desi Footman

    These ignoramus need to get their life and quick. These girls are doing something constructive with themselves and here you have a bunch of grown ignorant ass women complaining about their hair! N***as, yes niggas are their own worst enemy!

    Half the women complaining haven’t seen their edges in 20 yrs! Get lost!

    These girls rock! These girls are blessed by the best! These girls are unbothered!

  3. Kera Robinson

    Y’all are entertaining this bulls**t to get views. I’d rather talk about how dope she is and how many people are actually inspired by her and love the way she looks than to talk about some petty ass nobody who wants to discuss her damn edges.

    1. Lena Monique

      I agree! I don’t even believe it was enough people with that stupid ass opinion for this to be a topic

      I feel like they fished for a few dumbasses to make this a headline

    2. Kera Robinson

      Lena Monique Exactly! I haven’t seen many people talking bad about her at all. They’re just feeding on any drama they can find.

  4. Lynnelle Renee'

    Because they clearly do not have anything better or purposeful to do with their time…they equate perfect looking hair to success or high self esteem etc etc…gabby and most of us know differently….gabby is accomplishing her purpose. While performing she does not need her hair to be slayed—she needs her performance to slay. Now because she won another gold she will have more endorsements and events to attend and rest assured she will have her hair slayed. There is a time for everything—priorities. The women commenting on her hair have misplaced priorities and I guanrantee you it shows up in the outcome of their lives.

    1. Felicia Thomas

      So well said. I can’t believe people think the most important thing is her hair. She is in the Olympics representing her whole country if that ain’t pressure idk what it is. Why get your hair done to sweat it out in a few mins? She’s beautiful in all her natural glory.

  5. Tina Tong

    People need to start standing next to one another and support each other’s achievements . Until this is achieved black lives don’t stand a chance !!! She is an outstanding black gymnast and I salute her and not her hair!

    1. Shannon Wisniewski

      It’s sad that our people are making fun of the way our hair naturally grows. I remember when I heard about her for the first time; her accomplishments were being discussed by Tameka Tiny Harris and Tamar Braxton on BET. Tamar made a joke about her edges and asked why she couldn’t take the time to smooth them out. Tiny didn’t take part in that misguided comment tho. I’m glad she is proud of her natural hair and focusing on what matters.

    2. Tina Tong

      Shannon Wisniewski yes I feel saddened that people focus on minor petty things and don’t celebrate achievements…I have children one being a girl and I will continue to promote her natural Afro hair and hopefully she will learn to appreciate and love it .. Hair styles like make up is superficial !

    3. Shannon Wisniewski

      It’s great that you do that for your daughter because we are often told our natural hair is not pretty. I’m glad that there are a growing number of natural hair style social media sites starting up.

    4. Tina Tong

      Shannon Wisniewski yes definitely … But as parents/adults/blacks people we need to take that responsibility & stop putting all the blame on society/media ..and it also has nothing to do with wealth either!

  6. Shannon Swift

    They judging her GYMNASTICS SKILLS

  7. Priscilla Washington

    Are your sure it isn’t you that really wants to keep the drama going? If some women spent more time and energy working out their ratchet lives they wouldn’t be so bitter and hateful.

    1. Toi Anthony-Anglin

      I saw the four tweets from 4 stupid people and now all the black women who don’t feel that way are classified with them…

    2. Priscilla Washington

      Oh I’m sure…even us commenting here is still bringing attention to it. This is why people who have a platform should take responsibility and not post this foolishness..just ignore it. Next thing you know, just like last time, it will be all over the media again. And we’ll have no one but US to blame.

  8. Bri Nic Gre

    Who are those coming for her….I haven’t seen or heard anything until you come the hell on FB…..Stfu already

    1. Bri Nic Gre

      O OK np….I don’t have Twitter….thx though….it’s just very annoying as A blk young woman myself to see these headlines….like give her a break fr….I’m not mad because I know she is very strong willed and minded just by watching her….but it’s ridiculous….everything in the new’s is blk this blk that…..Let it go down in History that we are the best

  9. ladee neenah

    This why we as a people are losing. We focus on the superficial and aren’t concerned enough with what is really important. Can’t blame The Man for this one.

  10. India Moore

    I guess I’m more confused by the outrage. Gabby is PHENOMENAL. Her hair isn’t the best. None of the gymnasts from any country has amazing hairstyles. They are putting in WORK……but why is everyone so sensitive. It’s an opinion. Media cised it up but ppl are completely entitled to their opinion. It’s not to tear her down….it’s a statement. It’s 98 degrees today….my edges look a HOT mess…I know it…if I hear someone whisper about it I’m not gon cry my goofy butt might agree with you.

  11. Nacobi Lewis

    Just negate the fact that she and Simone are making history. I’d like to see what their edges look like after doing grueling routines and sweating all day. No edge control in the world can work under those conditions smh.

  12. Tiffany Calhoune

    That girl is sweating. No about of edge control will help when she’s working like that. Of course she’ll sweat out a perm/press and anything else.

  13. LaToya TheLioness Lee

    Who cares. That is one of one our biggest problems right now, we want to have our hairs in styles that are unnatural to our roots. We are not seeing the beauty in who we are naturally. I really hope that those young ladies do not even pay any mind to that stupidity!!!

  14. Awa Ndokay

    So what she did then you can talk about her period … you go girl make us proud

  15. Karen Michele Handy

    Because she still has edges! Soo many are damn near bald under their weaves they get jealous anytime they see someone wearing their real hair.

  16. Nyca Anthony

    I mean shes just a little too busy, winning all those medals and practicing hard to continue dominating the gymnastics world along with simon biles to be worried about having “on fleek” edges…smh rachets need to go and get their lives together. This young lady is amazing

  17. Kera Robinson

    I really hate that blogs and news companies focus so much on things like this. The fact that y’all post this nonsense really irritates me. Do people not understand that making headlines about negative people trying to tear her down is just giving them attention? It’s taking the light off of a beautiful and talented young lady and placing it on all the negative people who bully her. This is ass backwards. To be honest, if we’re being real here, I see more ARTICLES and posts from pages like THIS about her edges than Tweets and FB posts!! Y’all are stirring the pot!!!

  18. Yolanda Bennett

    I would think she wasn’t trying hard enough if her edges were slick back and being”cute” at the Olympics doesn’t give a gold medal its effort.

  19. Natasha Khan

    But she working out though. It’s going to get messed up anyway so why does she have to do anything with it. People really need to get a life and leave her alone. A least she’s in the Olympics

  20. Alexus Dixon

    Ikr they better leave bae alone n grow up cuz what this girl hair look like is totally irrelevant compared to the hard work and dedication she put into being great.

  21. Charlene Franklin

    I’m glad these young sistahs are focusing on getting that gold and not hair! Really, hair don’t make a woman!

  22. Jammin Jay

    She’s gone out there and killed it with an amazing performance, don’t see why her hair (which I actually thought looked fine) even comes into it. People need to wise up and start to realise that she’s there as a gymnast not a fashion model

  23. Audrey Brown Wilson

    Black Hair, remove this negative article and post a positive one of her Olympic wins and success. Congratulations Gabby!

  24. Shandel Archer Daniel

    Funny how us as black people take this and make this something when there’s poverty and the killings of our own says a lot about us

  25. jewel2b

    When it comes to her hair, to quote a politician, “what difference does it make?”. Are you ashamed of being black and having nappy hair? What’s wrong with nappy hair in your opinion? Shame on those of you who do not appreciate the natural beauty of black hair, naps and all.

  26. Elisa Evra

    She is there to win a serious sport competition and I am sure she has time for foolish remarks on her hairline smh

  27. Kim Estwick

    Considering that you don’t have to report the ignorance opting for something positive, why are you??

  28. Ajah

    This girl can do some amazing things with her body and we want to dis her edges?! REALLY?! Just sad. Gabby keep getting the Gold and being somebody and leave the trolls under their bridge.

  29. Jestina Campbell

    honestly i thought it was a lacefront but it looked way better from last year… but the author is right it should not be the topic of discussion… more like a thought n let it go…

  30. Kim A Johnson

    Come on my people can we stop talking about her hair and start talking about how proud we are of her for being a outstanding gymnast. Keep your head up Ms. Douglas dont you worry about those haters.

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