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Hi! My name is Victoria Sallie and I'm a twenty something year old blogger & student living in NYC. I began my transitioning natural hair journey in January 2013, and big chopped in April 2014. I decided to start writing because I wanted to document my hair journey, plus I realized that I couldn't find all the information I needed in ONE place on the internet. Deciding to return back to my natural hair was one of the best choices that I've ever made, and I'm glad to help anyone that has a question. Happy Hair Journey!


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  1. Elise CromwellElise Cromwell says

    I always do a protective style challenge but the no heat challenge isn’t realistic for me in the wintertime. My parents keep it too cold to be going to sleep on wet hair.

    • dez says

      it’s when you wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo…or were you just being funny..because i didn’t know what it was for the longest time.

  2. Nicole Orr says

    I’m currently doing the protective style challenge!! I’ve been natural since May 2014!!! I use Itworks hair, skin, and nail vitamins and mainly Cantu products!!!

  3. MHoyte says

    I don’t use heat directly on my hair but sometimes when I deep condition as I don’t have a steam cap, I would use the blow dryer to get some heat, with my deep condition cap on. Is that ok?

  4. dez says

    I have already increased my water in take to 3 Liters a day. Not just for my health but my hair and skin. Plus I started taking Biotin again so I need all the water I can get..I wash my hair at least once a week and co wash once a week as well and I do the LOC method.I’m not using heat on my hair until like April(or the first of March if I decide to blow dry my hair when I trim my ends) and the last time I used it was in like Sept. or October. I would love to do a protective style but I don’t have anyone readily available to do it for me when I need it. I use coconut oil in my LOC and castor oil in my hot oil treatments. I think I will start doing Oil rinses tho…sounds interesting

  5. Aliyah says

    I have been doing protective styling challenge without even knowing it lmao . I have been wearing cornrows with just my real hair . I have been doing this for two months so far now . I will continue untill I’m 5 years natural then I’ll do low manipulation styles . I drink alot of water everyday as well .

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