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I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of Blackhairinformation.com. I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started BlackHairInformation.com as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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Reader Interactions


  1. Tori AustinTori Austin says

    I never will. Stacie Hart You can get coconut oil at any grocery store… I use the organic vegan coconut oil….love it, its only like 4.99 for a nice size jar.

      • Robin Evans says

        Just wanted to say even if you go back to relaxed hair because you feel you couldn’t find the right moisturizers you will have the same problem with relaxed hair….hair is hair it needs the same either way so I hope you have great success relaxed as well….

    • Raquel ThomasRaquel Thomas says

      I think it largely depends on individual hair texture. Relaxed hair, for me, was more difficult. I can wear my wash-and-go for days. That’s just me. I don’t knock anyone.

    • Andrea says

      I know what you mean. I was relaxed for years and my hair would grow and break. I have been natural for three years and my hair is still doing the same thing. I have heat damage from a salon visit and I have cut most of it off. I now have to start all over again.

  2. Danita Coleman-JamersonDanita Coleman-Jamerson says

    Love my hair natural, love my hair relaxed. Big chop either way doesn’t bother me any more than hanging past my shoulders… It’s about what “I” like. I just don’t see the rational in negative OPINIONS regarding what others do with their own hair…even if I buy some.

  3. Imani MalikaImani Malika says

    When I went natural, I always said that if I don’t like it I can always go back to relaxers. I gave myself an out. Its been 17 months now and I haven’t considered going back. My hair is much more time consuming now but I feel like it is what it is. I went from a Caesar fade to collarbone length and I don’t want all that work to be for nothing lol. But if others feel the need to return to relaxers, I’m not going to judge.

  4. Stacey Elise GrayStacey Elise Gray says

    It’s all about personal choice for those going back it was a fad, they jumped on the wagon & decided to jump back off. It’s a lot of hype surrounding “natural hair” & everybody ain’t equipped to handle it. I say do whatever makes you happy, you won’t know til you try it right?

  5. Alisha Marie BerryAlisha Marie Berry says

    Andrea Bryant there’s a lot we do to out bodies that’s not healthy to others etc Everything we eat or take in in this day in time is not healthy again its a preference to be natural or relaxed etc to each there own

  6. Tamika MoodyTamika Moody says

    Having Natural hair is no easy thing…Just because we came into the world naked doesn’t mean we all want to walk around like that every day….Im natural but I do have my moments

  7. Toni SimsToni Sims says

    Lol some ppl take hair too seriously. I can’t straighten my hair chemically or with a flat iron because I wasn’t born with straight hair? A woman born with straight hair can’t put curls in cause she wasn’t born that way? It seems like we’re the only race that does this to one another.

  8. Kiona D BeardKiona D Beard says

    I’ve had 4 clients within the last 2 weeks return to relaxers. They said that they became overwhelmed with the day to day styling and constantly trying to find products to maintain the proper amount of moisture in their hair, and living in the south it’s really hard especially in the summer months. I’ve found that with being relaxed or natural, you have to keep your ends clipped, get the proper treatments as well as keep as much heat off of your hair as possible. Your hair can be healthy both ways as long as you take care of your hair!! Much love ladies!!

  9. Joyvaundra BesterJoyvaundra Bester says

    Natural or relaxed a healthy hair journey is just that, a journey! There’s no right or wrong answers! You can attain healthy hair in either state, it’s whatever works best for the individual! I commend any journey cuz it’s not easy! That being said being natural is the best hair decision I’ve made for myself in a long time & I love the versatility!

  10. Francine CroomFrancine Croom says

    I like relaxers, but you have to keep getting them once you start…havent permed mine since 2010 . I wear weaves alot but my natural hair is close to my twins. Perm or natural , they both have their pluses.

  11. Antoinette Toni TaybornAntoinette Toni Tayborn says

    Toni Sims, amen. I went natural last year and the experience taught me how to appreciate and take care of my hair. I look good either way and feel good both ways. I know that I used to think taking care of relaxed hair was a lot of work but now I don’t feel that way.
    Since going natural, I make all my own hair products except holding gels. I know if I go back to a relaxer, it’s getting touched up every 3 months, not every month since I know how to handle my hair now.
    We should stop with the harsh judgements, the works is doing a great job of that without us.
    For those in Memphis, if you go back to perms or vice versa, see Dr Lisa Akbari. She makes all her products, even perm and texturizer.

  12. Kiér LindseyKiér Lindsey says

    As much as it may be annoying maintaining natural hair, I will never go back. I experienced such a powerful feeling when I cut my perm ends off and saw how beautiful my hair was in its natural state.

  13. Nena says

    Well, yes, it’s not easy having a natural hair. I myself have appeared here in despair because I was really bad after a year of my BC. I”ve calmed down (thank this site), really want to keep being a natural but as my hair is still short even after a year (and no, it’s not breaking), I don’t have many style options. Braids don’t let me take care of it, so I just wear them sometimes, just to control the front part; and bantu knots are not working yet. Everybody says it’s because it is too short and maybe I can’t find the right products. The whole search takes a looong time.
    Anyway, it’s hard wear the same style and just wait. And it’s inspiring as well as frustrating watching those tutorials and wonderful results that never work for me.
    I understand these ladies because the mirror is a challenge everyday. But while my beautiful big afro doesn’t come and I can finally do some terrific twists and bantu knots, I just keep them tied up, eat right, drink a lot of water, buy good products, focus my attention on make-up, clothes, my work, my hobbies and my humor… Maybe I can try all those styling ideas in two or three years.

    • Tracienatural says

      Hi, Nena. You can actually get kinky twists with afro kinky bulk hair, which is a type 4 hair (synthetic). After 2 weeks, I wash my kinky twists every week. I deep condition every week. I use the LOC method to moisturize everyday. I have had wonderful growth. You should try it. It might work for you. If you go on Youtube, you could see how to install yourself and save a ton of money. Be blessed.

  14. Daiquiri A. HollandDaiquiri A. Holland says

    I colored my hair on purpose so that i wouldn’t be able to relax, even if i wanted to. I came dangerously close to getting a texture softener in the very beginning so glad i didn’t, because apparently i can achieve all the styles I’ve ever wanted, without it, and i never knew that before.

  15. Markisha WalmackMarkisha Walmack says

    I’ve never had a perm I just found a way to straighten my hair to where ppl think I have one cause I like my hair to move lol but I’ve been wear natural styles for almost two months straight

  16. Mona Mona MonaMona Mona Mona says

    What happened to uplifting my sister? ?? Being natural does not make anyone better. ..it simply implies that you made a choice…and not necessarily a better choice. …everything is not for everybody. My daughters have chosen to relax their hair…I chose to start over naturally. ..and sweetie let me tell you …I have some moments. ..but to be bashed because of differences for something as trivial as hair texture…come on. Stay beautiful my sisters.

  17. Rivian JonesRivian Jones says

    I don’t care either way after this grows to the length I want I might put a perm on it. The only reason I’m natural is because I have waves that Men try to train there hair to have. My point is if I didn’t have this wavy texture trust I wouldn’t be doing this. Natural hair isn’t convenient!

  18. Dani SmithDani Smith says

    The thing that really makes me sad is when we say natural hair is hard or its not for everyone God gave you curly kinky coily hair for a reason! EMBRACE IT!

    • Vee SmithVee Smith says

      God is so awesome that he blessed ppl with knowledge and know how to change it. we all do things to make us unique or work with our lifestyle. God love us the same. i hate when ppl think we dont love ourselves because we do something different than THEM.

  19. Donna DavisDonna Davis says

    There are products out there that will help you manage natural hair quite easily (Victoria’s Secret hydrating line, and some It’s a 10 products), but, that’s the cool thing about our hair. Some of us want to wear it curly, kinky, and some straight. We are all so different. Lol.

  20. Anita MeltonAnita Melton says

    3 years natural..I will never go back..not being judgemental but Im learning so much about my hair and health naturally..When I straighten my hair..omg..it looks amazing..#lovingbeingallnatural

  21. Kelly HallKelly Hall says

    Natural hair is great! What problems at the gym??? White girls sweat out their “natural” hair at the gym too. White, relaxed, natural still gotta wash sweaty hair, right?? I rock my curly micro twists to the gym, sweat em out, cowash in the shower, moisturize,n Im out!

    • Jamillah DavisJamillah Davis says

      Everyone’s hair texture and length might not b like yours. I wrk out too and am natural but weaves cuz I don’t have time to wash my hair everyday after my 7a.m. wrkouts b4 wrk. My hair is 4c and shoulder length and I can’t see washing it 3 days a week after wrkg out.

    • Angela WilliamsAngela Williams says

      Kelly Hall U are right! People think White women have it easy!….I’ve watched some of those White ladies with curly hair on YouTube & their process for Wash & Go’s are the same as ours & just as tedious, and if they can wash their hair everyday then why are we complaining?!!

    • Andrea says

      ITA I think as a natural it’s easier to wash my hair more often. I used to work out a lot and now I don’t but I still wash my hair like 3 times a week.

  22. Reneshia GrahamReneshia Graham says

    I just want to say naturally cyrly hair is not the only thing God gave us..he also gave us armpits that grow hair,legs that grow hair and some of us with lip hair, so are we embracing that or are we just bashing the people for personal decisions they make, for the ones who have a problem with how other people style their own hair are you offering a helping hand, like paying for the products that help with moisture or how about detangling for the people u choose to talk about. #getagriponwhatsimportant

  23. Cylinda SheniseCylinda Shenise says

    Nothing is wrong with natural or relaxed hair. As long as it’s taken care of. Trust me you can be natural and have damaged broken off hair. I’ve been there myself. If you’re not doing their hair every morning let ppl do what’s convenient for them! I’ve seen ppl with relaxers with hair down their back and bald headed naturals. Just take care of your hair. Most ppl complaining about the chemicals ppl put on their head also eat fast food, processed hormone injected food. So unless your 100% an organic eater you don’t have an argument. Worry about what’s going into your body before what’s going on with your hair lol.

  24. Kelly HallKelly Hall says

    I dont get the argument of “healthy” relaxed hair if you bathe your head in toxic chemicals every 6 weeks, 9 or 10 times every year for decades. I feel that is the fallacy of that argument, you are deluding yourselves with the health aspect.

  25. LaShawn ChamberlainLaShawn Chamberlain says

    It’s a personal choice. I permed my hair for a yr after becoming natural for 10yrs. And I’ve cut it again and have been natural for 2 1/2 yrs. It’s just hair. For me, it depends on what style I’m going for.

  26. Kianna HouseKianna House says

    Being natural was a choice, and for those who choose to go back to perms, that’s their choice. This is hard at times, however I’m happy with the choice I made. Not mad at ANYONE who chose to go b ack. Healthy hair is the most important.

  27. Priscilla WashingtonPriscilla Washington says

    I’ve been natural for a total of 15 years, and went back twice for about two years or so both times. My hair can be a lot of work at times, but going back again is no longer an option. My hair is always worse in the long run when I try to make it do, what’s not natural for it to do. It’s kinks for life for me!

    • Angela WilliamsAngela Williams says

      I don’t care what someone does with their hair, but u speak the TRUTH. My hair was long when I first relaxed my hair, but over the years my hair kept getting shorter & shorter(even relaxed I still had long hair, just NOT as long as it was when it was Natural). I get the impression that some ladies went Natural to get Strong/Long hair, then once that was achieved they went back to relaxers to take full advantage of their new length, but I wouldn’t get use to it if I were them. But think about this…If you have to go Natural just to get Strong/Long hair, then what does that say about relaxers?!!(15yrs Natural now)

  28. Tyra WoodsTyra Woods says

    It’s nothing wrong with women who have relaxers… I myself is all natural and i don’t plan to straighten it at all, not even with a flat iron. I don’t even blow dry my hair, No heat at all… BUT natural hair takes time to manage… So for those who return back to perms, I understand….

  29. Kassidi K SweetpeaKassidi K Sweetpea says

    Recently I relaxed my hair after 1/1 2 year being natural. My hair health has significantly increased I also am able to understand hair health better. I can do my hair the way it is. I wasn’t afraid to cut my hair and then grew it out curly then relax it again. My hair hasn’t been this good condition relaxed before maintaining growth natural. I’ll relax my hair every 20 weeks I back in the day, I did retouched every six weeks… Hair was overly processed. 🙂 changing hair can make you understand how to take care of it in any form you wish. Don’t limit on what you want to do.

  30. Danita Coleman-JamersonDanita Coleman-Jamerson says

    Smh @ the comments saying going from natural to relaxed is “pointless, embrace what God gave you, and if you switch back it was a fad. I’ve gone natural 3 times when I wanted a change. The first time I went natural was 15 years ago. Though many people were natural, I can only think of a few of my family, friends associates, and hundreds of patients that were. It was not very popular at all. The last few years my sister, sister-in-law,daughters, and most all my friends are natural. Some get an attitude about Me switching . I will do me and change it up if I so choose. #teamchoice #stopjudging 🙂

  31. Ni-Ni HendersonNi-Ni Henderson says

    KMSLOL @ anyone who ASSUMES hair growth has to be stunted, sheds, breaks off, falls out, etc, just because it’s relaxed. I don’t have any issues. Hair is DEAD that you see, so stop making a fuss over it and find something worthy of arguing about.

  32. Mary WelchMary Welch says

    Not everyone who had a perm had a bad experience or damaged, shedding or breaking hair. Mine actually grew faster with a perm and was in good shape. I just got tired of sitting waiting for my stylist to show up unapologetically 1 to 2 hrs late then squeezing someone else in front of me.

    • Angela WilliamsAngela Williams says

      “Stylist to show up unapologetically 1 to 2 hrs late then squeezing someone else in front of me” …I Feel Ya On This One!! Some of those same stylists now throw shade on Naturals bc they are now losing money bc of decreased relaxer sales. My stylist use to overbook clients(working on 2-3 heads simultaneously); I’m beginning to think the reason why I ended up w/breakage & sores on my scalp is bc the stylist left relaxer on my head too long, possibly bc she was trying to work on too many other heads at the same time, resulting in me going Natural. If stylist don’t RESPECT their clients then they will lose them(15yrs Natural now).

  33. Marian Corzine BramberMarian Corzine Bramber says

    I’ve been natural for almost a month, but I wear protective styles. I made a choice to transition to natural, because my hair had become very damaged due to not taking care of my hair properly. But your hair is your hair & I feel that we are all beautiful with whatever choice one decides when it comes to their hair. Be yourself/Be happy 🙂

  34. Lupe Vasquez-OkwuoneLupe Vasquez-Okwuone says

    We, as people, are all blessed to be able to switch up whenever we want to. Enjoy your hair in whatever state you want it to be in. Natural, relaxed, braided, weaves, extensions, who cares, just enjoy and be you!!!

  35. Kelly HallKelly Hall says

    I am not a natural nazi, truthfully I dont give a crap what you do to your hair. My question is real, how can you equate hair or even general health with pouring gallons over time of highly toxic chemicals on your head? If it is so healthy, eat a spoonful. I can eat what I put on my head all day long. Stop sacrificing health for vanity or an idealized standard of beauty that lasts about 4 weeks before you have to poison yourselves again.

  36. Lashawn JohnsonLashawn Johnson says

    At the end of the day I have realized that natural is better. It is a lot of work, that’s why I believe some people go back. Perms are No Good For Your Hair- Just Watch Black Hair By Chris Rock!

  37. Lashawn JohnsonLashawn Johnson says

    Perm’s make your hair look straight- but do your research what is in perms. It is almost like eating better- staying away from the bad stuff that over time is NO GOOD FOR YOU!

  38. Kelly HallKelly Hall says

    Tracey Rolyart, that doesnt feel like an effective argument. Swallow a tablespoon of hair pudding (especially one with pronouncable ingredients) then a tablespoon of relaxer and see which one literally burns a hole thru your throat. Dont even be so extreme, put it on either side of your face, and after a year see which side is healthier.

  39. Angela WilliamsAngela Williams says

    Natural hair is NOT harder to maintain than Relaxed hair(iIt’s just that Naturals are FORCED to do their own hair out of necessity; for instance, established Black hair salons don’t know how to do Natural hair unless u want a relaxer, blow-out/flat ironed, weave, or braids, or there are NO natural hair salons in their area at all, & those that do have access to Natural hair salons it’s hit & miss…meaning some salons that say they know how to do Natural hair sometimes don’t). The only difference is when my hair was Relaxed I was staying in the salon all day paying someone else to do my hair for me versus taking hours on wash day doing my Natural hair myself. I’m 15yrs Natural, but it doesn’t matter to me how someone else wears their hair!

  40. Jasmin MooreJasmin Moore says

    More than anything it’s just sad, yes the natural you requires a little more work and knowledge of how your hair needs to be groomed and taken care if but it’s so worth it in the long run. The freedom and absolute beauty!!!
    Anything worth having is worth waiting for, get your mind out if this fast food nation and learn a little patience and gain virtue!!!

  41. Tanya BryantTanya Bryant says

    Thanks, Kelly Hall. I was about to comment on Tracey Rolyart. It’s ridiculous to think that using gels or puddings makes you “not completely natural”, as much as not using lotion or deodorant makes you “not natural”. Gels and puddings don’t permanently alter your hair.

  42. Tiffany KamagateTiffany Kamagate says

    My mum started to relaxed my hair when i was little, and i decided at 21 to go back to the roots… I dont spend that much time in treatment and things so it grows slowly, but healthy!! And i feel proud of my crown!!! Some twists to protect sometimes…
    Please, dont tell me to relax

  43. Valerie MayesValerie Mayes says

    I say do what works for you. If you are happy and natural good… why throw shade because someone chooses to relax. I think we as Black Women can not choose to weave, color, braid. Can’t we also have choices? I relax because it’s easier because I might be the only Black Woman who cannot braid. So my Natural Sisters, please don’t be so quick to judge.

  44. Blessedfrom AboveBlessedfrom Above says

    I am staying natural..I don’t do perms or weaves…did all that years ago…goal is 27 inches or longer within 3 yrs…natural
    Hair is much easier to maintain than perm..usually I wash, condition braid or keep my styles sexy and simple…

  45. Lozette ClemonsLozette Clemons says

    Natural hair nazis. Although these women hair is.pretty you still feel like you have to give a speech about perms. But if your hairstyle is ugly its all good because your natural. I gave up relaxers and natural hair nazis get on my nerves. just another reason for black woman to hate on eachother.

  46. PrettyChocolate BrockingtonPrettyChocolate Brockington says

    I’ve experienced natural to relaxed to short cut to color to 2 years of braids to natural back to relaxed..Loved it all because I was blessed with strong hair, and learned how to care for it while finding me..lol..so whether its natural or relaxed, HEALTHY HAIR is the best way to go!!

  47. Kaylah Marie EdwardsKaylah Marie Edwards says

    A texturizer may help too for those who cant maintain there coils your still natural it doesnt last as long as a relaxer it just loosens up the curl pattern so your hair is manageable thats what I do ive been natural for two years and I love it 🙂

  48. Kerimah RogersKerimah Rogers says

    I still relax my hair because my natural hair takes a lot of time and patience to style and maintain; and at this time with my busy schedule, I’m honestly not willing to commit to it. My hair is still thick and healthy, I moisturize it, clip my ends, etc. etc. I wore my hair natural about 15 years ago when natural hair WASN’T IN and I caught SO MUCH grief about it. honestly, there are a lot of natural hair nazis who at one point in their lives used relaxers on a regular basis; and you all knew then about the toxins and chemicals in relaxers. Even if you aren’t relaxing your hair, we all are exposed to SOME KIND of toxin in the outside air we breathe, the foods we eat, the drinks we drink, and so on. No matter how we choose to wear our hair, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL regardless. Do you and wear your hair how you please.

    I wonder if white women have these hair pages where they debate about who gets perms, dyes their hair blonde, purple, or pink. I gotta go find some of those threads and read ’em! Love ya’ll….PEACE ✌️

  49. Dawn CliftonDawn Clifton says

    I will relax my hair until the day I die!! I cannot stand when my hair isnt relaxed….ive rocked my hair natural and totally hated it….my relaxed hair is healthy and armpit length…..its all about what works for you!

  50. Pamela WrightPamela Wright says

    I feel like going back 2 a perm at times.Its ok if that’s what they wanted 2 do. I had no problem with my hair when it was relaxed. What actually caused my hair to breakout was perming it myself with a box perm and leaving it on 2 long.

  51. Miko HairCareMiko HairCare says

    I just wish the focus was solely on HEALTHY HAIR! not “natural hair” or “relaxed hair” .. Leave the negative attitudes behind & do what suits YOUR needs.. just keep your hair healthy in the process..

  52. Unique RobertsUnique Roberts says

    I went natural because perm doesn’t take in my hair. My hairdresser said I had to much calcium in my hair so it never fully relaxed. Then I got sick and couldn’t do it then so natural was not my first choice but I’m willing to try now. ( for now at least)

  53. Nakia BooneNakia Boone says

    Either way is good. I have noticed that relaxers grow my hair faster. I have been natural n went back to relaxers n went back natural. Lol. I dont think as a black woman I should be judged by another black woman because of what I do with MY hair.lol. Its just hair. Nor should we compare our hair to other races . We as black women were blessed with the type of hair that is versatile n we can make it look good whether its relaxed or natural. Embrace what u have n what works for u doesnt work for everybody else. U can still use natural ingredients in your hair when its relaxed. I did.so I didnt have to relax.so often.

  54. Tiffany CrawfordTiffany Crawford says

    Why can’t we just embrace people’s choices to do what they want to do with THEIR hair??!! Do you and let me do me! I’m currently transitioning cause I want to try natural, if I do t like it then I choose to go back to relaxers then it’s MY business! As long as my hair is healthy (relaxed or natural) does it really matter!! We will never progress as a people if we continue to focus on things that don’t even concern us! You ever hear white women worrying about their counterparts hair to the degree we judge people about theirs?

  55. Gershelle CunninghamGershelle Cunningham says

    I don’t understand why women with natural hair act like they all out hate women who get relaxers. I’m here to tell you natural Nazi’s that some of your heads look A MESS!!! So you are in no position to ridicule another woman’s hair. All of these women on this picture are absolutely gorgeous….what could you possibly critique about them?

  56. Cheryl FlandersCheryl Flanders says

    To each his own! I went natural bc I hated relaxers as I got older (the process) but kept doing them bc I figured I was just stuck with it for life. My mom and sister been natural all there life and when I saw the wave of sisters going natural, I said to myself why didn’t I think of that!!! Mom and sis was helpful in the journey while I transitioned. I’m almost 2 years natural I have no intention on going back to relaxers.

  57. Deanna WashingtonDeanna Washington says

    I’ve been natural for almost 2 years and I can never see myself going back to a permI like my hair in its natural state and I like the fact that I can also straighten it and still have my hair…while permed all it would ever do was grow in breakno matter what I did to it so now I just prefer to stay natural and let my hair grow

  58. Jameelah LoganJameelah Logan says

    I have been natural for a year now and I don’t think it’s for cause my hair is coming out every time comb or run my fingers through it and I don’t know what to do seriously thinking about relaxing my hair again

  59. Abbi says

    Truly an interesting article. It is rare that we see ladies transitioning back to relaxed hair. I am a relaxed head, and though I plan to return to natural at some point, I can definitely understand why one may choose relaxed rather than natural hair. The ease and familiarity would probably beckon me back as well lol

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

  60. Andrea PurnellAndrea Purnell says

    I went back to relaxers cuz I don’t have the time nor patience for natural hair nd my hair seems to grow better relaxed everybody don’t need to go natural to have healthy beautiful hair as long as u take care of your hair relaxed or natural you will have strong beautiful hair

  61. Florencia MarieFlorencia Marie says

    Been natural for 3+ years now… And as long as I can press it and wear it straight without worry… Then bounce back to a Fro… I’m perfectly fine being relaxer free. Turn Back For What? Lol

  62. Donna ChesserDonna Chesser says

    I would go back to relaxer, but I discovered that when I cut all the permed hair off, my true hair texture is curly, really pretty. Never knew I had good hair. (Even though all hair is good, don’t get me wrong)

  63. Actress Karita FlemingActress Karita Fleming says

    Whatever makes you happy ,normally my hair looks like the one on the bottom left and im always debating the relaxer but I have a insanely hot boyfriend that gets turned on by natural hair so the hair stays

  64. Mary K HairpornCoMary K HairpornCo says

    I dont knock anyones choice. If you like it I love it! But as for me…. if I want my natural hair straightened, I press it! And have more body and bounce than I ever did with my relaxed hair that I thought was bomb lol… thanks but no thanks!!! #NaturalForLife #SheDontLye

  65. JaNile SaVonyaJaNile SaVonya says

    I’ve been natural 2 year’s and I love it. Natural hair can be high maintenance but its worth it to me. As long as you take care of your hair whether it’s relaxed or natural it can be healthy. Healthy hair is what matters….relaxed or natural.

  66. MsLori StillStanding FisherMsLori StillStanding Fisher says

    I’ve been natural for five years (second time), I relaxed after being natural for three years because my bf at the time didn’t like the natural look! But honey…I love my natural hair and when I straighten it, it’s so pretty and silky…what’s the point of a relaxer when you can have the best of both worlds natural!

  67. Coclough WattCoclough Watt says

    i wouldn’t go back to relaxes cause of the stuff n it they use Drano cleaner also someone told me a women died did n autopsy n her scape n brain was green do to have a relaxed hair

  68. Stephanie DeShazorStephanie DeShazor says

    I’m not knocking natural hair. I love the look of some naturals styles but lets face it…its not for everyone. Some people are walking around looking like natural disasters because they’re always trying to do it themselves and won’t seek professional help. Natual hair takes just as much upkeep as relaxed but somewhere along the way people got natual mixed up with just let it go. People who have a softer or more manageable texture of look great with natural hair but then there are some who are in denial about the real texture of their hair. They wanna know how to make it “curl up”…texturize it or something. Anyway I personally wear relaxed hair but I stretch my application times just so that im not getting too many or close together. All im saying what ever you wear, wear it well and make adjustments so that its presentable. Happy hair makes happy women. Be happy.

  69. Tara Lynette ChesterTara Lynette Chester says

    It shouldn’t matter if you wear your hair natural or relaxed. As long it’s not relaxed because you don’t like your natural beauty. It bothers me when I see young, & sometimes very young girls with relaxers or weaves.

  70. Cojeuna Genae NixonCojeuna Genae Nixon says

    I made the decision to become natural because I was low on money and didn’t want to sit in salons!! I like my hair either way. But I do flat iron mine. And some people judge me because of that too..

  71. Leilani BurkeLeilani Burke says

    I went from natural to relaxed three times between 14-27. Each time I ignored the signs that relaxed hair isn’t for me. My hair fell out each time. The first two times it was a gradual process and the last time it was almost immediate. So right now I’m two months post big chop…again. Everything isn’t for everyone. My experiences won’t be everyone else’s. I’m learning to love my hair the way it grows out my scalp and leave chemicals alone.

  72. Kiona D BeardKiona D Beard says

    I said something yesterday about on this subject on this same article and I see a lot of women going back and forth about relaxed verses natural. Like I posted on yesterday, consistency is the key. #1 we do not wear perms, we wear relaxers- relaxers straighten hair, perms curl the hair. Natural hair needs to be properly maintained just like relaxed hair and if you don’t take care of either, both can be damaged. Either way, a head full of broken and damaged hair is not attractive. I believe as a professional cosmetologist of 20 years that if you aren’t consistent with getting your hair properly treated with protein/moisturizing treatments or using some type of Shea, Morrocan, Cocoanut, or any other natural oil in your hair, it will become dry, brittle, and it will break off. Keep your ends clipped every 8/12 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows and if your relaxed you don’t have to get a relaxer ever 4/6 weeks. Ask your stylist to prolong it to 8/12 weeks, especially if it’s a Shea butter based relaxer, it tends to last longer. Ladies, stop arguing about which way is right or wrong and embrace our beauty and let’s compliment one another and not compete to see who’s right or who’s wrong on this issue. We’re all beautiful!! Much love to you all!!

  73. marie says

    For me my natural hair is much easier to maintain. Relaxers were destroying my scalp even though my hair was beautiful. Not to mention all the flat ironing, wrapping, sitting under the dryer for hours. Now I air dry and can go on with my day and not be confined.
    Now with my natural hair, I style once a week and my twist out/finger coils/wash n go style lasts one week then I wash and start over.
    With a relaxer I was itching constantly and always had dandruff. So yeah, I love my hair now and its still beautiful so no relaxers for me!

  74. nappy headed black girl says

    I agree with that many of us (the majority?) initially went natural because of damage or not being able to grow our hair. And I don’t see a problem with that. I’m all about healthy hair. Get it how you live it.

    As for naturals going back to relaxers…don’t care about that, either. It’s not my job to convert anyone; I’m just here if they need a little help.

    I can say almost without a doubt I’ll never relax again. I don’t, however, see myself being a dread for life.

  75. Mary says

    I have a question I’m dying for someone to answer. So last year I had got my hair In a short style with a relaxer my sides were shaved and I only had hair in my bangs and a little in the back. Then I decided I wanted to transition to natural so it took me about six months to get my hair pretty much completely natural. I had some relaxer on my ends just on the top not much. After being natural I got extremely tired of dealing with my thick hair and I got it relaxed. The problem is my relaxer didn’t take well now everytime I wash my hair I get alot of shedding and its kinda dry! can someone please give me some advice???

  76. Ann says

    Please stop spreading the misinformation that relaxers caused fibroids. It’s funny how everyone spreads the erroneous part of that research but not the researchers’ comments that the study was wrong.

     Please print this rebuttal to that erroneous article instead of continuing to spread misinformation.

    Here is a excerpt:

    Im my opinion, finding strong correlations of relaxer use among African-American women who happen to have fibroids is an artifact.  Culturally, getting relaxers is a very typical hair-care regime among adult black women today.  It’s a cultural phenomenon. So is being ashy and using lotion — which potentially has the same possible EDC risks as hair care products.  These studies fall far short in making a connection between high occurrence of uterine fibroids and hair relaxers.


  77. Karen Baker says

    All I can say, these women made a choice about their hair. I just started my natural hair journey a year ago and I really don’t feel the need to go back to perms. I’ve had perms before and because I didn’t take care of my permed hair, I experienced hair breakage and damage. After that I switched to wearing braids and wore braids for years and would flat iron my hair. I’d rather continue my natural hair journey and stay away from perms. Just like some women mentioned that due to their lifestyles, they choose to go back to using perms in their hair. As long as they are able to maintain keeping their hair healthy (the pictures indicate this); then more power to them. Whatever works for you and your hair is your right. I decided to go natural due to my busy lifestyle and outside activities and I don’t regret it. For me, my step towards natural hair has been a blessing and I find that it easier to maintain and manage. But here again, like I mentioned, it’s the women’s individual choice.

  78. Nicole says

    I bc 2 yrs. ago after being relaxed. Never again! My hair has always been its longest & healthiest in its relaxed state. Im of course back to relaxers now & im never looking back. My bc was just my way of experimenting & wanting to try something new. To each her own, find what works for you, stick to it or change it to your liking, know your craft/passion whether it be your hair or music, learn it well. Relaxers are better for some & being natural is better for others which is all fine you cant make nobody be natural or get a relaxer so just be concerned with your own hair, be proudof whatever you choose to do. Be helpful not judgemental is all im saying.

  79. TMW says

    On that last video I was thinking, why relax hair that is already so straight naturally? But to each his own… It did help me realize it will be a lot longer than I thought before I relax again. just watching her put that crème on gave me shudders… I think I’ve been emotionally scarred by my hair falling out so much when I was relaxed.

  80. Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson says

    What’s the sense of relaxing then natural then back again. That’s damaging your hair. This makes it seem going natural was a fad and nothing more. Apparently the fact we were born with our hair natural means nothing.

    • Katie LaurynKatie Lauryn says

      For the first 19 years of my life I was natural. I didn’t get a relaxer until I was 20 years old. I recently tried to go back to natural for 2 years and I was displeased. My hair is HEALTHY and I prefer relaxed over natural. I ONLY relax TWICE a year. If natural works for you then by all means continue on with your natural hair. #TeamRelaxed

    • Connie HaleConnie Hale says

      @ Katie: I’m not relaxed; however, I stand behind you 100%! I had beautiful long relaxed hair and the ONLY reason why I chose to go natural is because I like big hair!! LOL!! You rock your hair relaxed hair!!!

  81. Edna KingEdna King says

    I was nappy when nappy was not cool. I will always and forever be a natural girl… Although, I must say that I’m glad more ladies are at least attempting to embrace their natural locks.

  82. Renee AkperovRenee Akperov says

    I loved this article because her stance is fairly neutral. I’m relaxed and I can barely manage my hair during it’s new growth session in between touch ups. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle my natural hair so relaxed is best for me.

  83. LaToya TaylorLaToya Taylor says

    No way,I’ll never do that again!I love my natural color treated hair.My hair is doing so much better.It’s healthier,longer,and stronger cause all I do is was it,deep condition it,and roller set it.

  84. Felicia HamiltonFelicia Hamilton says

    Most dont realize that over processing happens during application. You should always begin your relaxers in different sections each time. The first section tends to process for 5 to 10 minutes longer than the last section.

  85. Sherrie TamaraSherrie Tamara says

    It was a change of scenery and pace for me. I’m not a self hater as I like both. I might go back natural again. My regimen hasn’t really changed since relaxing again after 3 1/2 years. I’m not dealing with damage now as with previous relaxers. Who knows and who really cares!

  86. Velli Velli VelzVelli Velli Velz says

    I go natural every 2-3 years just to relieve my hair of all the chemicals and heat damage..currently growing my relaxer again..everybody maintains their hair different I’m for both.

  87. Brittney Amera CruzBrittney Amera Cruz says

    I don’t know why having relaxed hair means you aren’t comfortable with yourself BC that is a lie. Not everyone has the patience for it and not everyone has to like it omg! You can damage your hair while it’s natural and relaxed if you don’t take care of it. So BOTH can be unhealthy and damaging if you don’t take care of it. Do what you want to do with your hair as long as it works for you.

  88. Nnenna CarrNnenna Carr says

    I don’t understand the logic that relaxing hair means you don’t love what God gave you. If that’s the case no one should wear weave ever! Even when black hair is relaxed it is still unique and it’s still beautiful! I am natural because my hair was over processes and broken but I don’t think any less of anyone who chose otherwise.

    I hate as black women how we sometimes take petty things and make it a revolutionary thing! Then we use it as a reason to judge or look down on each other! We embrace our beauty by doing just that being beautiful….beauty is not only in one form!

  89. Randi Gary says

    “Going natural” is a stupid phrase…and really its just hair….if youre basing your cultural identity and self worth with your hair…. You need to reevaluate life

  90. Jessica Bonds says

    It is really annoying to see zealots for either side. Each person is unique. Healthy hair is healthy hair weather it is natural or has some form of relaxing done. We tend to further degrade ourselves as a culture by making negative comments about not being in tune with our culture and identity if we aren’t natural. Randi Gary you hit it on the head. It is just hair.

  91. Jennifer PriceJennifer Price says

    I’d like to try natural but at this point I got way too much healthy relaxed hair to cut HOPING I like it natural AND hoping I have the time and patience to deal with it even if I do like it. And even if you wanna say you hate your natural hair if you get a relaxer, what do white people hate when they get tans and Botox and brand new body parts? Even if we ARE self-hating, we are clearly not alone.

  92. Sharaye MartindaleSharaye Martindale says

    Not me I went natural nd I’m loving it learning so much I’ve never had thick hair til now after I went natural my hair freeing out better healthier nd thickier then ever! Best thing I could have done

  93. Shamika BurdenShamika Burden says

    I wish ppl would quit saying I don’t have time for natural hair it ain’t for everybody! I have a four year old, work a night shift among other things plus it is for everyone it’s the way God made you. Natural hair isn’t as time consuming as most would think..more time consuming than relaxed hair yes but you make time for what you want. Ppl are just used to getting sew ins etc and rockin that for months without touching their head. Natural hair isn’t for women who were like most of us raised to press, perm,weave up our hair.

  94. Sevetri M WilsonSevetri M Wilson says

    I never understood why dye is an acceptable chemical to use on hair and a relaxer is the devil. The issue isn’t necessarily the relaxer it’s the over processing, the double layering , the frequent use that as young kids we were just ignorant too(our parents included). I’m natural but I do know ppl with relaxers who have healthy , kept , growing hair.

  95. Jewel TerrellJewel Terrell says

    Someone on here said ‘going natural’ is a stupid phrase? How so. You weren’t naturally born with chemicals in your hair. If a person ‘goes natural’ they are going to wear their hair in the fashion of which they were naturally born with. Either way is pretty.

  96. Connie HaleConnie Hale says

    The only reason why I decided to go natural is for one reason only “versatility”. I love BIG hair!! lol When I was relaxing my hair was thick, long and most important healthy. I just couldn’t get the BIG hair, cute twist/braid outs etc. with relaxed hair. So ladies, do what you want to your hair; who cares about what others say! It’s “your hair”….

  97. Charrisse IfillCharrisse Ifill says

    I was natural for 5 years and enjoyed my journey on so many levels. I went back to a relaxer b/c I wanted a short straight pixie cut. One of the beauties of black hair is we have options. Choosing one over the other doesn’t mean you don’t accept what God gave you. It may simply mean you accept being a black women and choose to enjoy your hair instead of being defined by it regardless of being natural or not. Love yourself and choose to be healthy.

  98. Jokoya McLeanJokoya McLean says

    Jewel Terrell they prob mean because years before this trend wasn’t as popular not everyone is born with “kinky” hair . Natural is whatever state your own hair is in when you wash ans dry it. Simple. Natural isn’t a desired look at all like some are making it seem

  99. Starlan HokeStarlan Hoke says

    Wear what you like who in the hell says it a Hair Cop is on the beat been natural in the 60s 70s it not a movement it your hair I still got thick hair your are born with your natural they use press & curl before perm I don’t perm but back in the day Afro was neat but some folks head wild

  100. Mariam FrimpongMariam Frimpong says

    Lets not be at war because of hair! Yes it was given to us by God but we can do to it as we please. No where in the bible it says do not relax your hair. God just wants us to do everything moderately. I have been natural for a year and half and I jus texlaxed. Loving my softer and manageable texture though people still don’t believe I put a relaxer in it! My hair is naturally super thick! Don’t be deceived natural doesn’t make your hair thick. It’s either you have it or not. Caring for my natural hair was time consuming and hard, even taking time to get it decent for church. Don’t think God would like that. Well, my point is do you, it’s your hair and you having committed any crime by doing as you please. PS- Let no one judge you. Peace.

  101. Keirra NorfleetKeirra Norfleet says

    I think people are looking over the fact that putting any chemical on your skin is very unhealthy and we all know this…if it was a safer way to do it …go for it …but that chemical is no joke idc what anyone says i did research on it

  102. Iesha Littleton MorandaIesha Littleton Moranda says

    Well im not sure how i feel about my natural hair ive been natural numerous times but i always go back to the relaxer… i have the weirdest texture of hair its like kinda straight in the front but only like where a bangs would be then its curly on the sides and really kinky in the crown area i have tried every thing i even did the big chop so to avoid relaxing my hair ive started wearing my sew-in again…. I have been doing hair for 20 years and my hair is still my hardest challenge…

  103. Missm Witdatshyt RockerMissm Witdatshyt Rocker says

    Either you take care of your hair or you don’t relaxed or natural there is just a lot if very hurtful toxic chemicals in relaxers and a lot of people arent careful with it relaxed hair doesn’t change the fact that you are who you are and neither does natural hair I prefer natural cause it works for me but my natural hair color doesn’t my hair was healthy with and without a relaxer.

  104. Megen SimonMegen Simon says

    I just want to say since natural hair is now in hair dresser seem to charge more and more so it seems to be more affordable for a relaxer. Why do I have to pay an arm leg and first born to have my hair done. I try DIY styles but I would like to go get my hair done at least with out breaking the bank. I’m a stay at home mom with one income provider my husband so $65 for hair is not justifiable to me. Just saying

  105. Natasha LangloisNatasha Langlois says

    EvelynWise I agree! It’s YOUR HAIR do what you want and please with it. Why is people so worried about being natural or permed! TO each it’s own! What works for you may not work for others.

  106. Sidett WilliamsSidett Williams says

    It’s been 6mons. now since I converted back. I was natural on-&-off since 2002. There were times that I got bored with my natural, & I’m experiencing one of those times now!

  107. Whitney FieldsWhitney Fields says

    I like that this blog is not biased at all. It’s up to each individual what they do with their own hair. As long as you care for it or go to a hairstylist who knows what they’re doing, you’ll be fine.

  108. Aliyah Morrison says

    I’m stayng natural I don’t care if everyone went back to the relaxer I love my hair as long as my favorite youtubers haircrush razor empress and Naptural85 don’t relax their hair I’ll be fine because their tips are helpful and they have same hair type as me . I don’t know what I would do without them. Also I look up to my grandma she inspired me to go natural she has gorgeous long thick healthy natural hair .

  109. Andrea says

    Natural Nazis are always accused of being judgmental but I think the “natural hair is difficult to deal with” comments are just as judgmental. I think people who say this should speak for themselves and their hair instead of making sweeping general comments.. My natural hair is much easier to take care of than my relaxed hair. Being able to easily wash my hair several times of week has made a world of difference for my hair and scalp as my hair LOVES water. I had terrible scalp issues when relaxed. I don’t know two many relaxed people who wash several times a week.

  110. Alice Hawkins says

    This is my third time going natural. I relaxed….but it never grew past my shoulders. I am finally a year…natural and it has already gone past my shoulders. I will not return to relax. Also…I never liked the chemicals. But, if it works for someone else….what can we say.

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