News Flash! Blonde Hair Does Not Solely Belong To White Folk


Isolated from Europeans

Although not much is known about the origins of the blonde hair that is also displayed by the Aborigines, especially in the west-central part of Australia, what is known is that this trait is definitely not due to European interbreeding.

Examination of a lock of hair collected as a sample by a British anthropologist over a century ago proves that the Aborigines are direct descendants of Africans who migrated from the continent, and have no genetic mixture with any other race.

This makes them one of the oldest continuous populations outside of the Sub-Sahara, and their dark skin and features are reflective of their African ancestry. This conclusion indicates that blonde hair is a gene, much like any physical attribute, that can appear in any race—even those isolated from European intermingling.

Genetic Mutation: Random and Beautiful

Aborigines and Melanesians are isolated examples of this particular gene, but black albinos are a perfect example of the occurrence of genetic mutation which can result in not only blonde hair, but also pale skin and blue eyes.

This also has nothing to do with European ancestry, and often black albinos are born to parents who have no prior genetic indication of European ancestry.

This just shows that truly anything is possible when it comes to genetics, and any person who claims a particular physical attribute as belonging to their race is sadly ignorant of how genetics works. Random genetic mutation is the culprit of the wide spectrum of genetic display that exists in our beautifully diverse world.

So, ladies and gentleman, wear your blonde proudly, knowing that rather than denying your ethnicity and ancestry, you are giving others a glimpse of the beautiful variety that also exists within black people, and armed with the knowledge in this article you can put to rest the objections to your self-expression by spreading awareness to those simple-minded and uncultured folks who would dare try to shame you out of their own ignorance. Blonde is black. Black is beautiful; and blonde blacks are just as real, as any European blonde there is.

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About Linda Cabinda

Linda Cabinda was born in the West African nation of Cameroon. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in English. Her journey of self-realization has taken her from Los Angeles, to Chicago, and even Miami. She is a writer and "resident creative" currently residing in New Jersey.

About Linda Cabinda

Linda Cabinda was born in the West African nation of Cameroon. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in English. Her journey of self-realization has taken her from Los Angeles, to Chicago, and even Miami. She is a writer and "resident creative" currently residing in New Jersey.


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    1. Kay Brown

      Speaking for the blacks born with natural blonde hair. Not bottle blondes. It’s crazy how a lot of non black women bleach their hair blonde, & no one bats a lash. Asians bleach their hair every color under the sun, they love going blonde. No one assumes they want to be white tho lol.

    1. Pamela A

      From the article: “…The gene is found only in Melanesian people, proving that their naturally occurring blonde hair is not an inherited European trait, but an outcome of random genetic mutation over time.”

  1. Vivien Chizoba Anyanwu

    My sis is blonde,and she’s black. Some my cousins are blonde,they are black. My hair is dusty redish blackish, l don’t like it. I die it black.

  2. Evelyn Lattimore

    Actually black folks had blonde hair from the beginning of time. White are genetic mutants of black people, lets not forget that!

  3. Evelyn Lattimore

    There is no such thing as blashian. God the Father has already named everything and everyone for all eternity

    1. Shelle

      Blasian is a portmanteau of “black” and “asian.”

  4. Phyllis L Byard

    Really! Blonde belongs to anyone, who wears it well. Why make everything about color. Are we ever going to move pass this.

  5. Theresa Marie Bryant

    Yes but if it doesn’t naturally grow outta yo scalp it doesn’t belong to you either. Stop making excuses and just say u enjoy wearing the color

  6. Theresa Marie Bryant

    Whatever physical characteristics u were born with are the ones the u are supposed to have and belong to u. Anything else is personal preference plain and simple.

  7. Sherma Gina Gustave

    a you kidding me, so u going to compare a woman [beyonce] who acts like she is white who never wears her real hair in an afro with rare black folks who have red hair and not blonde hair. the excuses black ppl make smh

    1. Michelle Armstead

      Just because she doesn’t wear her real hair doesn’t mean she’s trying to be white. It’s her preference.

    2. Pamela A

      “Acts like she is white”. How?

  8. Rosy Rose

    Most whites aren’t naturally blonde either. It is scientific fact that once your out of adolescence you cannot grow blonde, dirty blonde maybe but they all die their hair as well.

  9. Michelle Armstead

    We can wear our hair anyway we want. Just because someone choose to wear blind hair or weave does not mean they are trying to look like someone else. It’s their preference.
    Black people hate to be sterotyoed but we stereotype one another. Shameful!

    1. Pamela A

      The point is that if someone dyes their hair blonde or wears a blonde weave, doesn’t mean they’re trying to be white.

  10. Lee Felder

    Kids called me Sinbad in school because my hair was a sandy brown blonde color. I have freckles and all that other stuff. We come in every color

  11. ShiShi Maze

    she’s not a blonde but she likes it so oh well. as for her pro black natural “formation” …she just stuck out all blonde and weaved up but that’s how she slay. next.

  12. Mae SweetTaurus Brown

    I’m so glad someone finally put this out there. I don’t care what a women does to hair it doesn’t necessarily means that she doesn’t love her black skin.

  13. Pilgrim's Palette

    Most Caucasian people are NOT naturally blonde. Hence the fascination with, “Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes” and high hair colour sales.

  14. Vivian N. Larsen

    I hope you ALL remember THIS when white people wear braids or other “black” styles… EVERY f**king shade have braided their hair for centuries but yet black people goes in on white people for “stealing black culture”…even though ALLLLLLLL shades of humans has done ALL the things that black people claim to be “black” culture…

    Jeez people stop focusing on SKIN COLOR – when YOU focus on it YOU HELP KEEP IT AN ISSUE!

    1. Mona

      Stop what culture has braided their hair for centuries in cornrows and box braids flat twisted etc o my style most non black people have done is Dutch braids and the two pig tail braids. Certain cultures have traditionally created certain things from stufff every plce of people may use like for example most cultures use chicken but the way they make their dishes is signature to them only ! Sadly no culture owns blonde because only 5 percent of actual White people have true blonde hair and the same percent is in Africans with blond and Australians with blonde hair ! It’s literally a pigment disorder of brown hair ! Braids tho that’s a different story and common sense and education would show for that ! I mean if everyone wore braids since back then why is it still discriminated against ?

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