Let Us Take One Last Critical Look At This – Are Extensions On Children A Form of Child Abuse?

After reading a recent post about a mother who received backlash from concerned parents and citizens on social media for installing faux locs on her daughter’s hair, I couldn’t help but wonder when a simple hairstyle which is loved by many suddenly became abusive.

I mean, is it child abuse because faux locs is a style that’s commonly worn by adults?  Or is it child abuse because the child is wearing extensions? Perhaps it’s the tightness of the hairstyle that makes it to be very abusive on the child.

I for one have never considered hair extensions, relaxers, or hair dyes to be appropriate on kids; call me old school, but that’s just my opinion. I know some of you are probably thinking, “Caucasians wear extensions too, so what’s the big deal?”

While you may be right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adults wearing any hairstyle that pleases them, but when it comes to children, caution must be taken on how they are presented to the public.

In fact, prior to my discovery of the natural hair community, I never thought much about extensions on kids because it was so prevalent that it became normal to me. However, I did frown upon relaxers and weaves on children because I know how damaging those hairstyles can be on an adult, let alone on young children.

So, how do children end up wearing extensions and unacceptable (or in some people’s words “abusive”) hairstyles? 

Since our children are a representation of us, they will likely dress in a way that’s similar to the way the parents dress.

This means that moms who grew up in a weave culture won’t see the big deal in fixing a quick weave on their child. And if she grew up believing that a hairstyle has to be tiny and tight, then the child will have no choice but to bear the pain of a new hairstyle.

It’s even worse if the mother has a receding hairline and balded patches as a result of aggressive hairstyles because it can mean bad news for the child’s edges. Also, a mother who got her first relaxer at a young age won’t see anything wrong with relaxing her two years old’s hair. After all, it’s just hair, it will grow back.

Since you can only teach what you know, a mother with inadequate knowledge of healthy hair care won’t have much to teach the child.

As a result, she will likely style the child’s hair in a hairstyle that’s easier and more economical. An example of an economical hairstyle could be braided extensions that will last weeks, though it may be too heavy for the child to carry or a relaxer which can burn the child’s scalp and disturb the child’s natural hair growth cycle.

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About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".

About Adeola Adegbusi

Hi, my name is Adeola, I'm a natural hair blogger who is passionate about helping YOU to achieve your hair goals, whether it be to have longer hair, softer hair or a healthy head of hair in general. I know what it’s like to be clueless about natural hair, and this is why I’m here to help you create a practical hair care routine that will give you softer hair that is less painful to comb, easier to manage and that can grow long. To get these practical tips, VISIT my WEBSITE to DOWNLOAD MY FREE E-BOOK "Natural Hair Simplified in 5 Steps".


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  1. Suga An Wata

    I don’t think kids should wear fake hair braids or not, its just wrong I don’t care how short there hair is, u can still find style to comb it.

    1. Burris-Ross Kat

      There is other reason to braid a child hair than for length …my granddaughter has a nice head of hair but her scalp is extremely tender and she cry when her hair is being done so her mom put extension to avoid doing her hair daily and settle for bi monthly

  2. Naima Watson

    Child abuse? Really? That is reaching. If that is child abuse then my mother should have been charged with attempted murder every time she came close to my head with a hot comb

    1. Peggy Edmonson

      They would’ve charged my mom with 3rd degree burns
      She got close to the nape of our head

    2. Pamela Smith

      Your mother too? I remember sitting between her knees on the floor, wishing I could drop out of sight before that snap, crackle, pop sound of my hair, Sulfur 8 and my sweat mixed together. The good old days??? Huh….no!!

    3. Jasmine Smith

      If you would have seen the little girls hair due you would have agreed it was child abuse. Poor baby looked like she couldnt even blink. That how tight it was.

    4. Laverne Wallace

      DAMN yall taking in back. But what about pressing the hair with Dax or Dixie Peach. Your hair was shining. Lol. Those were the days

  3. Shaura Phillip

    This is so stupid its not even funny! Really?!? As long as they are kept child appropriate and not causing damage to her hair and scalp then it’s fine!

  4. Phoenix McGee

    Are people seriously entertaining that silly ass question? People forget that children are individuals who have their own minds. Do I think kids should be wearing em? No. Not my decision till I have kids though. I can disagree with it all day long but it ain’t my right to walk up to someone and start berating them because I don’t like it.

  5. Ambikka Williams

    Ok as a child I had long thin hair and mom always used hair extensions to braid my hair. Child abuse is being burnt with the straighten comb on Sunday mornings. Now that’s abuse. Every mother should have the right to do whatever she wants with her child’s head until that child is able to do it herself!

  6. Felicia Michelle

    Not keeping your childs hair combed should be considered a form of child abuse,seeing is how some women stay dolled up and the child/kids don’t!!

    1. Felicia Michelle

      Yes I agree they save lots of time and if done right and depending on the child’s hair and tolerance they may help the hair grow too!!

  7. Jennifer Adams

    Wow this is just going too far. I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but claiming child abuse for braids come on now. We as adults put braids in as a protective style right but to do a protective style on a child is wrong. If I’m gonna protect my hair to keep it healthy I’m gonna do the same for my girls. This is just ridiculous.

  8. Darnella Cherry

    No it’s not child abuse. If you have a daughter with hard to manage hair it’s better than them crying every day as you pull and tug on their hair and scalp.

  9. Roslyn Jackson

    This is sick. When you work with children and your eyes are open to what abuse really look like – then people would stop asking that dumb question

  10. Ann Ranee

    I don’t think it is abuse but parents should consider that it can be painful and if it isn’t done properly or taken care of it can cause permanent damage to the hair.

  11. Tiela Lewis

    I wouldn’t call it abuse but definitely NOT necessary. Little girls need to know that they are beautiful as they are. Long ‘Hair’ does not make one beautiful; It’s confidence! Keep hair clean, moisterized, neat. ♥

  12. Judith Perry

    How is keeping your childs hair neatly braided with or without extensions a for of child abuse. If no one combed thier childs hair and they were unkept is that child abuse? Who is coming up with these theories, someone with no children?

    1. Maybell Lena Killion

      I think it’s someone that has had their scalp beat up as a child with such styles. Not all parents are heavy handed but some are and it does hurt like hell. I speak from experience as an adult not as a child. As a child my hair was always taken care of and no one hurt our heads with braids, other styling.

  13. Renai MezzesmeToo Newson

    Smh this is very crazy. THen we need to shut down beauty pageants because making a 10 year look like a prostitute and she has breast is a form of abuse. This is non sense. Everyone should know at whatever age you are dont mess with a womens hair period, its too personal. I understand if the hairdo isnt age appropriaTE FOR THAT child but leave it alone. How about focusing on why these children cant eat a balanced meal at school first. UGH

  14. Tracy Cato

    If its tight, causing your child pain as it does most ppl wjo have it – then yes its abuse – the abuse ia not about the extensions but rather the way its put in

  15. Latoya Colbert

    Like everything. It must be done tasteful and catered to the age. People are never happy. If the child’s hair wasn’t done and looked like blue Ivy’s used to or worse. Would that be a form of child abuse or judgment from others as well. Unfortunately, we have been forced to feel the need to fit in and look manageable.n

  16. Dee Dee Martin

    Wow really this is child abuse. I thought child abuse was beating your kids, starving them, neglecting them.

    1. Brenda Wi

      Causing a child pain, also with tight and heavy hairstyles is a form of child abuse. That’s the point here

  17. Sharon Dantzler

    Child abuse NO ridiculous, in some cases YES, I’ve seen a toddler with Too MUCH added hair, weighing her down,make it look believable if you must do it at all.

  18. Fatima Ross

    Not abuse but the ones that be so tight pulling all the poor kid hair out… its like why do that? Head all bumpy and sore

  19. Enez Laurendine

    Ugh these articles! Child abuse really!!! Just stop!!! More like poor choices! Some people are just ridiculous with it! But weave is not child abuse! Now if your using the kid as a live maniquin then that’s a topic to discuss

  20. Jasmine Smith

    Excuse my French but don’t put fake shit in a child’s head it’s sad how i see some girls at my brother elementary school with micros and hair extensions

  21. Tracey Robinson

    No. Some little ladies want the extension. Are the mother is just trying to beautifie her hair in more manageable way.

  22. Nikki Robbi

    Anytime anyone did ANYTHING to my hair it hurt lol can’t lock everyone up for trying to help me be presentable

  23. Jamie Elaine Reed-Anderson

    No, of course not, but teach them to embrace their beauty without false additions, they have plenty of time to do that when they grow up…..let your child be a child…….

  24. Summer Glo Brown

    Who wrote this stupid article….really abuse. if that’s the case my mother should have need locked up years ago!

  25. Kimberly Williams

    What the hell is wrong with people now a days people need to know the different types of abuse and braiding a childs hair is not

  26. Nessie Belle

    My mother first relaxed my hair when I was 7 years old. For the next Seventeen years after I’ve experienced burns on my scaple, my bangs and edges have fallen out five times, many Dominican hair salon truma stories, getting made fun by school kids because the relaxer was eating up my hair. The toture of having the spending all my money on full head weaves. I’ve sat my mother down and told her she ruined my life with that bullshit. It took me 17 years to finally return back to natural. I love my mother but I would consider what she did to me as child abuse and I would love to see an age limit put on relaxers because little black girls should have to through this.

  27. Tianedra Bea Little

    I notice a lot of people are concerned with length some kids hair grows more slowly or has more shrinkage they add extensions. I wouldn’t do if I had kids. I’ll personally style their hair til they’re 18 then they can choose whether to weave it up or perm it out. But kids should stay kids and leave alone the extensions and weaves and perms and such

  28. Keisha Greene

    You know there are people out there killing there children and thats a real issue, but someone out these make there children look pretty isn’t a big issue, not combing there hair at all is a issue.

  29. Kataxinha Tavares

    Why is everything that parents do is child abuse now??? extensions, earings… if care is child abuse if we dont care is neglect let so many opinions about everybody’s life is actually frustrating to raise a child in a world like this

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