“Child Abuse” – Mother Gets Chastised On Social Media For Installing Faux Locs On Her Child

Child with faux locsJust yesterday I was talking to a friend on Facebook about how cruel social media can be at times. There are no holds barred when it comes to sharing an opinion behind a smart phone or computer screen.

We have talked about this specific scenario before, parents sharing pictures of their children hoping to get a positive response but instead getting a ton of negative feed back.

In this case a mom installed faux locs on her little girl and Tweeted the above picture with the simple caption ‘Faux locs done by me’.

faux locs child

The backlash that happened after that included the following:

“This child on my TL with these faux locs looks like she’s in so much pain”

“Child abuse”


“Faux locs hurt me so bad I couldn’t go into work for two days. That poor child”

My approach to this scenario is that a style like that is not for my child. Faux locs might be great for another person’s child and who am I to tell a woman how to care for her own child.

On the flip side of things, moms need to understand that when you put your child out in a public forum, prepare for the trolls and opinionated key board typers of the world to pick your child apart.

Even though people say that they do not care about the opinions of others, that never transcends to the moment you decide to share any personal picture of you or your children.

Many readers called this mom out for child abuse based on the style choice. Now that is a serious allegation to make solely on the basis of  a style.

When the accusations get that bad, posting the picture in the first place isn’t even worth it.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Ilesha Douglas

How is THISchild abuse and (excuse my language) but b**ches putting weave and fake hair in they childs hair at young ages OKAY. She couldve wanted themor starting dreads like, get out of other people business

Joy Tovar

You took the words right out of my mouth right there. So it’s ok for little girls to braids with synthetic hair and.to get regular dreadlocks but it’s not ok for this little girl to get faux locks? Really? Sound a bit hypocritical to me. This mother is NOT beating her child or starving her so I don’t see how the hell this is even considered abuse. These haters really need to get a life already and stop worrying about somebody else’s child and worry about their own,

Ilesha Douglas

Right!! They wanna talk about abuse how about the moms who make their kids do pagents… Putting them in heels make up fake hair and all that

Tk Tatum Richey

Me personally I think weave in children’s hair whether it be box braids ,Ghana braids it anything else with weave is tacky we try to grow them up too quick with this weave,makeup tight clothes etc its too much

Tina Waters

Hair extensions on children do not compare in anyway to tight clothes or makeup on a child.
People put braids in their girls hair (natural or synthetic) to keep from over processing it with products and styling. I have yet to see a child grow up too fast from having her hair braided. If that’s the case nearly every black girl grew up too fast because we all got our hair braided.
People are so quick to judge and offer their expert opinion, they don’t take time out to realize how dumb that opinion sounds.

Ilesha Douglas

Umm nobodyis givingan “expert” opinon and you obvisiouly have not seenthis generation you must be blind because alot of children nowadays grew upand or is growing up too fast. Certain stuff is not for a certain age group is all we are saying, if you have a problem with that then you can get off my comment. On topof that nobody said anything about a certain ethnicity either


Thats true and it’s a shame

Tiarra Honey


Shekietha Edwards

People really need to learn how to mind their own damn business. When there’s a real case of child abuse those same damn f**ktards don’t open their damn mouth to say s**t.

Keisha Banzai Blandon

B**ches perm their babies hair at 2 years old but THIS is abuse? Sleep. All of you need sleep. Lol it’s to tight but she doesn’t look like she’s hurting from it. Plus, I my ass beat with wooden spoons, belts, and shoes. I now suffer with being a responsible adult with common sense. Stop the press!

Casandra S Sweeney

Not because there locks was done painful and s**t mean the little girl one was …. It the woman child let she do what she wants with her child …. I did not feel her 9 months of labour or go out to work to get the money to feed and care this child … I did not open my legs and feel the pain of pushing her out …. Her mother did … So it’s her mother right to do as she pleases

JQuatta Barker

I don’t think so …

Shiki Ore

I did 5 on myself , couldn’t finish bc they hurt too bad

Krystal White

You didnt do them right lol

Shiki Ore

I’m a braider period . Maybe I just braid & wrap tighter than others

Sharron Lynn

I’ve gotten them done before and they were tight…sharp, but tight. Depends on how it’s done and who does it.

Ashley Blue

Different people have a different tolerance for pain but I would never put this in my daughter head if she’s younger than 12

Kevvian Roach

Ummmm confused. .. how is this abuse?
Looks a lil tight but… idk

Princess Elvin-Lewis


Takeriah Edwards

Umm little kids get box braids all the time, what makes this any different?

Kia Wright

That’s what I’m saying

Drina Phil

But she’s a little too young for them… They may be too heavy for her head and the scalp is not mature enough. Any type of extensions

Tamyla Thomas

No tighter then French braids

Nyala Nan

This is way too tight.. But I don’t see it as deserving to be called child abuse though, more like poor judgement..

Gail Oliver

hope she has a hairline at 16…

Tonya Thomas

She’s way to young

Shawanna Turner-Waters

Actually it’s is not like box braids or French braids because you have to do a regular (box) braid then add the other hair around so it’s like two braids on one. This is way to tight for this baby hair and it looks like she’s been crying from the pain. The words were very harsh tho. Also if she has never had any extension braids before this, faux locs most definitely has her in pain.

Ash Albury

They’re really heavy…

Daima Anderson

Faux locks are braided first then hair wrapped tightly around braids. It is really tight and hurts, had done couldn’t lay down or sleep for 3 days and it hurts during the wrapping process.

LaShunda Campbell

I had them before and they’re not tight because my stylist does them a certain way that it makes it not tight , but I believe that it doesn’t matter what we have to say because people will do what they want to do with their child or children hair. We can post whatever we want but they’re still going to do what they want

Kessoon Anderson Victor

It looks too tight mom don’t put that stuff in your baby’s hair.

Courtney Corbett

This her baby head! Its plenty females that don’t even comb they baby head! It look tight but it will loosen up and she looks pretty

Tamyla Thomas

Has anyone stopped to think it’s kids with actually locs at her age is that abuse too?

Azsha Monique

Way too the tight. I starting doing my own and took it down the next day, very painful. Child abuse??? I don’t think so but I do think it’s not a very wise decision.

Azalea Sweets

I’m just glad she’s doing her child’s hair. There is ways you can put them in were they ate not tight. Some of y’all have your kids running around with mops on their head.

Brandi Lyle

Right I thought they were cute

Andrea Trinity

But our parents burning us with those pressing combs off the stove wasn’t abuse? Ppl look for any reason to destroy and separate black families

Trish Be Pretendin

First the baby eyes are red from crying second I have this hair style now and I’m going to be 20 you get a box braid first then they tightly go under your braid to your root tightly rap down basically I’m grown and I cried trying to sleep the first day

Sierra Holloman

Her intentions were good but some styles shouldn’t be on a child. Just twist her hair and call it a day

Chada Riley

Right doesn’t look like this little angel is lacking in the hair department ijs

Bethany Plummer

Way too much sitting and weight on her head too.. Like she’s a child not an adult.

Darlin Nickie

Ignorance is bliss! The hair platted first then the other hair is just simply twisted over it.

Faith Bound

Amen girl!

Faith Bound

Darlin, if you look closely at the child’s hair you can tell she already has a fine texture to it. That’s too much tension for that type of hair. It may end up doing more damage than it will good. Ijs tho.

Nikki Franklin

Everybody HAVE SEVERAL SEATS. All of your assumptions are ridiculous! You assumed the girl sat for several hours when it could have been done in stages. You assume that the mother did the style to grow her hair, it’s just a hairstyle like any other, try something different. You assume that the girls texture is fine from looking at this pic (all edges are fine since that is all you can really judge)? How do you know the rest of her hair isn’t thick? Please don’t ever sit on a jury. Your judgement skills are poor.

Elle Daps

Uhm Nikki, you made great points.. That doesn’t change the fact that she is young. I have worked in a hair and beauty shop for years and have watched as professional stylists do hair… And though I don’t have a problem with little girls getting their hair done, seldom is it done right for their age. Faux locks are almost always heavy because it is like braiding/styling the hair twice (the braid underneath plus the extension), regardless of whether or not extra hair is added for the braid… Now assuming she is as young as she looks, her scalp is still developing, along with other parts that are vital to hair development such as the hair shaft and follicle. This can be extremely damaging if not done properly… Not to mention depending on the weight it can actually cause her neck issues… I don’t have an issue with this hair style, but I have an issue with the fact that it may have been installed incorrectly = more for the vanity than the health… So please be respectful when you address people because clearly none of us know first hand but we have opinions, and we are giving them *sits up from my seat *
Faith this may be very true!
Darlin that is true, but depending on who does the hair it can be twisted over tightly, this requiring more hair, thus making it heavy.

Jennifer Price

People need somethin to do

Dakota Gilmore

That’s not child abuse. They make any and every little thing child abuse these days..

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

Maybe not abuse and she taught it would’ve looked cute, she didn’t mean no harm, I wouldn’t say child abuse

Alicia Crayton Fields

Looks a little tight, but I don’t see how this is abuse. It’s cute, neat and looks good on her.

Krys Monroe

That ain’t child abuse!!!

Koated Karmel Kizzez

Ears Pierced, braids, heels, and outfits. If this is child abuse, then ppl been abusing they kids for a long time. I was getting my hair braided as a child, looking like I was Asian, and let’s not forget the pressing comb. Hey, at least her hair is combed!

Alicia Crayton Fields


Debby Akhimie

Well said… Thank you.

Laughette Miller

Whether a person agrees or disagrees with extensions in a child’s head …you my dear have a very valid point

Asia Carter

OK! I still flinch when I get my hair straightened.

Dominique Brown

Don’t forget about getting popped with the regular comb because you moved while they combed it

Pamela Smith

I shudder every time I see a hot comb but I doubt if anyone would have the balls to tell our parents that using a hot comb was child abuse. Truthfully, if people would stay in their own homes, mind their own business and try to resist from speaking out about EVERYTHING that they think is wrong or scratches their ass the wrong way, folks would be so much better off. There is really nothing wrong with little princess’s hair style. Some foolish numb nut with too much time on their hands, decided that it was abusive to do this to a little girl and now everyone is in a tizzy. Every mother with an ounce of sense will do whatever they need to do to get their daughters head done. Braids, cornrows, whatever. Get the job done. With all the crap going on in this world, faux locks is someone’s biggest priority??? Geesh!!!

Faith Bound

Yeah, me too…
But truthfully I wish my mom had never ever gotten my hair braided. The first time I got them, my mom kept them in for 6 months and by the time she took them out my hair was so matted inside she had to cut them out. In retrospect, I see why mom grandmom went through the extent that she did pressing my hair and such. My hair was in the best health with my Grammy than it was with my mom, which was why my hair was shoulder length before getting the braids. It was too much for my mom to tackle on a daily basis because my hair is super thick.

Ashley Blue

Why do people think adding fake hair is the same as combing a child’s head. It’s not the same.

Shana Chambers

Extensions on a growing developing child’s scalp are unhealthy.

Meagan Williams-Williams

I don’t think it’s child abuse but I think they are too tight for this baby’s head. I don’t like any type of extensions on young children.

Tyesha Summermom Matthews

I saw that

Markisha Tingle

I wore singles as a kid and still have long hair and a hairline and I’ve never permed it! But as I say if you didnt go through labor with the child mind yours unless there is danger involved

Marjorie Etienne

I agree and her hair looks thin.

Kamela M Oxner

That much strain on anybodies hair will eventually led to major breakage. Its simply too tight.

Ametra May

As an individual who often gets extensions in my hair I can say from experience just because it looks tight doesn’t mean it is tight. I’ve also had very positive results with hair growth due to the extensions.

Ashley Blue

It’s too much for her to handle as a baby

Alexis Carolyn Robinson

My kids have extensions. I have three girls and it makes there hair last longer. Instead of getting there hair done weekly it last a Month or two

Samantha Edith McCone

Child abuse is not doing your child’s hair!!!!

Tanganyika S Tolliver

No, that is not child abuse. That is child neglect.

Sharron Lynn

Not doing a child’s hair is not child abuse nor child neglect. Not washing and keeping it moisturized, so that it doesn’t dry out or break, is considered poor hair care, for anyone. I feel that most of us black people feel that “our children” must have their hair braided, ponytailed, or curled. However, it’s ok for other races to not do a thing to their kids’ hair…ijs

Endenezjia Graham

SMDH this is not considered Child Abuse

Kristine Smith

How is child abuse kids get box braids and they real hair dreaded whats the problem with this

Mma Edem

Faux locs is very uncomfortable during the the first couple of days after installing them. Looking at the pictures, the little girl’s faux locs look very tight.

Malynda L Fortenberry

Ppl have too much time on their hands. Nothing is wrong.

Joy Tovar

They have nothing else better to do.

Melissa Wisdom


Deidra Shundreka

They r cute

Tracey Holder

People are so judgemental. Mom can’t win if she does her hair or she doesn’t

Kenyetta Louis

What’s the difference between faux locs and real ones? To each is own!

Shanette Holloway

This isn’t child abuse

Tenya Ayers

I would rather see a child with faux locs than a nappy ass head now thats child abuse

Lech'e Americanproud Richard

I wonder did all of you say that when people said Beyonce should comb her child’s head?

Tenya Ayers

That’s differ blu was rocking the natural

Lech'e Americanproud Richard

No she wasn’t half the time she looked a mess, like she just got of the bed! But I’m sure its OK for beyonces kid right? Everyone else is a nappy headed mess!!!shame

Tenya Ayers

Yeah I guess so………….

Sheika MsHollywood Jones

6 months -a year down the line she’ll be balding. I’m a children’s hair stylist and THIS is a damn shame

Tenya Ayers

Ain’t nothing wrong with natural hair it’s a difference tho between a nappy head that looks unkept and natural styling that looks healthy


Ok I see you clarified the comment. my bad

Sheika MsHollywood Jones

There’s plenty of styles that can be done that are more age appropriate. I hear adults talking about how this particular hair style is extremely painful and a man said the same thing.

Dana Wilson

There nothing wrong with a child having natural hair styles or a fro long as it combed groomed kept up.


Excuse yall sisters but my hair is nappy and I wear it in many styles

Mohayau Lyles

It’s not that serious, it’s the same as getting braids and we’ve all had braids with weave in our hair as a child. If she would’ve stop at the braids and posted the picture, no one would’ve complained. It’s cute and neat. People take things so far beyond context nowadys it’s ridiculous!

Chevy Red

I’ve never had braids with weave as a child.

Mohayau Lyles

Well I did.

Chanel Lauren Price

And that whole myth about kids that wear braids and twist not having edges is false. I always had braids and I’ve always had edges.


Um I never got braid extensions as a little kid . I didn’t get braid extensions untill I was a teen and I only got a twice and hated it. My mom had my real hair in braids with bows and barretes. Most black girls have real braids and twists with bows beads and barretes.

Tk Tatum Richey

I didn’t get weave in my hair until I was 14 maybe because my hair was down my back NO SHADE my parents didn’t play that weave ish and neither do I

Poterressia Barnes

My daughter has long, thick hair and I get it braided with weave often! It doesn’t damage her hair, and the style lasts longer when you add weave to it! It is a time saver for busy moms! I don’t knock anyone for what they do to their OWN child’s hair!

Michele Babcock

Lol lol

April Simms

I think it’s greater things to worry about other than this,I think it’s simply(cute)it’s done and she looks like a little girl,wow really if the child hair was a mess you would have something to say Jesus get a life like really!

Dee Dee Young

It’s her child. She can fix her hair anyway she wants.

Mary Allen

The child hair looks nice and yes it’s a little tight but it doesn’t make any difference when a parent is doing real dread locks in their kids head

Tequarra Holligan

To much WEAVE!!

Tequarra Holligan

Bitch get a life! && bite me.

Sharron Lynn

I think when you said “too much weave” you meant for a child…that’s evident! I agree. Do I wear weave? Yes, Would I put it in my daughter’s hair at a young age as such? No. Do I wear make-up? Yes. Would I put it on my daughter’s face? No. I think kids should be kids and we as parents need to be more creative in expressing our children’s natural beauty, until they are old enough to make decisions on exploring otherwise!

Tequarra Holligan

Right! I meant for a little girl, that’s to much weave. Her scalp is red I’m sure because its to tight.

Sharron Lynn

It also saddens me how ppl assume that “long hair” doesn’t exist in the black culture. The ignorance…I am a black woman, with black family members with hair down their backs. So when we wear weave, honey, we are still a reflection of our culture!

Debby Akhimie

How is this child abuse? Over here in Africa we do something similar with yarns as protective hairstyles for kids.What’s wrong with this?This Americans you have major ish!! Smh.

Marcia Johnson-Pruitt

Well I guess we all were abused getting the pony tails so tight you looked asian back in the day

Dia Jean

Her child her business point blank period

C Stump Combs

Y ??????? These people dont no our culture…f off. Dummies…

Bailey Appolonia

It looks tight but not child abuse, if it’s unbearable to the child and she still left them in then that’s different but we will never know…cute non the less

Joy Tovar

These haters need to just stfu and get a life already.This is NOT child abuse.

Janet Jo Jackson


Cocoa Beana

To each it’s own. I guess if it don’t hurt….. Actually Idc. Not my kid. Wouldn’t to it to mine don’t like fake hair in their heads. Plus it looks tight. But it is just a photo. May not be right at all.

Tamika Amos

People make me understand how this is child abuses!!! Please!!

Orlondo Woodley Cottery

Because they just typing something

Tequia HeyLove Smith

Wth…. she Cute with her locs

Meryl Monk

From personal experience of doing them. Everyone I’ve done them on so far says they are painful and not only do I do these I also do twist and braids and don’t get complaints! So I know this baby head has to be hurting from the simple fact of wrapping the hair and trying to get a smooth look. I wouldn’t scream child abuse but I wouldn’t recommend these for ANY CHILD!

Brittany Love Melton

I agree. From the looks of the pictures looks like she’s been crying. You know after kids get their hair done they’re super happy. She looks miserable.

Meryl Monk

Right I don’t care how gentle you try and be with faux locs they’re going to be painful period. The person who did them should’ve told the mom no. Some things are age appropriate and in this case it’s not because of the pain.

Rina Bridgers

At least her damn hair done. Some on yall kids walkin round here lookin like don king let people raise their own kids nobodys two cents is needed or wanted

Debby Akhimie

Always about the race..smh

Kina DoinMe Scurlock

Mayb its abuse because its TOO DAMN TIGHT… Look like the poor childs scalp IS about to BLEED!!! IJS

Tonya D Ruffin

Too Tight!

Tiffany Shouse

Clearly the little girl is unhappy! Damn let her live her young life.

MarKeisha Reis

They’re always the ones so quick to shout child abuse.

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