A Look At The Dominican Blowout Technique On Natural Hair

A Look At The Dominican Blowout Technique On Natural Hair

If you lived in any of the Boroughs of New York, chances are you have either been to a Dominican Salon or you have heard about one. I lived in Brooklyn for a minute and during that time I had my fair share of Dominican roller sets and the occasional blowout!

Isn’t it amazing how they can get your hair bone straight just using a blow dryer and a round brush? Honestly it took a minute for me to find the best salon, I was very cautious because my hair needed ‘healing’ at that time. I loved going though it was fast and cheap and when I left the salon make no mistake, my hair was laid hunty!

Below we’ve got two videos of women, getting the typical Dominican blowout treatment on their natural hair. Prepare yourselves because there is A LOT of heat involved so try not to cringe, they looked great after we promise!

Here’s the thing not all Dominican Salons are created equal, so if you’ve had a bad experience at one it doesn’t automatically mean they are all bad, here are some tips if you decide to visit a salon.

1. Know what salon is about going in – The best way to determine if you want to go to ‘that’ salon is through references, honestly trying a bunch of them until you find the right one might not be a great idea because you run the risk of your hair becoming seriously damaged along the way.

2. If you are natural and the stylist suggests that you relax, just pack it up and go – Most salons especially nowadays know how to handle natural hair and if they are really good, they know how to heat style your hair without causing any damage.

3. Know that they do not enhance your curls – Do not expect suggestions on keeping your curl pattern like a natural hair salon would probably be focused on. They are designed to change your curl pattern and get your hair straight, just not permanently. *wink*

4. Speak up – Be clear in distinguishing if you want a wash and set or a full blown straightening job. The Dominican salon can get your hair straight, they know how to do it, and so if you prefer a less ‘damaging’ option you can get a roller set with a blow out only to your roots, so that you get that straight look without the possible damage. If there is a language barrier, do not be afraid to demonstrate, they deal with the English language daily.

5. Bring your own stuff – If you like sulfate free shampoo you better have it in your purse, if you use a particular brand of heat protectant, have that with you as well. I have never been to a salon that did not accommodate my product needs and neither should you.

6. Proceed with caution – We have seen women do a traditional wash and set without the blow drying and flat ironing and actually retain length maintaining healthy hair. However if you are subjecting your hair to consistent heat, you will run the risk of heat damage.

If your strands are fine/thin then be warned that the amount of heat used during a Dominican blowout will likely change your curl pattern permanently so don’t even think about it!

The blow-dryers they use are very powerful with heat above 300 degrees at times, so don’t be fooled that because it’s just a blow dryer it won’t cause any damage. If they opt to use a flat iron after that, it can end up being too much for your delicate strands.

Honestly it’s a technique that I am not able to wholeheartedly recommend simply because of the amount of heat involved but perhaps seeing the videos will make it easier for you to make up your own minds.

Here’s the Dominican blowout on looser kinky hair.

And here is the same technique on very tightly coiled kinky hair.

Originally posted 2014-01-30 20:00:55.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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Angel Missme Nelson

Well ima try iT… Katrina Brown you put heat on your head when u condition it with a plastic cap

Judy Clement

I had mine down at Puerto rician shop. Same technology. Lasted long time. Shinney with bounce.

Chekesha LuvnNaturalhair Sydnor-Jones

I watched the video. TOO MUCH HEAT!!!! The smoke was like a Forrest fire. She is a stunning beauty and yes no need to alter.

D'Ambe McLendon

That is SO unhealthy for hair. I used to get them and it thinned out my edges.

LaTasha Hargrove

No more blow outs for me. Everyone hair texture is different but I had to cut my hair down after a blow out.

Kharissa Allman

Yup, I got a Dominican blow out once when I was relaxed and the heat was crazy smh. I def never will do it now that I’m natural

Sara TOni

I get my hair blowed out all the time use grapes we’d oil and my hair reverts back everytime , ppl think they know it all just cuz you wouldn’t do it to your hair does not mean it’s wrong for other ppl , damn always bashing but if y’all posted a pic or video and ppl where bashing you’d prolly kill yourself ! Stop it !

Sara TOni

Grapeseed *

Balinda Hayes


Katrina Brown

I’m saying flat irons I haven’t done the condition with the bag yet I don’t like sitting under dryers that’s y it take 3 days 4 my hair 2 dry..heat dry your hair out and with the kinda hair I have I need 2 keep all the moist I can good luck with that Angel Nelson

Alexis Benton


Kim Baynes

I wear my hair natural and can assure you that your hair can grow these lengths and look this pretty-you are just going to the wrong hairdresser

Jameen Sheppard

Panties in a bunch….one comment ..and boom! Back draft…
Now im pathetic and bald headed (nowhere near it. And I have had a blowout before). I love it. Rage on… its time to blow (pun intended) this joint. Good day ladies.

Lianaa Lee

Ignorant females always thinking no African Americans can grow long hair that’s horrible ,

Esther Simmons-Hawthorne

Beautiful hair.

Atayia Shanice Menefee

Jamillah Dixon lol

Vicky Shotzman

I might be white but my hair is extremely coarse. In cosmetology school the instructors sent the girls to me for hair samples that were coarse. This is so funny. I have done my hair this way since 1975. Blow dry about half, roll up on large rollers, then under dryer. Works like magic. Now if I go to a salon, it takes them an hour, or longer, to blow my hair dry. Then it takes another hour to flat iron it. They fry my hair. How much does this Dominican blow out cost??

Olamide Jibowu

What works for one person may not work for another ..people need to remember that..this page is here to help people who may need. Answers like this..everyones reason for going natural are not the same..so stop judging and if you have nothing positive or helpful to say then Do not post…i truly dislike when people try to bash other for how they choose to wear treat or grow their hair..like sheesh its on my head..let ne trial and error..at the end of the day its just hair ..not having any or having it short curly straight long permed natural..does not make u less smart beautiful or less of a woman. the dominican blow out works for her and she posted the video to try help others..we need to uplift more than we discourage…


thank you, couldn’t have said it better myself

Dana J Williams

Everyone is different. Don’t mean if they are Dominicans n got a salon their good. For common sense sake if ur natural hair is long n u get it properly blown out, it will be long looking like fresh relaxed hair!! I’ve had mine done a few times loved no damage done

Semendablessed Howard

Embrace natural, relaxed, blowout, braids, weave they all look nice when done right people like different options nothing wrong with that!

Vicky Shotzman

By the way, my hair is almost to the bottom of my booty. It is hard for me to do it.,because of the length.

Colette Watson

They work it my daughter goes to them in the Bronx from Queens no perm needed excellent work!!!

Carrie Laura-Lee Howe

I love both! Her hair looks good before and after! Work it girlfriend 😉

Monica D. Willoughby

I like the blowout, but I think she has really nice natural curls too 🙂

Candice Williams

When I initially looked at the picture I thought it was a weave. However I watched the video and realized that’s all her hair. and according to her she does it every few months and experienced no damage. I love it. Love the versatility of being able to do that. Most importantly if she love it I Iove it.

Michele Luces

I thought the same thing. Looks good!

LoLa Massey

Watched the video…That”s ALL her hair and It’s Beautiful…Nicely done…!!

Dita Black

Love dominican blowout they are the best

Jeffrey Spittell

That is sexy!!

Janice Tamplin

Had one a nd loved it

Cynthia Stevens

They use too much heat and eventually you will lose hair. Speaking from experience.

Kimberly Casey

Dont do it ladies!

Mary Frank

Looks nice but no thank you.

Kimberly Casey

Natural hair grows…its when u add chemicals that it gets stunted.

Brenda Geter Norman


Corrine Holliman Copeland

Be careful who get 2 do yr hair bcz I had it done & certain parts of my hair won’t go bac 2 its natural state + pieces were burnt off !!!

Matou La Go D'Ivoire

weave on my sista

Tawanda Boone-Shuford

People really do need to watch the video…IT IS HER HAIR..wow! Here is the vid…watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsmOh-Zje0U

Daijanay Edwards

Omg that’s @sheridan owens !!!!!

Daijanay Edwards

Btw that’s ALL HERS !!!!!!!

Deidre Lewis

We have that all over New York. Just as popular as it was when it was introduced, ladies soon lost interest. Too hot, causes breakage, and scalp irritation. Its not for me. Now most Dominican salons want to do perms cause blowing natural hair takes too much time.

Kimberly Champion

theres supposedly a really popular shop near me. maybe ill go for this for my birthday

Felicia BarsNone Woods

Love the hair!!! #allHers

Nicky Moody


Temika Jatta

Very pretty

Louise Chambers

Now ladies remember that the back hair is longer than the front so this could be all her hair……lol

Briana Washington

See this kind of blow out Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee


Renee Barron
Andrea Simpson-Jones

The Brazilian Blowout is totally different from the Dominican Blowout because the Brazilian blowout is a type of PRODUCT, like a keratin smoothing treatment while the Dominican blowout is a TECHNIQUE that uses no chemicals to alter the natural texture or curl pattern.

Cande Nelson

visible changes was a beast teaching this technique back in the day -the roller set.. when i had the passion for doing hair… unfortunately i dont have that passion anymore…. but her hair is beautiful… think i will try this on my daughter


it can be damaging if done wrong…have i do booth methods ….. deep conditioner set under dryer with hair wrapped. then blow out with my own heat protector been doing it for years…no damage ….totally natural… so it all who you allow in your hair…since moving to atl have not found one I like yet and two the prices here are crazy..in PA a deep condition…and blowout into a duby $25-40….Here i been charged 60-1000 crazy..good luck…found a place that listens and protects your hair. if done right and hair is trained you only need it once a month…thats why it should not be damage.


meant 100