3 Natural Hair Myths That Could Be Keeping Your Hair From Flourishing

natural hair womenReturning to my natural roots was one of the best decisions I have made. But figuring out the best way to upkeep my thick 4c textured hair was a bit of doozy so I turned to the almighty natural hair community for assistance.

I loved that I was able to connect with a community of black women as we all embarked on a journey to healthier, more manageable natural hair.

I came across many tips and strategies that had a positive effect on my hair. I also came across a sizable list of natural hair dos and don’ts that were simply unbearable at times.

I felt as though I couldn’t enjoy my hair although I was working so hard to take care of it. I was always mindful of some natural hair rule I was breaking or some regimen I was failing to do.

Over my 3 1/2 year natural hair journey, I’ve discovered that a lot of those rules are unnecessary (at least for me) and some of them flat out myths, three of which I am going to share in this article.

I want to be clear that it is not my intent to bash the natural hair community but simply to clarify that natural hair regimens and guidelines are subjective since there is no right or wrong way to have natural hair.

It is important to keep this in mind when experimenting with your natural hair care and while researching the opinions of others (including myself). With that being said, I hope this article will be helpful.

1. Hair Grease is taboo

The first myth has to do with good old-fashioned hair grease. The same ones our mothers used religiously on our hair growing up. You’ve probably witnessed the disdain other naturals have for hair grease.

The main ingredient in most hair greases is petroleum jelly and this is said to be the culprit to natural hair care. I’ve heard claims that it dries out your hair and keeps it from growing because it keeps moisture from entering the hair.

I was warned to stay clear of hair grease and resort to essential oils, creams, and butters. Now, I love essential oils, creams, and butters but the belief that hair grease is taboo is a myth. I assure you that grease is perfectly fine to use on your hair and is actually a great sealant for coarser natural hair textures.

I find that petroleum jelly does a great job of sealing the moisture in my hair, even more so than most oils, it also protects against humidity, which reduces shrinkage.

For optimal results, I applied a cream moisturizer to clean, damp hair followed by a thin layer of hair grease and then styled. My hair felt very moisturized and soft for days. If you’re susceptible to dry hair or have been looking for a way to retain moisture, definitely give hair grease a try.

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About Brionna Pinkney

Just an Atlanta based brown bohemian babe who's striving to be the best she can be while making sense of this thing called life...and natural hair. I love writing and all things inspirational.

About Brionna Pinkney

Just an Atlanta based brown bohemian babe who's striving to be the best she can be while making sense of this thing called life...and natural hair. I love writing and all things inspirational.


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LaShonda Williams-Riddle

I have been saying this for months now. My hair loves hair grease it enhances my curl pattern and my hair does not look dull. I wash and condition weekly. I have not had any problems with retaining length and I do protective styles only when I get tired of fooling with my hair. I have been natural for 2 years now I transitioned for 6 months.

ladee neenah
ladee neenah

I stay away from grease simply because I don’t like the greasy feel. And I think it contributes to the horrible acne that I had up until two years ago (when I went natural.) I protective style all the time but without extensions. Just braids or two strand twists that I wear for a few days before unraveling two or three days before wash day. I wash weekly (no longer than two weeks, my scalp demands it – also the reason I don’t do long term protective styles) with a sulphate free shampoo and clarify once a month with black soap. I also eat right, drink lots of water and exercise and my hair is flourishing.

Brenda Baltazar


Dolores de Graaff

Wauw sooooooooooooooooow beautifulllll