Kenya Moore Shows Off Her long Natural Hair On Instagram Again In Order To Promote Her Product Line


Recently, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore posted a picture on Instagram of her long natural hair. The former Miss USA has been talking about a hair care line, Moore Hair, for quite some time. She’s planning on launching the line within the next month.

Moore, who previously stated that she’s passionate about hair, encouraged her followers to get rid of their relaxers.

“Hair tip #1, grow your relaxers out. The chemicals break down and weaken your hair. If you want your strongest hair, it must be free of relaxers,” she said.

In the photo, the ends of her hair look significantly thinner than the rest of her hair, but she chalks that up to her flat ironing the ends with a treatment. She didn’t go into detail about what the treatment was or what it was for, but we can probably assume that it’s going to be in her hair care line.

While Moore has a ton of fans who are proud of her for embracing natural and healthy hair, some of her Instagram followers aren’t too impressed.

Some believe that she isn’t being honest about her hair and they think that she’s wearing a weave because they can’t see her face.

Others are saying that the thinning ends are a tell tale sign of her needing a good trim. I’m not a weave expert, so I can’t make that judgment, but it’s clear that her ends need to be trimmed.

Even if she did flat iron her ends with some sort of treatment, her ends shouldn’t be that ragged. Other than that, I think she has a thick, beautiful head of hair.

Moore is also wearing a t-shirt with inch lines on it so that she can easily measure her hair. Her hair stops at the 10 inch mark, but she claims that it’s longer than that since she didn’t flat iron her whole head, just the ends.

She will be selling the hair measuring t-shirts along with her hair care line so that women can track their hair growth. Moore, would like to achieve waste length hair.

What are your opinions about Kenya’s Hair?  Would you use her hair care line based off of her hair alone?



About Portia Cole

Portia is a wife and mother who enjoys making things and people look pretty! As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has an insatiable craving for natural hair, beauty, and fashion, but she also enjoys traveling and home decor. If you'd like to know more about her, visit her blog at You can also follow her on Instagram (huneybflyy) and twitter (@huneybflyy).

About Portia Cole

Portia is a wife and mother who enjoys making things and people look pretty! As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has an insatiable craving for natural hair, beauty, and fashion, but she also enjoys traveling and home decor. If you'd like to know more about her, visit her blog at You can also follow her on Instagram (huneybflyy) and twitter (@huneybflyy).


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Jessica Young

No I wouldn’t! Need to see more views of side and front.

Adrienne Johnson

No because it does not mean that she used her own products in her hair.

Hannah Okorafor

I agree. But, the sentiment should be supporting and promoting black business. #BlackFirst

If that’s what you subscribe to, she need not show her own hair, but illustrate the quality of her products.

Mary Stanley

She need a trim #butthataintmybusinessthough

Crystal Council

She’s always had long hair, so this means nothing to me!

Charles Zeno

She’s pasted a trim she needs a cut #ijs

Kelly Whebb

No. This new found “product” is not indicative of the she’s had all her life!!

LaTynia Mitchell Taylor

You r not your hair.!!!! True beauty is not on the outside. .God puts it inside of you to shine…short or long. .dont measure yourself by your hair…..

Sydney Shea Jacobs

While this is true….this is a hair page. So, we’re gonna talk about hair



Karen Johnson

No!! We don’t support mistress and gold diggers!!

Kathleen James

Trying to copy porsha naked hair line I see. Another copy cat idea.


girl bye!
Porsha sells weave

Krista Kinchen

I wouldn’t support anything attached to her name.

Kelly White

Still looks better than most

Natasha Hector Richardson



First, I would take anything Kenya says with a grain of salt. She has proven that she plays fast and loose with the truth in the past. Second of all, her ends look like they need a good trim. Granted her hair would still be long but she needs to cut off at least wo inches. Third, I would have to see the front and sides. However, even if all she had to do was cut those thin ends, her hair still looks full and healthy. But I would need to see it in person.

Marquita Thomas

Wow !! That’s just a show ladies not real life

Brielle Winter

Thank you, they taking this shit waaaaay too serious

Trezza Vantte

Her hair is gorgeous, instead of drooling over foreign external hair, I’m glad she has her own to help promote. Support it or not …, Black woman hair hatred is still alive!

InGod ITrust

How do we even kno it’s her?? I need more in depth photos. And no I will not assume she’s using her own products cuz if she was she would’ve proudly stated it!

Andrea Angie Tater

Do we ASSUME that the little girl advertised on the Miracle Grow ad actually used the the product in her hair? Instead we liked what we saw and wanted to order it whether it worked or not.

Dayna Maddox-Lewis

I can’t stand her!! Her ends need to b cut like ystdy!!

Earl Joy Roberson


Сандра Ді

She needs to cut several inches off. I’d never let anyone see me with ends like that…

Jenny JackJack

Her hair looks better than most of her critics…. Let’s see your ends!

Jamillah Clark

No way!!

Dee Dee Priscilla Martin

Well no.

Lynn Edwards-Lockwood

she doesnt need atrim, hair doesnt grow at the same time,thats why black women have no hair now,every inch you grow you cut it off cause your stylist say you need a trim,so sad. not a kenya moore fan. but hair doesnt grow even.

Lynn Edwards-Lockwood

this is why blacks get no where, yall will go purchase weave, hair products98% coming from asian and white folks,lmao and dont know them from adam,dont support your community,kids schools or anything,but quick to say no to blacks,to each other. self hate aint so random,yall are inbreeds of hate,and refuse to see it. good luck you sad and left behind black women

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

I must agree with you on the whole matter. Why so many negative responses? Is it because of Kenya’s behavior on Atlanta’s House Wives? My response too that question is most likely yes! However, I do realize that the show is for sheer entertainment and if you want a continued spot on the show you must have a storyline. In other words, some drama the show’s producers can work with too maintain the networks viewer ratings. Black people as you stated will take their hard earned dollars too beauty suppliers too people of other ethnic groups who advocate to keep blacks from entering the business. These same individuals treat and speak too blacks sooo disrespectfully while they are shopping. Black consumers must begin too think more collectively when spending their consumer dollars. If black people truly pay attention too issued faving them as a whole then they will realize that we have lost some serious ground collectively regarding upward mobility. Especially related to civil rights. So, we need to put the crab in a barrel mentality aside. If we continue to be so divisive amongest ourselves we will lose even more in the end. Unemployment in our community is still very high compared too other ethnic groups. I see no other group of individuals racing too spend a dollar in our community. So, why are we so interested in letting those who dislike us even depise us continue to make their lives, their children and their communities prosper?

Brielle Winter

Good point

Jackie Lynn

I def will not because am a fan or anything but it’s a good feeling to see Black Women in business. And hopefully her line caters for Naturals as I can see she has a perm


What a bunch of haters!! Ok she has thin least her hair is LONG & NATURAL. All these negative comments are so unnecessary..girl byeee!

lilly Moore
lilly Moore

Whenever an article appears on this blog regarding a well known African-American, black or woman of color and their hair, the vast majority of the responses reak of spite. For example, that is not their teal hair, she has a weave or a wig, she knows nothing about growing hair relaxed or natural because she is mixed or always had long hair, how do we believe her when her head is down or twisted to the side? Really, hair hatred/ envy amongest us is truly unattractive!

Dorethea A. Ralls

She had the hair before the product line. Show me a real before and after.

S Dunn
S Dunn

I would try her products but not based on her pictures. I need to read the ingredients list and consider the cost. I think her hair is nice and she must be doing something right because she has had long hair for years. And by the way- I purchased her stallion booty and Phadra’s donkey booty DVDs.


I will buy her products if the ingredients in the products are natural and free of anything that will harm my hair. I am having a ball getting to know my hair I applaud Kenya for getting into the fray. Bring it; hope I like it.


Some jealous a**holes on there,they head’s are as dry dry as a desert but critizing her hair at least her hair is healthier than all the critics.


What is the big deal about this Kenya lady? Did the other people who started a hair line or whatever it is get such shady remarks before they did. I would buy her products if they worked on me and if they were affordable and available here in Kenya (the country)


No offense to her, but she has always had long hair, so to say she got it with her products is lost upon me. I would rather her BC it and then grow it back with her products.