newsletter tips for flat ironing

Tips For Flat Ironing Your Hair – BHI Postcard Tips

Always purchase adjustable temperature heat tools, they will allow you to use the lowest temperature at which your hair will ...
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Tips for colder weather

Tips For Colder Weather – BHI Postcard Tips

 If you go trick or treating tonight, don’t allow a woolly hat to rob your hair of moisture, line the ...
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newsletter cuticle smoothing leave in spritz

Cuticle Smoothing Leave In Spritz – BHI Postcard Tips

Aloe Vera Juice is slighly acidic so it will help close your cuticles leaving your hair smoother and shinier. It’s ...
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How to cross wrap - BHI postcard tips

How To Do A Cross Wrap – BHI Postcard Tips

Use a cross wrap to keep straight hair smooth and dent free as you sleep. A cross wrap is a ...
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Back to basics nighttime hair routine

Back To Basics – Night Time Routine – BHI Postcard Tips

However tired you are, please take a moment to do your night time hair routine. You don’t have to cover ...
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Getting by on just one styling session per week

Getting By On One Styling Session Per Week – BHI Postcard Tips

Tips on how to get by on just one styling session per week. This reduces hair manipulation and ultimately helps ...
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Tips on how to stretch your relaxer

Tips On How To Stretch Your Relaxer – BHI Postcard Tips

Stretching your relaxer is the single most important part of a relaxed hair regimen. Find tips here on how to ...
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How To Do The Plopping Or Plunking Technique On Your Hair

Plopping Or Plunking – BHI Postcard Tips

Find out how the plopping or plunking technique is done to achieve defined and beautifully clumped curls every time you ...
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newsletter clarifying vs chelating

Clarifying Vs Chelating – BHI Postcard Tips

Find out the benefits of and the difference between clarifying and chelating relaxed or natural black hair ...
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Triple Layer Moisture and seal method

Triple Layer Moisture And Seal – BHI Postcard Tips

Learn how to triple moisturize your hair to ensure that it remains soft. Great technique for stubbornly dry hair ...
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How To Finger Detangle Hair Natural Or Relaxed

Finger Detangling Your Hair – BHI Postcard Tips

Find out the steps to finger detangle natural or relaxed hair. Using this technique is a way to get rid ...
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How To Do An ACV Rinse

How To Do An ACV Rinse – BHI Postcard Tips

Find out in a handy little postcard how to do an apple cider vinegar rinse that will benefit your hair ...
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How to pineapple your hair

How To ‘Pineapple’ Your Hair – BHI Postcard Tips

Find out the best and easiest way to keep a braid out overnight. If you pineapple your hair your twist ...
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Wash day tips

Wash Day – BHI Postcard Tips

Tips on prepooing, washing in sectoins, detangling your hair slowly, styling sensibly and moisturizing daily ...
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