Some Words Of Encouragement From A Relaxed Hair Guru


Are you going natural? Gurl Naw!

I love Prettywitty, she is such an awesome person, and her accent it too cute for words. In this video she answers the imfamous question, are you going natural? And you will see she gives a resounding no, at least not for now. I think what touched me about this video is the fact that she reiterates that whole thing about the journey not about being about on team relaxed or on team natural its about having healthy hair.

Recently we have seen a couple of our major relaxed hair gurus make the decision to transition to natural hair, with a variety of reasons, that they have each shared with their own audience. We are happy for them and wholeheartedly support their decision. Many of them have expressed that nothing will change on their blogs and channels and even though we think that is highly unlikely we think change is always good.

The cool thing about healthy hair is that team relaxed and team natural have way more in common than we actually know or even want to admit. If you compare a healthy relaxed hair regimen and a healthy natural hair regimen you will find a ton of similarities. We both co-wash, we both moisturize, we both use protein, we both drink lots of water and eat healthy, we both seal our ends with oil, we all protective style and the lost goes on and on.

If you are relaxed and you feel like you have no help, remember this, natural hair is at the root of your hair even though you chemically straighten it. We can learn alot from each other so if you follow natural hair gurus we are certain you can learn a thing or two from her. If you are natural and you think a relaxed hair guru cant teach you something, think again those girls know whats up too.

In other words, there is one team, #teamhealthyhair and we repeat what prettywitty said, do whats best for you, because when the lights go out and the cameras are off nobody has to deal with your hair but you.

Check out her very encouraging video here: