Relaxer Do’s And Dont’s From A Girl With Waist Length Relaxed Hair

Relaxer Dos and Donts

I was really appreciative of TheHappyHairShow on YouTube for coming out with her own list of do’s and don’ts for applying a relaxer. It isn’t often that we get these videos and sometimes a girl just needs a list or something to refer to even if they don’t all apply to you.

The thing to remember about using videos and blogs during your hair journey is that they are just a reference, doing your own research and learning form you own experiences and hair is what is most important.

In the video you will notice that there are a lot of things suggested that you should do prior to even relaxing your hair at all, and we want to stress that these things are extremely important when you want to set a great foundation in order to being successful with relaxed hair.

We loved that she suggested using a protein treatment

Protein is the building block of the hair strand so when you do a protein treatment you are adding layers to the strand that have been lost from regular manipulation, heat styling and especially from using relaxers. We would suggest a hard core protein treatment like the one the Aphogee line offers followed up with a moisture based deep conditioner.

We also loved that she mentioned scalp care

The scalp is very susceptible to chemical burns when exposed to the chemicals in your relaxer, so anything you can do to protect your scalp and keep it healthy is ideal before attempting to relax.

Note that if your scalp itches it might be because you have buildup on it. Clarifying your hair will help to remove any buildup on the scalp and help you to avoid scratching your scalp and making it more susceptible to burns.

We also love that she mentioned education

This is probably the most important step to take before relaxing especially if you are doing it for the first time. Times have changed; and even if you visit a stylist regularly you are ultimately responsible for your hair and the health of it.

When you choose to wear your hair straight you have to make sure you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. It also helps to know how the hair strand works and how relaxers ultimately affect the strand to be sure that you are taking all the precautions to keep your hair healthy.

With that said, take a look at this video and see if there is anything that sticks out to you and that you can apply to your own process.

Originally posted 2014-02-06 15:00:24.

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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Shanika Staci Sutton
      Shanika Staci Sutton

      but she is mixed, her hair is around 3b. Be mindful that is not pure African textured hair. She might be mixed somewhere along the lines. Her hair is beautiful regardless, and it doesn’t matter the texture, healthy hair habits will reap results

  1. TressGoddess Daphne Danielle
    TressGoddess Daphne Danielle

    Her hair is beautiful BUT she holds no cred to me with NO LICENSE to practice hair! Please seek a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL for prop application and care of relaxed hair!

    1. Felicia Hamilton
      Felicia Hamilton

      A license only mean that you passed some test for material you supposedly read, studied, and learned in 1500 hours….

      Definitely doesn’t make you an EXPERT! that takes roughly 10,000 hours of experience.

      LOL however you do have stylist with licenses, that are HORRIBLE!, but they took the course and passed LOL!

    2. TressGoddess Daphne Danielle
      TressGoddess Daphne Danielle

      SORRY but for me it does! I am an EXPERT and highly credible. So matters what u think or say or feel..she is not cedible because she is only telling u about her mixed hair. Plenty of people have so called mixed hair and both parents are black. So someone with a more coarse texture could really damage there scalp and hair texture. So she is again NOT CREDIBLE!

  2. Jasmine Whitlock
    Jasmine Whitlock

    All fine and good but you have to remember that what works for one person’s hair won’t work for everyone. Do you have a similar texture and strength to hers? Then listen to her. She probably has good advice for you. If not, don’t. I swear the “natural hair community” stays selling dreams to people who don’t know any better. So disillusioned with it as a woman with an atypical type of curly hair. The support just isn’t there for us, in my person experience.

  3. Blessedfrom Above
    Blessedfrom Above

    Because being mixed in the minds of some people mixed people’s hair grow faster and long quicker and easier to maintain…I have to agree in some cases but not all…really its all about the texture , genes, and how u treat your hair…my hair grows very very fast especially being natural

  4. Drina No
    Drina No'MoreLyes Phillip

    Ok wow at some of these comments. They say mixed ppls hair grow longer and faster. Not true. When you “relax” your hair it more than likely will fall out and become then. When you are NATURAL and take good care of your hair it grows just as long. It’s just hold major shrinkish. Besides we are ALL mixed with something.

    1. Cashgame MakesIt Reign
      Cashgame MakesIt Reign

      There are naturals with thin hair too. Relaxed hair needs protein treatments. I know many relaxed heads with hair down their back because they take care of it properly.

  5. Courtney EasyontheEyes Stanley
    Courtney EasyontheEyes Stanley

    Is it healthier to leave your hair natural? Or relaxed? Which one makes your hair grow longer? I used to get box perms and it seems like my hair grew longer…now my hair has been without a perm over 2 years but i dont know how to style it when wet because i have really curly hair so i just blow dry then straighten it…can somebody give me some tips please!?!?

    1. Kourtney Boston
      Kourtney Boston

      If you’re doing that often then you are probably heat damaging your hair… That can lead to breakage. Why don’t you try crochet braids, braid outs, twists or even some other form of protective styling? I am natural, and nappy… I generally dont manipulate my hair the way you do unless I am trying to check my length. If I were you, I’d go onto youtube and check out the natural women and how they style their hair :-).

    2. Cashgame MakesIt Reign
      Cashgame MakesIt Reign

      What makes your hair grow is you taking care of it. Hair grows, period. You can have healthy relaxed or natural hair. Before applying heat, always use a heat protectant! Never use heat on dirty hair, only on days you wash it.

  6. Jasmin CaramelSweet Pakļaut
    Jasmin CaramelSweet Pakļaut

    And people who are not licensed can still give excellent advice, I find it funny that girls can do hair and care for it better than the licensed professionals and techniques I knew to hold conditioner in they weren’t aware of, stop being closed minded cause that attitude won’t do anything for you.

  7. Keemia Art
    Keemia Art

    Actually I was happy to see my sister got features and read that she’s mixed, she indeed is not mixed she just babies her hair and is she wrong for this no its her choice. She has found something that works for her. It would be nice if people didnt assume not knowing her. And yes she’s my blood sister same mama sister

  8. Karma Amanfi
    Karma Amanfi

    Umm I know mix girls with nappy short hair. .. so mixture doesnt always play a part into Long hair. Im west african and ive had long natural hair because my dads family has a lot of hair. (Including body hair bllaaah) before it broke when I went to live with my dad. So its false to assume some ine who is mix will have long soft hair. Everyone is different and genes can be different for everyone.

  9. April Jenkins Torres
    April Jenkins Torres

    Yes, I’ve had a few horrible licensed stylists. Ugh, bad memories lol. Her hair looks good and healthy so I’ll assume that she knows what she’s talking about

  10. Live Laugh Love
    Live Laugh Love

    Wow…I will not be doing the natural thing…it is my choice…my preference….manageable and more time efficient…I say do you and what works for you

  11. Michelle M

    I find it funny how the natural sisters are bashing the relaxed sisters, I thought this was a forum on hair care no matter what type. I’m not mixed, my parent aren’t mixed, both set of grandparents aren’t mixed ( as far as I know) but I have 3C hair, and hate the curls so I relaxed my hair. So don’t bash the woman because of some preconceive ideas. If her info is not for you move on, because it is relevant to others.

  12. Pattie Armstead
    Pattie Armstead

    The natural hair community is so hypocritical. So what she has a relaxer, some of you are addicted to wigs-weave too scared to wear your natural hair.

    1. Tee Cee
      Tee Cee

      What is the point of having natural hair if all you gonna do is hide it under weave/wig? I dont get it

  13. Missm Witdatshyt Rocker
    Missm Witdatshyt Rocker

    Wigs and weaves ain’t natural its not yours .yes your hair can be healthy relaxed been there done that but most people with relaxed hair don’t take care of it . I don’t care as long as it is healthy mine hasn’t Been relaxed since I was 18 ill be 35 soon and have had waist length hair just take care of your hair and no young kids should have things in their hair meant for adults

  14. Shakwana Rosenthal
    Shakwana Rosenthal

    I wish I was as smart as she is when I relaxed my hair. My hair would grow long, I’d let my stylist relax my hair and it would just break off again. A painful pattern. Thinking of going back to the relaxer now that I know how to care for my hair myself. Good tips!

  15. Wendy Jean-Louis
    Wendy Jean-Louis

    Yup if u cannot afford to take care of your hair don’t perm. And people also perm often. And these darn hair nazis need to leave people alone

  16. Kelly Jamila
    Kelly Jamila

    people who call people who care about other people’s hair “hair nazi” when they too care about other people’s hair o.O;

  17. Jokoya McLean
    Jokoya McLean

    Missm Witdatshyt Rocker if someone wants to wear it they can. I know countless people with long hair who wear weaves to care for their own hair it’s their choice

  18. Jokoya McLean
    Jokoya McLean

    Pattie Armstead I know people with hair down their backs they’re not scared to wear their natural hair they like to do many things with their hair that they do with weave that they can’t do without damaging their own hair. Wigs and weaves are a protector if they like it and it makes them happy then why not ?

  19. Alicia Anderson
    Alicia Anderson

    Wow her hair is beautiful!!! I love the versatility of Black hair. Too bad I didn’t have this info when I was getting relaxers.

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