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I am Ashleigh Nelson a journalism student at Northwestern University and a part-time hair fanatic. My hair journey began at the beginning of my college career because I decided that it was time for me to finally learn how to gain and maintain healthy hair. The past two years have had ups and downs, but I have learned so much along the way. And now I am here to share my experiences and knowledge with everyone!


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  1. Sheryl LoweSheryl Lowe says

    I try to give my hair a break from relaxer every 6 months or so I relax my re growth every 6-7 weeks … But every time I try to use a protective style the itching is really bad ..I feel like my scalps on fire .. It a circle I go in I’d love to grow the relaxer out completely but coz of that reason I always go back

  2. Kathryn WolfeKathryn Wolfe says

    I believed that it would be too hard to go natural. It’s actually the same. Wrapping my stubborn hair is just as time consuming as putting it in a couple of braids to protect it through the night.

  3. Lozette ClemonsLozette Clemons says

    Relaxed hair was cleaner than natural hair and dread locs were dirty. I learned that was a huge lie in middle school and the craziest thing believed. Plus if your hair wasn’t relaxed it would fall out. Even thoo had a bad relaxer that took my hair out to the scalp and still got relaxers after that because ofbad advice.

  4. Manyalleng MrsKissogram Letsie says

    OMG the dirty itchy hair before a relaxer. How i used to toture my scalp, no wonder i had hail size dandruff flakes. I actually believed i was born with a scalp that was more dandruff prone when i wasn’t washing it or oiling properly.

  5. Lisa Gill HamiltonLisa Gill Hamilton says

    Don’t put water on your hair if its not “good hair” (3C to 1A hair type). From experience, ALL hair is good hair and water is the best moisturizer to prevent my 4B hair breakage!!!! Love my hair!

  6. Ashleigh Nelson says


    Are you moisturizing and sealing? How about deep conditioning? If you’re doing all of these things it could be that your hair is super porous meaning it doesn’t hold onto moisture well. Some things that combat this are Roux Porosity Control or Apple Cider Vinegar Rinses. This article might be helpful: https://blackhairinformation.com/growth/deep-conditioning/the-porosity-test-how-to-find-out-your-porosity-status-and-what-to-do-about-it/

  7. JaJa'Torien Jones says

    @ Shafer Lewis me & my mother both used Olive Oil brand hair lotion on our relaxed hair. It makes hair very soft, shiny & manegable even when we “needed” a perm. Anyways I haven’t tried it on my newly natural hair yet.

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