Interview with Vashti (Vee) The Creator of TheHodgePodge Files

Vashti (Vee)

Vashti, I know you are all natural, what is your story? How did you get to where you are?

I actually ended up on this path out of curiosity. I was bored with my relaxed hair and was curious about what I’d look like with a very short natural hair. I transitioned for about 3 months without even realizing that’s what I was doing, I had initially thought I would just try it out and maybe return to relaxers one day.

My husband actually encouraged and nudged me to “do it” (the Big Chop) when I was thinking about backing out. I’m so happy I listened and I Big chopped on August 15th, 2009. I have fallen completely in love with my hair all over again, and I just love how versatile it is. It’s so ME!

How would you describe your hair texture?

My hair is very kinky, and coily in some spots. It is also very dense with a mixture of thick and medium strands. It is very prone to tangling and knots if left to its own devices, so I have to keep it moisturized, as well as balancing protective styles with “out” styles.

Vashti (Vee)

What is your typical weekly regimen?

Once a week, I pre-poo my hair usually with coconut oil overnight or for at least 2 hours and then proceed to detangle.  I follow up with a co-wash, and deep conditioning session. I keep my hair in twists the entire time  to prevent it from tangling. I only use shampoo about twice a month and I like to incorporate special Ayurvedic treatments like Amla pastes, Henna/Cassia Glosses or Hot oil treatments as well. After cleansing and conditioning, I moisturize and seal, and twist my hair up for the week.

How do you usually wear your hair?

My hair is in twists 90% of the time because I love how versatile they are. I can pin them up in so many different ways to create new looks. I do wear twist-outs and other “out” styles, but twists will always be my favorite.

How do you combat dryness?

Moisturizing and sealing my hair daily or every few days as needed, really helps to combat dryness. Weekly deep conditioning sessions as well as hot oil treatments, and styles that keep my ends tucked away have also proven very helpful as well.

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  1. sharrea

    Hey, I combed my locs out 8months ago.the problem im having is my hair is very dry and breaking off.I keep it oiled but nothing seems to work. Help please

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