A Closer Look At The Odd Question “Is Natural Hair For You?”


Natural hair is all fine and good when it’s super short. There is not much to do to it aside from washing, conditioning and moisturizing. Those things are extremely easy to do with three inches of hair. Things like detangling and protective styling are non-factors.

However, if you plan to grow your natural hair and wear it at a length beyond the classic TWA length, you will quickly find that the amount of time required for haircare, is a real concern.

A mother of three small children who also works and has household and community commitments, will not likely have two or three free hours on a Saturday morning to devote to washing, deep conditioning, detangling and twisting her hair.

How much time you reasonable have to spend on hair may determining the length your wear your hair or it may be the one factor that tips the scale from yes all the way to no, when weighing whether you want to wear your natural hair or not.

Skill level

Another real-life consideration is your skill level.  I know people who cannot part their hair. Most naturals care for their hair at home, without salon intervention.

Now, if you don’t know how to part your hair, you may struggle a bit with natural hair. Some people are just not inclined to do hair, or to learn, for that matter. If you are one of those people, then natural hair may not be for you.

If you have time and a lifestyle that permits you to visit a salon to have your hair styled and maintained, then natural hair may still be a viable option. However, if you don’t have the time, money or lifestyle that will allow for you to be in the salon regularly AND if you aren’t naturally inclined yourself, you may wanna look at other ways to wear your hair.

If you’re considering natural hair, think about all that goes into before you take the leap. Pictures of amazing natural hair can inspire you and they should. Natural hair can be absolutely beautiful. It’s the best choice for many women, so when you see it on one of those women, admire it and then think about it. Don’t go home after running into the perfect set of curls, and take the clippers to your locks of hair before you sit down and honestly think it through.

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About Kaye Wright

Kaye Wright is a short hair lover and pixie perfecter. With 3 instructional eBooks, a short hair blog and a growing YouTube channel, she covers all things short relaxed hair. From the latest styles, to products, to money saving tips, she has got you covered.

About Kaye Wright

Kaye Wright is a short hair lover and pixie perfecter. With 3 instructional eBooks, a short hair blog and a growing YouTube channel, she covers all things short relaxed hair. From the latest styles, to products, to money saving tips, she has got you covered.


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Marcia Johnson

This article is nonsense. We are finally beginning to believe that our hair is not a bondage. You are suggesting that we move it back into that category. We are finally embracing our natural beauty just like women of any culture. We now feel free to wear our natural hair just like women of all other ethnicities.

It is nonsense to say that we should consider first our lifestyle or where we work or how many kids we have. That’s not “natural”. I wonder how many non-black women do that. We should be free to do whatever the hell we want to do with our hair…like all the other women in the world…. whether we STAY NATURAL OR CHOOSE TO GET THE UNNATURAL PERM.

Black woman liberate yourselves and do with “your hair” whatever the hell you want

ladee neenah
ladee neenah

You are speaking from a place of emotions and feelings as opposed to being logical about what is required to grow and maintain healthy natural hair. While everyone is free to do what they want with their hair, it is important to be realistic about the time and effort it takes to care for natural hair, especially as it pertains to the tighter more prone to tangling textures. I know that if I had a house full of small children or other commitments that were important to me, I would not be able to devote the hour it takes to properly detangle my coarse, dense 4c hair. And if I was very particular about how my hair looked at all times, I may not be satisfied with wearing twists all the time. Those things need to be taken into consideration, especially if one does not have the resources needed to pay someone else care maintain their hair, and intend to put the time and effort into developing the skills needed to do it themselves. You can certainly do whatever you want with your hair, but be realistic about what it is that you are willing to do.


This article sounds ridiculous . I work in a professional field and I have natural hair . My hair was NEVER a problem. I keep my hair in a bun all the time anyway . Also there are many natural hair styles other than twist outs such as buns , updos , roller set styles , etc are some styles that are appropriate for the professional work field . There is also a thing called weaves and wigs . You don’t have to straighten your hair to rock a bob you know . If your job wants you to straighten your hair then just wear a wig. Oh and by the way , I go to college and work and I still find time for my hair. I only detangle my hair on wash day. I just make sure to keep my hair moisturized and tangle free.