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My name is Ashley Adams and I am 32 years young born and raised from Houston, Texas and I am a stay at home wife who was blessed to marry my best friend last year! I am a newbie blogger and was inspired to mix my love for creative writing and natural hair by blogging my natural hair journey, experiences, challenges, and just my personal thoughts about the unfamiliar natural hair world that I found myself in. This journey has not only opened my eyes to so many new things but has made me tackle head on many of my fears and wonders concerning natural hair in general. My goal is to empower, educate and allow my creative juices to spill over onto my blank pages and help as many naturals as possible reach their highest potential. Thank you so very much for allowing me to share my natural hair journey and take you along with me!


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  1. Laughette Miller says

    Comments like that either come from ppl who dont know how to manage their own hair…or ppl who know nothing about hair at all and have been taught that a looser curl is GOOD HAIR…aka self hate

    • Laughette Miller says

      That last sentence i said can go both ways…some ppl are taught that a looser curl is good hair…i still stand by what i said cuz its true from what I have seen ..obviously the chick with the looser curl cant be said to have self hate in that area..that was more so in regards to the chick with the tighter curl…so in other words…she may not be showing self hate…but it could be classified as thinking she is more than or better than simply because of texture

    • Laughette Miller says

      And that was my point in what i said …ppl judge things and live their lives according to what society deems as acceptable….i think u may have missed that point…we are both saying the same thing just a different way

    • Brittany Richardson says

      I agree 100%…and they kill me with the “good grade of hair” comments. Like wtf? I called a woman ignorant once for saying that and she played victim and said that I was being rude to her… Like sorry boo, being ignorant doesnt gaurentee anyone will be nice to your stupid ass. She even started comparing her “nappy” hair to another woman’s “good grade of hair.” oh yeah, that word nappy makes me itch too…

    • Jadean N. Pitts says

      Exactly and the messed up part about it is it always starts with are own people. Black people stay yelling racist but the biggest problem we have is with ourselves. ?

  2. Tonya George says

    Unfortunately we as a race have come to the conclusion that if we have really fine silky hair THAT is considered to be good hair. We need to embrace what God has given us. So many younger black females trying to have babies by either light/bright/damn near white guys so their kids can have “GOOD HAIR”…this is sad we are going to eventually make the BLACK race extinct…IJS

    • Laughette Miller says

      I dont see anything wrong with being with a person of another or mixed race or just simply light skinned as long as it is out of love and not to have a certain status or certain texture of hair ….i dont think the black race will go extinct…but i see what youre saying

    • Tonya George says

      No problem here w/mixed races I just know several females that have that thought process of wanting the cute light skinned kids bcuz they have always hated the color of their skin

      • toyasg says

        When I was a bus driver there was this young black girl on my bus with her kids. She told me they had different dads and that the last kids father was white. She said it like she had accomplished something. I just shook my head.

  3. Khadija S Ifill says

    I said one day that I had good hair, for some reason someone got offended and ask me ” what does good hair mean? ” I didn’t say what I said with any negative intention. I’ve larned after not my to speak out front of insecure people. Either way, all hair textures are beautiful. I just felt like I had a right to embrace mine!

    • Angel Park says

      It was a simple question…..what is good hair? That doesn’t make her insecure. it makes her curious. Sounds like u were the one with the issue since you couldn’t even explain what it means to you. My answer would have simply been …..”healthy hair”

  4. Vedejah Scroggins says

    There is no such thing as bad hair. You’re not taking care of it the way it needs to be taken care of. You also have to take care of your body to take care of your hair from the inside out. Everyone’s body and hair are different what I do someone else probably can’t do and that goes same for me I can’t do everything everyone else does. All hair is good hair just take care of it properly.

  5. Tonya Reyes says

    The hair of the ladies pictured above in my opinion, reflect the true meaning of GOOD HAIR. I would trade in my mane any day for any one of the 4 curly, thick, and healthy manes featured above.

  6. Katherine Scott says

    I have that good hair because I look after it some people call it “nigga hair” some call it “nappy” I call it afro hair because that’s what it is. Just because it ain’t straight or I have a tighter curl doesn’t mean I have bad hair I love my hair and the people important to me love that I embrace my natural self.

  7. Jadean N. Pitts says

    Its no bad or good hair. Its healthy and damaged. I cant stand people that would say if your hair don’t curl from a wet brush then you got that n***a hair. My hair is the hair god gave me and according to him, he makes no mistakes. I love my 4c hair and do not wish to have any other type. ✌️

  8. Amalfi Elizabeth Elibo says

    For me it has a historical and racial context. The abuser brakes its victim by damaging his psyche. White slave owners had a set of linguistic programmings to keep us down, being one of those, “the bad hair” thing. It is sad, nevertheless, its the truth.

  9. Valerie Johnson says

    When I was in school the African American girls with looser curls would tell us it wasn’t so great to have hair like theirs because they could not wear it in a lot of the styles that girls with thicker hair could.

  10. Jus Carissa says

    All natural types of hair are good hair only whe its spoilt by harsh chemicals does it turn bad but your original hair without any tampering is good no matter the texture nice article.

  11. Evelyn Lattimore says

    All that comes from being brainwashed! Lets not forget that.In all our getting we must get understanding. There has been attacks on us as a people since we fled from Jerusalem into the south of Africa , into the Atlantic slave trade , into wicked america. So when we know better , we do better. Understandingis key. We have a goldmine from the crown of our heads , to the bottom of our feet , in all they we are ! Almighty Yah gave us the same type of hair he has. Lets celebrate that alone if nothing else. Good hair is healthy hair , strong , and rich….I mean what else ate you looking for? Peace

  12. toyasg says

    Please that’s usually ignorant folks that use the words “good hair”. My hair is soft and kinky and it’s good hair to me. Its my natural hair that I was born with. Some black women are so pitiful . Learn to love yourself. There isn’t a reason for fake hair or blond hair on a black woman. I’m a queen just the way I am. I don’t need synthetic or Indian hair in my crown.

  13. Aliyah says

    Good hair is healthy hair . Every hair texture is beautiful as long as you take good care of it and it’s healthy . I have beautiful curly puffy fluffy thick tight curls afro hair and I love it .

  14. Carrie Parramore says

    I believe I get the concept of your article, but I don’t mind labeling my own and everyone else’s hair as good hair.To me there is no bad hair.Especially when it’s worn the way it naturally grows out of your head.And to label anyone else’s hair as bad usually means you have self esteem issues and need to tear someone else down to make yourself feel better about who you are.#allhairisgoodhair.Just take care of what you’ve got.

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