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As a Jamaican girl raised in a devout church family headed by my mother, I have always had my natural hair, no chemical processing. After years of mistreating it , often ignorant of that fact, I began my healthy hair journey in January 2013 in fact, I have seen to it that my entire household falls in line where this is concerned. When I am not poring over some hair blog or forum I spend my time teaching English to rowdy high school students (ok maybe I have some little sweethearts in the mix), mothering the most adorable two year old on this globe, or rushing to meet the deadline for a writing project on Elance. In my spare time I enjoy a stroll along the beach with my doting husband.


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  1. Phoenix McGee says

    I flat iron mine and people swear I get perms. When I actually started wearing natural styles, people asked when did I go natural. I’ve had one perm in my life.
    Shoot, I can slay some curls with a flat iron.

  2. Rosy Rose says

    Without permanently changing your hair texture? Anyone know of a product that REALLY works to keep humidity from messing it up? 4c

    • Jaime Wilson says

      I’ve personally gotten a blow out on my 4c hair and my texture bounced right back after I washed it. No heat damage whatsoever. During those few weeks I had my blowout (since I would never go more than 2-3 wks without washing my hair) my hair looked like I had a relaxer the entire time. No frizz. I used a very light Argan oil every day and wrapped my hair at night.

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