Watch Me Transform | Rainbow Box Braids Installation [Video]





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  1. Nebraska Jones

    I lowkey love it cuz it seems to just mesh well with her personality…I just don’t know how you’d be able to go to work at a regular degular job with bright rainbow box braids lol

  2. Stepp Austin

    I had to look twice at the pic.
    You’re creative with hairstyles
    First time ever seeing box braids like that. I’ve seen color but rainbow box braids. I have to give it to you

  3. Nakita Moore

    I like it. My supervisor encourages me to wear colorful hair and the students love it. Brightly colored hair does not equal being unemployed

  4. Shakinah Meadows

    I love it on her they are BEAUTIFUL and the vibrant colors go great with her personality as for me… if I show up to work like this I would be so FIRED LOL and I wouldn’t even ask why definitely will subscribe to your channel though I can live out my color fascination through your videos ✨

  5. Bernadette Davis

    I like it
    But it shouldn’t have been a 4 day processes even if you did it your self. Cute but not for me in colors

  6. Heaven

    Yesssss she reminds me of my bf, such a magical black girl I love it 🥰 of course it’s DEF not for everybody but it’s bomb for your style, you’re gorge too!! 😘

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