Tutorial: How To Lay Your Edges Down Flat [Video]

Warning – She uses a lot of heat. Really 1 or two passes of a flat iron will suffice for most people.

I understand this method does NOT work for everyone. Everyones hair is different. I DO NOT DO THIS TO MY HAIR EVERYDAY THIS IS ONLY DONE ONCE EVERY 2-2 1/2 WEEKS. This is the method that works for me. Most people can apply this method to their hair. I have a sew in right now with my natural edges left out. I do not have a perm.

Hair: velvet outre remi
Products used: Jamaican black castor oil, creme of nature argon oil



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    1. Krystal Monique Williams

      Right, we all know pressing and flat ironing will lay down your edges, even just pressing w/o oil or edge control. I thought it was something we didn’t know, strictly using edge control. 🙂

  1. Lia-Rasheedah Henry

    Let’s not create tutorials where the person demonstrating does it wrong, she uses way to much heat and then we get a warning telling us not too. E for effort. Looked good in the end, but some people may miss that part about too much heat if they are more visual learners.

    1. Nyala Nan

      That method doesnt last for everyone, some people need more manipulation to their resistant edges. I like this tutorial because it is more suitable for blending natural edges with straight weaves.

    2. Knj Jasper

      It sure don’t work for me! No matter what I do to my edges they never lay flat

    1. Theresa Thomas

      Hang in there Kathy Maragh. I started my natural journey in July 2014. I have debated whether or not to return back to my carefree perm days. Well I didn’t and I am learning to appreciate having more money in my pockets. Try not to listen to everyone on YouTube It can be a little over whelming. Learn about your hair try a few products but don’t over indulge. Do not become a product hoarder like myself. Good luck on your natural journey.

    2. Kathy Maragh

      What about wraps for your head Deondra Arms? I need something to cover my head up with on those frustrating hair days. I like sunshine abuwi(I think that’s her name) on you tube, but will def check out the ones you suggested. I’d like wraps with some flavor to them. African material maybe? With summer coming, I want to be prepared. Yikes!!!!

  2. Sakina Pecchillo

    This video made me nervous honestly. That’s the method that works for this young lady. More power to her.

  3. Monique Cleaves

    That brush feel goooood Lolol every time she brush her tongue come out Lololol….fyi…use pink lotion and a scarf the night before and no hot comb on relaxed hair! Touch up or go natural

  4. Latoya Aaliyah Small

    I don’t mind heat…4 years natural no heat damage but I never put that much heat to my edges tho and when I have my curls I’ve never needed heat to lay my edges just some good gel or edge control and scarf 10 min or over night

  5. Debbie Rowe

    I never got that “lay ur edges” stuff. Not every type of hair can “lay” sleek. Embrace what you have with a good brush!!!!. Sometimes it looks so silly with the “edges” looking like type 3a and the body 4c.

    1. Theresa Thomas

      I thought to myself when I saw her using the hot comb and then following it up with a flat iron that she will be doing a follow up video about how to grow back your edges after all that extreme heat. My edges are fine and if they weren’t I definitely would not use this technique it will only make them disappear…..POOF!

    2. Jehni Thomas

      So true..hair is delicate when it comes to your edges..I’ve never done that technique in currently using iaso 100% emu oil..can be used on the skin also!

  6. Tamika Johnson

    This is a complex situation because some people who did her method has hair and it keeps growing out fully and others, who it doesn’t apply to. I respect it and support who ever try for this hair preservation movement. 1

  7. Dionna Johnson

    Uh duh! We all know a flat iron AND a hot comb will do the job. Post something for natural edges that doesnt require us damaging as well.

    1. Ashley Hooks

      She doesn’t, look at all that scalp! If she’s still actively “laying” her edges, they’ll be gone in no time

  8. Carolyn Gilbert

    Gorilla snot doesn’t work for all textures. I have a frizzy curly type of her and it doesn’t lay my edges down. Any other suggestions?

  9. Shana Smith

    What’s wrong with her edges on the left side? Why must edges be so slick? Even though I have a relaxer I don’t like for my edges to be bone straight.

  10. Jamie Carter-Bailey

    I haven’t used heat in the longest! My regimen, water mixed with camille rose revitalizing hair smoother, CR hair curler a brush and a scarf. That regimen will cause you to have no edges or thin ones.

  11. Roshelle Carree

    Of course her edges are layed, that’s because they are dead!! Too much heat!!!! I would lay down too!

  12. Knj Jasper

    Gel don’t work for everybody! Edge control don’t work for everybody! Flat iron don’t work for everybody and a hot comb don’t work for everybody! Stop the judgment if it works for YOU then do YOU! #ithinkshelooknice!

    1. Trina Smith

      People don’t realize that what works for them or what’s best for them isn’t necessarily going to be the same for everyone else.

  13. Farrah Roger

    You should never apply oil before heat! You will lock in the heat to your hair strands causing an increase chance of heat damage

  14. Lynnet Ruiz

    What’s the point of being natural.. curls passion fruit control paste for me is fine thank you..

  15. La Tesha Muhammad

    All the heat and oil is literally FRYING her edges… If she cut that out she would have edges that didn’t require so much!

  16. Julissa Oneal

    Black ppl have the most to say about hair and edges but barely have any.like damn! Shes showing how she likes it done. Maybe someone else likes her way too!

  17. Melissa Russell

    What pisses me off is before the natural movement came about back in the day our mother’s were using straighten combs on our hair and our hair turned out nice. Everyone has a different textures of hair. Do I use a flat iron yes I do, do I have my edges yes indeed but jeez, if that is what works for her then let her be… everyone doesn’t want kinky curly edges, just like some people want straight hair. Everyone has a preference, let’s just be positive because this tutorial may have helped someone who doesn’t know how to lay their edges flat and if It doesn’t work then try another method….not everyone wants a fro…ijs

    1. Trina Smith

      I’m all for women embracing themselves and doing what works best for THEM, but this natural stuff is getting on my nerves.

    2. Chevy Genous

      People are just saying that its too much heat and it is. My mom use to straighten my hair with a hot comb but not with that many passes and def not flat iron afterwards.

    3. Kerimah Rogers

      Thank you Trina Smith I agree. I still use a relaxer because that is what works for me and my hair is still HEALTHY!!! But there are some natural hair nazis who will give me grief because I still relax my hair

  18. Mel Matthews

    Way to much heat. With all that heat she’s applying her edges will fall out soon. Just a little gel, with some water and a scarf to set for 15-20 mins will do the job.

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