SAY WHAT!? UNDETECTABLE STRAIGHT crochet braids| Inc. cornrow pattern & various styles NO LEAVE OUT!

I always get asked questions on how I do my hair, what weave/wigs I wear... No child, these are crochet braids! So here is a tutorial for you guys. If you like this video please like it, share it and subscribe to my channel :) The hair is Noir Marley braiding hair £3.00 from beauty queens. This is not a paid review. This is just how I style my hair. I wear this hair for 6-8 weeks and just refresh my middle part every 2-3 weeks which takes less than 15 mins. When it is straight I treat it like my normal hair, I wash it whenever I feel like I go swimming I play with it. It is SOOOO VERSATILE you guys . when I am ready to take it out It only takes me about 40 mins to take down the whole thing. It is literally the EASIEST INSTALL to work with and maintain that I HAVE EVER HAD x Oh and I get no tangles or knots in the hair at all, at around 4:26 in the video you notice the hair has gone silky straight ?..well it stays like that no knots and that's because of CONDITIONER. in all my videos on youtube I'm wearing this marley crochet hair Marley hair - UPDATE:I've had this hair in for 3 weeks now, and I haven't refreshed the braid (still looks good check my insta for photos @ravennavera) Next week (week 4) I will make a video to show you guys how I wash, maintain and restyle this hair xx



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