RIP Natural Hair Movement 2018 – Coily Conversations [Video]

I needed to make this video, bc i had watched another youtuber relax her natural hair and it was shocking that so many women commenting on her video felt the same exact way about their natural hair. They want something easier to manage and less time consuming. This video is not meant to bash anyone in any way, just want to bring awareness to the issue, so we can collectively solve the problem.

Please watch the full video I mentioned the point of me wearing a straight hair wig in this video. The message is for you to simply give me ideas on what types of videos I can make to 4c lives easier. I respect all points of views, but when you came here simply to say “that I’m wearing a straight hair wig” is so ridiculous. Would the message be great if I has on a 4c wig, come on ladies. Go and view my other videos, where I admit to having unconventional ways of caring for my natural hair and I encourage others to adopt my same philosophy so that their 4c hair can thrive. My old subbies know that… it just hard for the new comers to get that. Its ok join the family and let me take the guess work out for caring for your hair.

I want to say thank you so much for all of the love and support. My goal is to reach 50,000 by the end of Dec and with your help I can et there. Subscribe, turn on your notifications and share my videos. I will chat with you soon.



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  1. Geneva Boone
    Geneva Boone

    I’ve had perms since I was 4. I’ve been natural for 3 years now. I never knew how beautiful my hair was until I cut all of my permed hair off. Not saying it’s easier at all but I will say going natural was the best thing I’ve ever done. Of course I’m still young and learning but I wouldn’t go back even with all the backlash from my older family members.

    1. Liana Burnett
      Liana Burnett

      Wow 4!! I thought I was young when I got my first perm at the age of 9. If I can go back in time to that day; I would dump that whole jar of cream crack on my Aunt’s head ????????????

    2. Tamika Jones
      Tamika Jones

      I was 11 getting my first perm,yeah 4 is too young though. You must have been a G to sit through that burning of the scalp as a baby basically lol You a G fo’life

    1. Karen Bryant
      Karen Bryant

      Chrisonna Washington sorry its not more healthy.. I see so much dried brittle and damaged so called natural hair looking like dry azz tumbleweed

      It depends on if the individual is taking care of their hair natural or relaxed.

  2. Chaquoria A Roberson
    Chaquoria A Roberson

    Yes bc I can’t style my natural hair except a puff I’m tired of that hairstyle all I know is perm then hey bevern iron but I’ve been 5 years natural I used to be able to wash my hair and straighten it but now wash straighten then hello puffy again????

  3. Danielle Gorman-Callaham
    Danielle Gorman-Callaham

    I would never go natural. If you choose to that’s your decision if not that their decision. It’s whatever good for you. I’m a hairstylist that choose not to deal with natural hair by my choice. To each their own

  4. Talisia Ross
    Talisia Ross

    I hate this debate! Relaxers aren’t always bad and natural hair isn’t always healthy or easy! I’m neither as I perm mines once a year with absolutely no regrets! Relaxers are only bad when they are used excessively!

    1. Karen Bryant
      Karen Bryant

      Talisia Ross not even excessively.. Its not the product it’s the untrained people putting on relaxers/ chemicals not willing to do the necessay (shampoo, condition & trim) steps to keep their hair maintained and in a healthy state.

      So it’s easier to blame the product instead of admitting they’re too lazy to keep their hair in condition.

    2. Tamika Jones
      Tamika Jones

      I agree with you.I’m not into having my hair “natural” because it’s thick&I also perm my hair once a year as well.

    3. Liana Burnett
      Liana Burnett

      Natural is always a healthier choice. If you don’t have the proper knowledge to maintain natural then of course it won’t be easy, especially if you’re used to relaxed hair growing up. A lot of our mothers relaxed our hair so young before we can even embrace, love, learn and do our own. Read this book: “The science of black hair” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. She also talks about maintaining relaxed hair as well.

    4. Cynthia Jones Goings
      Cynthia Jones Goings

      I did everything right. I went to a natural hair stylist and she taught me how to maintain and care for my hair but it kept breaking. My hair is fine and the single strand knots were ridiculous. No matter how much hydration and protective styles broke my edges no matter how it was styled. My hair is now growing back and healthier relaxed. I don’t agree that natural is always healthier.

    5. Talisia Ross
      Talisia Ross

      The reality of it all is people have the right to choose what they want for whatever purposes they choose! It is ridiculous that society has chosen to pin us against each other yet again over something so trivial! Who gets to determine what’s right or wrong for someone else? Again, ridiculous! I have friends with long, healthy, beautiful hair and it’s relaxed! I also have several friends who have chosen to be natural with a couple who were natural and went back to relaxed hair.

    6. Tanya Hurt
      Tanya Hurt

      Cynthia Jones Goings, how is getting chemicals an healthier choice? That like saying going to Mcdonald’s to get a salad is better than going to the farms market and creating your own fresh, farm salad… Your hairdresser may have not been using the right products for your hair and may not really understand natural hair. Ijs

    1. Tausha Allen
      Tausha Allen

      I went back to a perm….. Then a few months later I went back natural…. What was I thinking ????shaved my head completely off… natural was much more versatile and more healthier.

    2. Karen Bryant
      Karen Bryant

      Kimmy Eddington your opinion is not the law of the land. I’ve been natural but I prefer my hair relaxed.

    3. Kimmy Eddington
      Kimmy Eddington

      i did say yes sometimes it happens where women will go back and fourth reading is fundamental Karen Bryant

  5. Michebelle Kambaji
    Michebelle Kambaji

    It is so sad that the debate is on something that God gave us the hate runs so deep that you rather put a chemical that causes cancer on your head wow

    1. Eris Sia
      Eris Sia

      I am sure that a relaxer has nothing to do with self hate. It is only hair …

    2. Shalisa Rogers
      Shalisa Rogers

      I recently relaxed my hair after being natural for some time, not because I hate my hair or myself, but between my pregnancy and my job, it’s gotten to be too much to handle. Doesn’t mean I have to always relax my hair. Just doing what’s easiest for me right now. Shrugs…

    3. Renèe Izzard
      Renèe Izzard

      Michebelle Kambaji you are not lying. They cause fibroids also. If perms/relaxers can melt metal just imagine what happens to the scalp & organs.

    4. Latarsha Stayingstrong Smith
      Latarsha Stayingstrong Smith

      Everything causes cancer nowadays…. I been natural again for almost a year if anyone natural decides to put a perm on their hair its not self hate nobody has to do what’s trending Im sure yall still doing other things to hurt yourselves

    5. Michebelle Kambaji
      Michebelle Kambaji

      Latarsha Stayingstrong Smith sure your logic makes perfect sense ???? I will always put the perm in the same basket of hate as bleaching creams.

  6. Shay Jones
    Shay Jones

    Some are going back to relaxers not this one one been natural for 9 years now next year will be a decade

  7. Tamika Jones
    Tamika Jones

    What Millenial made this a “debate” anyway? If folks are honest,choosing not to perm ones hair or going “natural” was NEVER a “debate” til our kids got older(Millenials). This was never a pointless “debate” til 2000. Smh Ladies,wear YOUR hair how YOU choose.

  8. Karen Bryant
    Karen Bryant

    Some people are just lazy when it comes to their hair care!!!

    Its easier to blame the product instead of admitting you don’t shampoo or condition your hair weekly and keep it trimmed ass needed.

    Or admitt you’re hot curling dirty hair daily and using bad/cheap products.

  9. Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott

    Sorry, but I have. I’ve been natural (from birth to 19), relaxed, natural, permed, natural, relaxed, weave, natural/braids, relaxed, natural/braids – now relaxed again. Why greys look better on straight hair (on me with natural hair it looks like I’ve been in a sandstorm) Don’t like the term movement neither. Don’t understand why. It’s hair we have choices on how to wear it. Why are we giving ‘mystical powers’. Hair Education – know it, how it behaves, how it reacts to the environment, products etc. This is why ‘others’ make judgements about our hair and become hostile to it. I’ve had 50+ years to understand my hair and it still surprises me. Wear your hair according to your lifestyle – make no judgements on those who chose a differ path or fashion trends. Enjoy your hair

    1. Jennifer Scott
      Jennifer Scott

      ☺️???? ???? and for those of you sporting TWAs or big badass ones Happy Afro Day. We have beautiful hair – enjoy it (bald; straight, kinky, curly or coils; braided, threaded or Locs) What other race of people can sport such variety of hair styles and types?

    2. Kellie King-Coleman
      Kellie King-Coleman

      Thank you. I’m not natural because of any “movement”, I love change and after over 10 years of being natural, i may wake up tomorrow and decide to color, relax or cut it, its just hair, not self hate.

  10. Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones

    Nah I love my natural hair I stop perming it and start loving and taking care of it and it started growing in and being beautiful and it inspired my daughter to wear her afro puffs and be proud of the kink in her hair because it makes her unique as a black child I think natural hair movement will be around as long as perms and beyond

  11. Chante Tyler
    Chante Tyler

    NEVER going back to perms! Been natural for 10 years and I’m very happy I made the choice.

  12. Shanika Small
    Shanika Small

    Why this headline??? We know that more black women are wearing their hair natural than ever. We also know that many of us choose to wear our hair relaxed. Stop instigating and baiting controversy.

  13. Phindi Zulu
    Phindi Zulu

    ???? natural since 2009 getting a relaxer soon. Just so tired of the natural struggle

  14. Webb Natasha
    Webb Natasha

    Natural hair is trending now likes it was like 7 years or 8 years ago I used to see a lot of black women going to get their hair done if it wasn’t a blow-dry or stacking curls set but nowadays some black women like to try to force you to be natural???? do what works for you we are American just saying not from Africa just saying some black women like to overdo it..

  15. Miss-Rachelle Campbell
    Miss-Rachelle Campbell

    I use to perm my own hair with the olive oil brand and every two weeks I would re do the perm to let it stay thick and flowy, but I stopped and i committed into adding braids to my hair for 10 years and my hair has grown out healthy 🙂

  16. Michelle Denice Hop
    Michelle Denice Hop

    Personally. Do you. I love my natural hair. I think it’s about understanding it and realizing that it doesn’t have to be as complicated as people think. If your willing to put the time in then do you. Perms. Aren’t for me personally. I feel bald if I get one. But since Ive fallen into a routine of maintaining my hair. From twists to rocking the fro and doing better at braiding my hair and putting braids in. I’ve learned to love my hair and appreciate how well I’ve been taking care of it. I have a terminal illness so just taking care of my hair has it’s ups and downs. I think at the end of the day. Do you. I think what grows out your head you should maintain your God given crown. But if not then do you.

  17. Karrie Valentine
    Karrie Valentine

    I had thick 4c hair. Relaxed it almost a year ago. Sometimes I do regret it but it’s much more manageable being relaxed. Just my choice

  18. Karen McCallop
    Karen McCallop

    I went back to a relaxer. My hair is so darn thick and the longer it grew the more difficult it was to maintain; maybe I took the easy way out but so be it. I am learning to care for my relaxed tresses. No regret whatsoever.

  19. Kandyce Eileen Shadd
    Kandyce Eileen Shadd

    I went natural almost 3 years ago, and I’m never going back to perms. I just bleached my hair and I was scared to even do that. Did a hair mask right after lmao my hair has never been this long in my entire life. It takes a lot of work but so worth it.

  20. Cellestine Oyudo
    Cellestine Oyudo

    Naturalistas we are here????????‍♀️ . And we ain’t going any other way. We simply fell in love with the crown that grows out our head. And when I need a break, I put on some nice crochet

  21. Lashae Hill
    Lashae Hill

    My relaxed hair stayed the same length until I went natural. I will never go back to perms.

  22. Gracita Gouv
    Gracita Gouv

    ure hair= ure rules. So u wanna relax, jerrycurl and then bleach ure hair untill its see trough? And all on the same day? hey, do you.

  23. Jessie Anderson Freeman
    Jessie Anderson Freeman

    That is a lie, who did they survey, naturals can wear their hair from coily to straight, in many styles. Probably are those who just wanted length or to get rid of damage hair.

  24. Karen McCallop
    Karen McCallop

    Its whats best for the individual. What I don’t get if natural hair braided under weave that’s straight. ????????

  25. Deonjenee Brown
    Deonjenee Brown

    #teamnatural!! I will not put anymore chemicals in my head, I’ve been natural for some years now, and it’s way better!!

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