Relaxing My Natural Hair! Yup, I’M OVER IT!!! [Video]

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  1. Nadira Martin

    Went natural for 11-12 years, then relaxed my hair last year biggest mistake I ever made when it came to my hair, all of my hair fell out over the course of 6 months, now on the regrowth process, never again

  2. Kimeve Allen

    Oh boy. This again. Are we still on natural vs relaxed? Can we simply appreciate healthy hair? Sigh!!!

    1. LaToya Johnson

      Exactly! At the end if the day that’s what it boils down to. The key is moisturizing. With a relaxer or natural if you can’t retain moisture your hair will not thrive. I’ve had relaxed hair and is now natural. I’ve never experienced damage with either one. I chose to go natural thinking I was saving money by not going to the salon every two weeks…..well man was I wrong lol????

    1. Erica Smith

      Angel Mitchell it’s a lot of things we are born with that we change! Especially when it comes to want/like/convenience!

    2. Erica Smith

      Jasmine Threatt exactly! And I bet she’s doing something to hers other than wearing it however it grows out of her scalp! So that’s not how she was born either!

    3. Raven Hill

      Nichole Davis It can definitley be hard for some people. You have to have patience and time with natural hair. All those braidout, twistouts and detangling geez.

    4. Nichole Davis

      Raven Hill I been natural for 15+ years those braid outs and twists outs are really not necessary. That’s something new that’s come out. Our parents never had to do all that to maintain natural hair.

  3. Danielle Chatman

    Six months into my natural journey I was crying I was so over it.Went to the beauty supply store to get a relaxer..and they were out of my brand! Took it as a sign to stick it out.

  4. Erica Smith

    I get it! Natural hair is not for everyone! It’s work!
    I happen to just grow healthy hair! Relaxed or not relaxed!
    I hate that I can’t do all styles with my natural hair! But I stick with it because I’ve decided that’s one chemical I can do without! I get enough from other places! My choice! I don’t knock anyone else’s!

  5. Felicia Riley

    I’m wearing my natural hair most of the time until I get tired then I put on a wig. Not doing the relaxer anymore.

  6. Sarah Amita Edwards

    Sounds like self hate to me I have never had a relaxer and don’t ever plan on getting one… haven’t even straighten my hair for three years, and my hair now goes past my bra strap I love my natural hair it’s not made for us to have STRAIGHT HAIR we was born with curls! ????????????????????

    1. Sarah Amita Edwards

      And hunny it’s nothing to be angry about… if she wanna have short thin hair that’s her to each it’s own.. lol

    2. Donna Channell Jackson

      I don’t think she hate herself. It is her preference to have straight hair….. Either way as long as its taken care of.. her hair will be fine.

    3. Pamela K Bankston

      It’s not justified as self hate to wanna wear a relaxer. It’s all about preference. Weave and wigs, makeup and body work could be considered more as self hate. They’re all choices

    4. Tiffany Thompson

      You should look up the meaning of self hate. You may find that it doesn’t apply here. Instead, to me It seems like she did not have the proper products or help or maybe even knowledge on how to maintain her natural hair to get it to be a smoother texture that was more manageable for her.

    5. Nåd Noelle Bani

      Okay, the main issue is that no hairdresser here knows how to handle our hair, besides sew ins, braids or Relaxer :/ they would not know how to do a silk pressing, if you asked them for it.

      We need people who can handle natural hair like they seem to in the US.

    6. Ro Jenny Jacks

      Get over yourself. It’s just hair. You having natural hair doesn’t make you any better. Plus you have a lot of nerve talking about self hate when you have Blue and grey eyes in your profile picture. Talking about pot calling Kettle Black.

  7. Jacqueline Williams

    But it has been proven that relaxers cause major damage to Black Womens Reproductive System. I suffered for years with Fibroids because of it. I hate seeing little Black Girls 5 – 12 Years Old with relaxed hair because you know it’s killing their Reproductive Organs just like smoking kills your lungs.????

  8. Faith Payne

    It’s just hair, we all need to respect one another’s choices, keeping hair healthy is all that matters, this is 2018 for carrying out loud one should be able to do whatever they see fit with their hair.

  9. Nakita Moore

    I miss relaxing my hair but love my yarn locs so much that I’ve been redoing them for almost 3 years straight. I don’t wear my hair out anymore

    1. Kenyata Harris

      I hate mine too… well not hate but I don’t know how to do the different styles to change it up and keeping it moisturized is a whole other issue in it’s self…I don’t like my fro but braids don’t last long in my head. I stopped getting relaxers about 5 years ago because I kept sweating them out within a month…I’m just stuck in limbo when it comes to my hair ????

    2. Kenyata Harris

      Kesha Mitchell yes ma’am…I’ve spent millions of hours watching these hair tutorials and following step by step only for my hair to turn out a hot mess….and it’s always so dry looking…it doesn’t feel dry but it looks dry…and it never hangs down curly like alot of naturals ive seen it’s always in a dry fro….I absolutely hate it but can’t do anything else with it besides sew-ins

    3. Kenyata Harris

      Add to the fact that I live in hot ass Texas these so called protective styles are hotttt lol….head just be sweaty under that weave and I don’t like that

    4. Kesha Mitchell

      Raisa Kumaga i wear wigs alot i love them only time my hair good is when i get a flat iron which isnt good if you get them alot then breakage starts its like ugh im over it

  10. Crystal Allen

    Just use a texturizer ladies just loosing the curl pattern up a bit to retain a nice blow out

  11. Karmina Robinson

    If i want a relaxer ima use it if i wanna go natural when lord knows I shouldn’t because I’m extremely dramatic and tender headed then I’ll think about it but for now bring in the weaves!!

  12. Meiko Reddick

    Some of y’all need to stop , just bc someone relaxed their hair does not mean they hate themselves… Sometimes it’s too much…. As long as your hair is healthy …do you…

  13. Brenda Linnear

    I had a dream that I relaxed my hair…I woke up in a panic. I have 4c hair and I love my beady beads!

  14. Cynthia Jones Goings

    I’m getting close to a relaxer. I get soooo many single strand knots. I’ve done all the things people say to do and it’s not working. I think I’m actually losing more hair natural than when I was relaxed!????

  15. Valerie Johnson

    Some have less curl than others so it’s easier to maintain…I would basically be stuck with an Afro without a relaxer because I don’t like braids or weaves or add-in hair…my hair is uncombable without a relaxer…

  16. Ashley Johnson

    Sorry but if you are natural with hard to manage, but healthy hair…all that healthy thick hair will fall out after you perm it

  17. Donna Channell Jackson

    I guess people don’t know about the dominicans… they can slay that natural and have it straight for weeks. And they heat protect it so it don’t damage it. Well….. the right dominican salon will

  18. Sue Goldson

    We are born with natural hair. Because we are accustomed to what society says is manageable and acceptable, relaxers have become the way out. At this point it is what it is. No one is superior to another person depending on their hair. Let’s accept and uplift each other relaxed, natural, weave or braids.

  19. Lisa DiRaddo

    You look nice either way. All black women are beautifully and wonderfully made Love ❤️ yourselves ????????????????

  20. Dorthea Devore

    These ads are set up to try to convince us to go back to relaxing our hair why because the makers are losing dollars plain and simple. And also if you want beautiful straight hair we can purchase beautiful wigs

    1. Karen Bryant

      Shay Jones my comment didn’t say “everyone “claiming” to have natural hair is lazy”

      I’m a license hair stylist.. I know for a fact there are lazy ass women who use the so called natural look as an excuse to walk around looking a mess!

      It’s often an excuse used by women that are lazy/ cheap regarding their hair care. Don’t act like they dont exist there are way to many pics on FB showing chicks with wigs’ weaves or braids that have left that crap in their hair for 6 months or more. Witbout shampooing their hair & the damaged it caused.

      I see too many so called natural hair Women with matted, nasty dirty, smelly hair with nasty/dirty head rags on it’s acceptable now because folks are claiming to be on a natural hair kick.

      Some people are just nasty & lazy when it comes to their hair.

      That’s a facy!

    2. Shay Jones

      Karen Bryant aww okay I get what ur saying the way it was wrote i thought u was equating natural=lazy I misunderstood u

    3. Shay Jones

      Karen Bryant most definitely ppl ask what products or my regime when I tell them they say that’s too expensive but they got new iPhone other name brands or got 200 300 dollar bundles ppl want to protect the style but neglect their natural hair or don’t care about their natural hair and wonder why it won’t grow they won’t take biotin no vitamin won’t change diet no conditioning or hot oil treatments or drink water they want it fast like a microwave results

  21. Mel Cayetano

    Ive been natural… and ive relaxed and gone back to natural… people should be allowed to have a choice on how they wear their hair. It has nothing to do with self hate… respect peoples choice… even if its not you would.make..

  22. Marsha Edwards

    Everyone has the right to do as they wish with their hair. Shout out to versatility! ????????‍♀️That being said, no matter how “over it” an individual might be with their natural hair it will come back.That’s what they’ve been genetically given regardless of self made alterations.

  23. De'Antrice McCroy

    Natural doesn’t mean nothing or relaxed doesn’t mean anything. It’s just what’s best for you too manager & maintain your hair.

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