Regrowing Edges After Seborrheic Dermatitis With Emu Oil



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    1. Maybell Lena Killion

      The Sunflower Shoppe here in FW, TX which already spells “too expensive”. Lol Specialty stores are the worst BUT if you go to or you can buy it in bulk and its a little cheaper.

    2. Shuqulia Virtuous Quinn

      You can go to my website at & get it there. Our products are 100% pure & organic. Emu oil is one of our top selling products & it’s affordable

  1. Stew Pendous

    I didn’t know SD could be this bad. I’ve had it for years. Emu oil is expensive tho…I’d look for an alternative

  2. Mary Helen Powell

    I had it so bad years ago and it took my hair out, had to go see a dermatologist and he prescribed me a special shampoo. Still have a problem with really dry scalp and the flakes, I try to keep my scalp oiled but anything I use just makes it itch.

  3. Camel GiftedHands Jones

    I use Decca Plus. Its not expensive and it grows the hair back! They are the best!!!! Check out their page, u won’t be disappointed.

  4. LaWanda Marshay Davis

    Don’t have SD, but purchased my emu oil at and it wasn’t very expensive. A little goes a long way. I combine dabs of my emu with jbco. Totally see a difference in my edges in a short amount of time.

  5. Davida Braxton

    Hey …I just wanted to let you know about a simple solution that worked for me. Get raw unrefined shea butter, soften it in the microwave or on a hot day, set the plastic container with Shea butter outside and allow the sun the soften it and once soften where you are able to stir wirh a spoon, added sulfur and mix it in. I’m telling ya it works. You can use this Shea butter and sulfur mixture on your face, (anti bacterial properties, etc. ), hair, body. Google up the skin benefits of sulfur and of Shea butter. Keep it simple. I’m 57 years old…whatcha a think? Oh ..last thing…wash with African black soap but be careful not to buy if it’s made in the usually contains chemicals and black dye.

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