Picking Big Scalp Flakes Psoriasis and Dermatitis Sew In Removal [Video]

This video is an introduction to a skin and scalp disease that 1 in 300 people worldwide experience. Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis are overactive skin cells shedding in an accelerated rate. This phenomenon paired with overactive sebaceous oil glands create eruptions on the scalp that are tight and uncomfortable. Stylists are taught not to scratch these “patches” up because it could and often times does lead to an infection. I demonstrate how I remove the mounds of buildup and frosted skin on my client. Enjoy and please share this video if you appreciate the tips and would like to see more videos like it.




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  1. Anonymous

    Had this bad for months. Used head and shoulders two in one shampoo and conditioner cleared it up. Also, I used coconut oil on my scalp every three days. Flakes are gone!

    1. Anonymous

      As a person who has the condition, you can get your hair washed in between and it still happens. Mine was also connected to stress. My hair is short and I get it redone every week and a half.
      My condition is a WHOLE LOT better NOW. I don’t stress about nothing and I have a very caring cosmetologist. I am grateful.

    1. Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene
      Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene

      Sophronia Sang you said that bc you don’t understand the condition. it’s not just dandruff. my sister is almost 39 and suffers from this. There are people all on YouTube who suffer from this. They struggle daily to make sure their hair looks nice. They have to go to work, church, and other public places. most Afircan Americans can’t wash hair every day and the scales will build up over night. I know bc I wash my sister’s hair and we use medicated shampoos,creams and oils. you name it, we have tried it. ever stylist will spend 30 minutes just picking up the scales. I pay her additional for the time she spends doing this. research stuff before commenting or at least ask

    2. Raina Mathis
      Raina Mathis

      Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene Yes. My husband has it. He showers, we shampoo his hair and the very next evening the flakes are back on his scalp and even in his eyebrows. Nightly ritual of picking and cleansing so he wont be concerned about visible flakes and flakes all over his shirt.

    3. Mo Butter
      Mo Butter

      Atoysha Toy Wells-Bassene have you looked in leaky gut syndrome? Often times if you can cure ones gut health, these types of conditions tend to clear up within weeks. Also cleared my best friends Rosacea. Your sister is lucky to have you! ❤️

    4. Kim Danielle
      Kim Danielle

      The dermatologist will clear this right up. He gave me some solution and in 2 days it started clearing up.

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