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Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!


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  1. Janie Dee says

    If he likes you he likes you for everything whether your hair is long short straight kinky however you wear as long as it’ neat and as long as you being you

  2. Senora Brown says

    I DON’T understand your Question Young Lady…SERIOUSLY! A LIAR… really lil’ girl.. First of All You Are Uniquely and Wonderfully Made The Way GOD intended… However You decide to wear your hair… Love on yourself 1st so that your true beauty radiates from the inside out… True Friends… And your Man of intrest will begin to see YOU for You and like or LOVE everything about you.. We as Women of color…Our Hair is important to us most def… Don’t let it be a total definition of WHO GOD made YOU… The devil IS the Liar Dearheart NOT you ! beauty is skin deep baby…

  3. Mary says

    This is an interesting question. For some men I imagine it makes a difference if the hair a woman presents to the world is different than the hair he may need to deal with privately. On the one hand, I can understand his wanting to know so that he has a complete picture of the woman he’s getting to know. But on the other hand, it would make me wonder if I’m dealing with a superficial man. Is he the type of person who would abandon our relationship me if I got heavier than I was when we met? Would he leave if I got cancer and lost all of my hair? Would he reject me if I lost all of my weight and became extremely thin? That would be the flag that a request like that might cause me depending on the rapport we had.

  4. ladee neenah says

    Why would it even be an issue for you to show him what your hair really looks like? I understand that your sew in had just been redone, so just involve him when you take it out, like asking him to help you remove the weave hair from your braids. Your hair is a big part of your appearance so why feel some kind of way because he wants to see you au natural?

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