Neatest Twists Ever With Kanekalon Hair [Video]



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  1. MrsLady Danila

    Lol, she does my braids! She’s the best and it only took her 2-3 hrs! Shout out to Beauty in FL 🙂

    1. MrsLady Danila

      You can find her on FB. I tried to add her name in but it wouldn’t let me. Her FB name is : Braids by beauty and IG is Beauty can braid. She has braid prices listed on her pages in some of the pics and her prices in my opinion are reasonably good. Very nice person also. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. MrsLady Danila

      The amount of packs depends on the size of a person’s head and how big the braids are. May take 12-15 packs of hair on average tho but may vary. Hope that helps 😉

  2. La Miche

    I recognize these braids anywhere the best braider i see on social media, Beauty she is also a very unselfish person. love your tutorial beauty can braid

  3. Loren Black

    Very pretty, my problem is length of time getting it done, then time taking it down.

  4. Mary Stanley

    I don’t like the twist at the root . I enjoyed the tightness for at least two and a half weeks . So I want the braids on the circumference of my head and the twist can be in the middle .

    1. MrsLady Danila

      I think that just works better for her once she’s in rhythm and she finishes faster. Just works for her. She does my braids and finishes in 2-3 hrs. I was amazed, I’m use to it taking 10hrs or more depending on the braider. She’s fast, efficient and does great! 😀

  5. Jennifer Lyons

    Yes to the blue magic because although Indian blood does run in my family, the African roots run deep! #itWorksBest

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