Note To Self – Never Leave Crochet Braids In For 6 Weeks And Go Swimming

woman in a pool
I’ve always heard horror stories about leaving a style in too long, but I never thought that one of those horror stories would be my story.

It all started one summer when I got crochet braids installed. I love crochet braids because it’s such an easy style, and looks totally natural. This particular summer I was working as a lifeguard, so another great thing about crochet braids is that you can swim in them.

I was swimming at least 3 times a week, on and off duty. I didn’t really think twice about it because my stylist told me that the hair will bounce right back after it dries- and it did. I didn’t really think much about my natural hair underneath because it was braided back into cornrows, so I assumed that it was perfectly fine.

Well, I was wrong. When it was time for me to take out my crochet braids, 6 weeks later, I was shocked when I realized how matted my hair was underneath.

Matted hair is the combination of attached and shed hairs entwined in clumps or weblike tangles. It’s a lot worse than regular tangles because sometimes matted hair cannot be untangled.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I immediately called my hair stylist and she told me to come in immediately. I was scared, because my natural hair had been growing like crazy, and I had too many length goals to have to cut it all off.

I was fortunate that my stylist didn’t have to cut my hair- but it did take her 3 hours to completely detangle it. She used a detangling product and a lot of patience. I was so scared that I would leave the salon bald headed. I definitely learned my lesson and will never leave a style in that long if I plan on swimming in it.

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!

About Brittany Waddell

Just a Southern girl taking life by storm in NYC! Oh- and I'm natural too:) Be sure to check out my posts to learn some tips and tricks on how I tame my natural hair!


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  1. Rosalyn Mackay

    All you have to do is apply Redken Outshine Milk 01 and your hair will untangle smoothly and quickly.

  2. T Mason

    I would have put conditioner on my roots before swimming and then use a clarifying shampoo to wash the chlorine out. Then a heavy leave in

  3. Ashley Elaine Plummer
    Ashley Elaine Plummer

    She didn’t take care of it. I leave mine in for up to 8 weeks, wash them weekly, so swimming etc and do not have any issues. You still have to care for your hair with any style.

  4. Tracy Mendoza
    Tracy Mendoza

    From the title I wasn’t sure where the article was going. I thought she was going to say some came of in the water. Maybe be cause Im on my way to a funeral and I looking for some humor. But I have gone swimming with crochets and dried my hair off an never got matted. I feel like that might have been an issue with her braids underneath✌……. But for some humor one day I went to the pool and I knew better but was trying to be cute put on a wig that had not combs or clips and grabbed no Bobby pins because “I’m not getting in” but then at the pool the sun kissed my neck and blazed a trail of fire so hot I felt I like I was being sacrificed, so I got in the water. Then i said self remember “dont go under” not because you cant swim, but because you look like a different person under there. And for a while I chilled like a good lobster in the pot, but then the burning desire to prove a point took over and my short dori memory kicked in. In went Beyonce out came Ms Celie. I have pics but I dont know yall like that ????????????????????????

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