Natural Hair With Relaxed Edges [Video] – Would you?

Previous video removed by user. Here’s another of a natural woman relaxing her edges = >


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Arianne Robinson

Just go head and perm ya whole head. S**t.

Connie Sherice Mills

I personally wouldn’t do this but to each it’s own

Shawnte Blyss Barr

I know to each his own let people be who they are

Tara Smith

No. The reason I say no because I don’t need relaxer to lay down my edges. My texture with gel alone does that.

Blaque Diamondz

Bingo, lay the gel down and set it with a scarf!

Tara Smith

That too….but I don’t have to do that because of texture.

Tara Smith

Meaning use a scarf 🙂

Missy Territa

Me as Well eco gel is all I need

Tara Smith

Yep. That’s all we need is a lil control that will tame the uncontrolled…

Tina Waters

I say no and my edges won’t lay down. I’m happy with my hair because I’m happy with me and it’s apart of me.
Why would I try to disguise what I am. That would be like being natural but wearing a weave 365 days of the year.
You can’t hide from yourself and you can’t be anyone else.

Nicole Caldwell

But for other people that have hair that won’t lay down with just gel…

Sharon Strambler

That’s all you need.

Phoenix McGee

I ain’t knocking it. My edges work my nerves but if I perm them I won’t have any.

Kia Wright


Phoenix McGee

Lol I try my best to keep the little bit I have, greasing and praying and everything

Jamilah Rasheed

It works I perm my edges ever time get a sew in and I still have hair

Phoenix McGee

Cool beans, perms take my hair out though. I’ve compensated by becoming a beast with some flat irons lol

Prudence Renee

What’s the point

Maya Woodall

Hiding your africaness

Kamila Nott

Y can’t we embrace our hair. It’s so sad to go to that extreme

Tina Waters

I agree. My edges don’t lay down so i don’t force them. I work with what I have. #lovingme

NeeCee Simmons

I perm my edges and I love myself!!!

Rhonda Monique Nash

Chemicals aren’t healthy for your hair..period…I thought this was one of the reasons why we have gone natural, but I guess appearance overides that

Althea Patterson

Erm. . Why?

Tricey Monae

Nope. you can get slick edges with some good quality edge control & A silk wrap around the edges to help lay them. Thats doing nothing but weaken ur edges.. which is already fragile. I’ll pass.

Blanche Copeland


Dabney Ross Jones

Or you can just accept your hair as it is and do the best with what you got. This is just….

Tricey Monae

Exactly! The edges and nape (back of ur head) Are the most fragile part.. And looking at her edges before she permed them they looked horrible and fried. Jus wish more women would love their hair. A little love goes a long way.

Davida Walton

Hey! What is a silk wrap?

Tricey Monae

A silk scarf. Similar material to a bonnet. Helps protect your hair and edges. Cotton takes moisture out.

Camille Renee Edwards

That never worked for hair like mine ! It prob her last option

Tricey Monae

To each its own. Everything won’t work for everyone and i love learning/hearing what other people do. But maintaining healthy hair at the same time

Valerie An

Those products don’t work for everyone! It’s her hair, she can do as she pleases! Why do pple feel the need to put others down because of how they choose to wear their hair….it’s ridiculous that women do this to each other

Valerie An

Funny cus no one is judging women for loosing weight or telling them to love their fat as it is….just because a women chooses not to be natural doesn’t mean they don’t love themselves or their hair.

Tricey Monae

^ That’s what I just said. Opinions are natural but id never go as far as to downgrade a woman because of a choice she makes. cause at the end of the day she lives with the results and hey if that works for her then more power to her. I wish us women would be more supportive and at least offer tips instead of being nasty..

Tricey Monae

Lol I’m natural and fat I’m not happy about the fat part but I accept who I am. I totally feel where you’re coming from

Tara Roy

If someone is going to damage their hair a straightener or hot comb would’s much less damage ijs && you can buy heat protection

Tricey Monae

^ True.. Plenty of them to choose from

Marsee Hunter

Haven’t we see enough edgeless photos. Wisdom is not as diversified as it should be.

Sharon Strambler

Well said!

Lola Rose
Lola Rose

maybe for type 3 textures and 4a, but 4b and 4c are hard to lay down.

Khaleezah Bint-Yahya

When I was relaxed I only did my roots ..I guess that’s almost the same … it seems so silly to me now

Iyasha Love

When your has been previously relaxed you are only suppose to retouch your roots and never overlap your previously relaxed hair. At least that’s the way you should relax your hair if you are going to use a relaxer… But in her case she is relaxing her edges because she is not satisfied with the look.

Terri Moore

Why just why…

Monae Stayindown

Edge control. Does it meant 4 natural. No need for permed edges

Natasha Thomas

Hell no, not touching that creamy crack. If I want to smooth out my edges I’ll get the gel.

Tika Hambrick

So what happens when the relaxer grow out? Do you perm it again or walk around with 2 textures? hmmmmm

Adiryah Yisrael Barak

Right when she rinse its all gonna rinse through her entire hair that’s so #%#%#

ShaRhonda Antionette

That’s my thought exactly…

Tina Waters

Ikr. How do you care for two different hair types on one head. Perm hair products for the permed hair and natural products for natural hair. Crazy.
Doubt she’s going to have edges for long.

Shevel Thomas

Perm it again

Elle Anna

My point exactly soon she’s gonna be fully relaxed

LaTonya Smith

Well I’m not sure what to say. I just deal with whatever my hair does, but too each is own

Joanna Mariee

yikes didnt think of this…. thanks ladies..

Realz ByNature

Oh dont worry it will fall out waaaay sooner then itll grow out, that wont ever be the problem!

Katrina James

Why not just go ahead and perm your entire head?

Niesha-Nike Edwards

I can only see people who weave partial weaves doing this. Otherwise, I don’t see the point. That’s what gel and edge control are for. And might I add that chime Edwards on YouTube did this successfully but it’s not for everyone

Erica Williams

Wasn’t she transitioning while she did that?!

Niesha-Nike Edwards

yeah she was, but i’m saying its not unheard of.

Kimberly Yarbrough Brown

I wouldn’t do this what is the point? so are you natural or semi-natural???

Tina Waters

That’s the million dollar question!

Cori Wilson

What difference does it make?

Kimberly Yarbrough Brown

Not saying it does make a difference, but it does pose the question…. jmt

Brittany Kelly

They are no longer natural because the hair has been taken through a physical change chemically. The existing texture is essentially only being “relaxed” but the hair is still “organic” because nothing about the chemical compound of the hair is changed. The hair is no longer virgin.

Marianela Arroyo

Nope, no thanks. It’s just not for me.

Tiesha Marie Boyd

Can some of yall reply to this what yall put on your edges cause I have tried dang near everything…and nothing is working

Keo Peo

Edges by Hicks

Jasmine Self

I use Eco styling gel (green one) and water….it works for me

Amorette Stanfield

Kera Care has one. One by Curls also

Alecia Handley Daniel

Gorilla Snot Gel, edge control then brush and tie down with a scarf for about 15 mins.

Nella B Badd

Gorilla snot is at Walmart for $3 order it from too if u can

Alecia Handley Daniel

The gorilla Snot Gel is at Target for about $3, the edge control is everywhere (target, wally world, sally, walgreens, ulta, etc….)

One more tip, it helps to spray a little water on your edges prior to applying the gel and edge control.

Tiesha Marie Boyd

Oh ok I’ll definitely go get some makes me want to relax my hair lol Alecia Handley Daniel ….thanks to everyone else also really do appreciate it Amorette Stanfield, Jasmine Self, Keo Peo

Nicole Nicci Nic


Elise Cromwell

I use isabella’s own, got it from a beautician, but i hate slick edges most of the time so I use it for other purposes

A L Gabryelle Langevin

shea butter.

Kait Rob

Shea butter works well on my edges as well

Carolyn Gilbert

Nothing have worked for my edges. Soon as I go outside, the weather curls my hair up regardless of edge control, gorilla snot, or a scarf. Maybe this perking the edges may work. Stay tuned….

Trinette Mitchell

I have seriously thought about it.

Lyric Marie

No because once those edges grow out that hair is considered relaxed. . Can’t be both at the same time

Aketo Umat

read the box before putting a relaxer/texturizer/perm on your skin. Read the box…it’s a sign of INTELLIGENCE.

La Toya Taylor

Heck no!My hair is natural and healthy but my edges are thin so it wouldn’t help smh.

Briana Thomas

Seems like a good idea, sometimes gel or edge control doesn’t work for everybody nobody how good it is.

Jamila Kelly

Thank you ! I guess we all must have the same hair texture and can just use gel and wraps to press our edges down perfectly 😐 I don’t think this is a good idea, but I’m glad someone finally said that edge control stuff doesn’t work in everybody !

Elise Cromwell

I think its a good idea for ppl who continuously wear straight weave and are already damaging there edges by straightening them evrday

Tiesha Marie Boyd

Gel and most edge controls don’t work for my hair I’ve tried every type of jam..smh

Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

True, either when wearing weaves or just a slick ponytail, those gel could not hold my hair down when it was natural

Kebeh Fallah

I tried 10 different edge control on my natural hair and nothing works, I did perm my edges once , and it’s not a bad idea at all,

Tina Waters

Why do your edges have to lay down at all? If it’s that serious just perm your whole head.
Another solution is to work on you and why you can’t accept your hair type for what it is.

Briana Thomas

A lot if people like slick edges, so why not. And its not always about what you don’t accept some people just don’t have the time to deal with it.

Lakeycha Oncloudnine Holmes

Edge control don’t work for everyone. I have used all kind & nothing works . Thought about perking my edges but still unsure

Natasha Newman

I haven’t permed my edges, but I am having a HECK of a time, nothing works on my edges, the only time it’s straight is when I get a blow out , then it will last 2 weeks. Everybody’s hair is diffrent, and I’m not saying I would do it…………………but I understand. # whatever makes you happy!

Pheadra Pic

Mix gel with some moisturizer, it works.

Kamela M Oxner

Yes. That edge control cakes up in your hair especially if hair is thick.

Olivia C. Jenkins

Yes sometimes my edges won’t cooperate when I’m trying to wear a sleek top knot or something

Joanna Mariee

So many girls here saying the same thing. I too have issues with gels and edge control not working on my hair… so other than relax ur edges, what options do we have?! Anybody know what else works?! I have thinned and damaged my edges with experimenting to keep them slick!!

Peetigaye Brown

i relax mine and i love it its laid and blends well with my weave edge contro doesnt work neither does gel

Acinomel McLeod

My edges lay pretty well when I wrap my hair overnight. Organic Root Stimulator hair pudding is great for natural hair. Well at least on mine. I use all ORS products and it definitely makes my hair more manageable.

Mimi Janvier

People can do what they want with their hair…

Sandra Bee

Seriously if we going have an uproar over relaxed edges then we need to get our priorities straight lol….

Jeaneen Alise


Tianedra Bea Little

Damn do it old school get that black gel a brush and a scarf and call it a damn day

Sareta Fontaine

LMAO “call it a damn day”

Amber Anderson

Sadly that doesn’t work in all cases. Maybe she should use “gorilla snot” I heard it was good

Alexis Symone Robinson

Literally, that’s me right now. I’ve got black gel & a headscarf on as we speak.

Trayce Davis

He’ll naw…why not just pullout the scissors now?!

Karen Jones

What’s the point?

Just Kathy

Probably. My edges ain’t loyal

Trinette Mitchell

You don’t do the entire head because you like the kinky but not the nappy and too tight roots.

Dabney Ross Jones

Once again, that’s the dumbest thing i have EVER seen.

Dorothy Ibe


Tina Banks

I don’t see the big deal who cares if u relax ur edges everyone is diff!

Sandra Yancy-Smith


Janise Johnson

Then your not natural lol

Hrh Beatrice K Thompson

No no for me

Coa Luck-Spicy

pointless. lol these girls do the most.

La Toya Taylor

She coulda used hair milk by just for me for straight edges cause that definitely works.

Alisha Peele

what is a good edge control besides olive oil and creme of nature? the creme of nature that one makes a yucky goo on my hair and turns white…

Keo Peo

Edges by Hicks if you get the buildup try using less or a faster remedy is oil sheen

Missy Territa

Slick it or try using edge wax

Nella B Badd

Murray’s edge wax <$5 gorrilla snot gel $3 works as good as Hicks which can be $13-$15... Murray's doesn't leave as much residue as Hicks. if your have 4a/b/c hair u recommend a scarf with any of those

Alisha Peele

I have a relaxer but i wear sew ins…i need something to keep the edges good..i have bought gorilla snot before its too messy…

Stephanie Gibson

Don’t do it. Over perming and the need for straighter edges is why my edges are damaged now.

Ashley Chanel


Tish S Griffin

= bald edged

Telena Tarrent-El

What is the point of being natural if you perm your edges

Jewel Terrell

I was just thinking that.

Starlan Hoke

What up with these children

Margie Richburg-Clayborn


Brittany Elyse

Seems like as it grows out it will all be relaxed again anyway…it will be two textures. ???

Shevel Thomas

So you can easily blend your weaves

Leah Oubre

Thanks She’ll. I was perplexed.

Telena Tarrent-El

so….why go natural at all? just wondering, I dont care enough to judge

リン ケルシ一

My edges were hard to blend with my weaves until after the 1st natural year after that i can use anything and they lay down, tough it out

Whisheika Chissell

Exactly? Umm contradiction much? I’m natural with a little relaxed. Smh.

Telena Tarrent-El

Right…there are ways to blend your edges without resorting to perming them….you just have to learn how to care for your hair type

Maureen McLeod

It makes no sense to me.

NeeCee Simmons

It makes sense to me that’s why I do.

Ashley Nikole

How are you natural but perm your edges? Eventually your natural hair will grow out so new growth will be permed so it’s impossible

Telena Tarrent-El

you’re not natural if you perm your edges lolz…its an oxymoron….Edge control + scarf over night= tamed edges

Astar Herndon

Totally agree and what are you going to do when the perms grows out?

Sheena Campbell

How is your hair in it’s natural state with a perm?

Eve Ankh

ugh no.

Jamillah Clark

You don’t need a chemical to do that…just get some gel or edge control do it with product.

Nella B Badd

Read those ingredients tho some edge controls have harsh ingredients

Jamillah Clark

True im just suggesting.. I use gel only thing that works for me..

Jamillah Clark

Can’t be any more harsh than a chemical…

Tameka J. Abram

It’s your head!!! Do what ever you want to suit your lifestyle. Natural isn’t for everyone, relaxed isn’t for everyone… Do You Boo❤️

Dazzle Stars


Keesha Marie

I use to do this years ago only
in the summer to control Humidity

Blanche Copeland


Monique Cleaves

That has to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard!

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