How To Make Your Lace Frontal Look Natural | No Edges | No Glue | Lace frontal Wig [Video]



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    1. Maybell Lena Killion

      Oooooh but some of these short wigs tho! Lol I have long natural hair but I’m going to date me a few wigs this summer. Lol

    1. Tara Samuels

      OK, that’s understandable but it must be edge alopecia from stressing the hair in the first place. My uncle has it & his hair comes out in clean patches, not thinning edges + that’s what we learned in cosmetology school, about all the different types of alopecia.

    2. Eunice Ford

      Does it matter where her edges are? She’s trying to show what you can go when you have thin or no edges.

  1. Yasn'ee Livin-life

    i watch her on youtube. it’s not the wig that’s pulling her edges out she has alopecia so it’s something that she can’t help.

  2. Charlion Patrice

    I didn’t think this video would get around like this. I post this video for a couple of my subscribers who asked me to. I only demonstrated how I make my lace frontal look natural without glue. This is what works for me hopefully I can help others who have the same problem. This video is not the final look check out my Instagram (charlionpatrice) or the video after this one.

    1. Margaret Graham

      Very creative. It looks good. May be an option for me for a protective style. Ty for doing the video

    2. Cheryl Gillens-Williams

      As a licensed stylists for many yrs, I’ve seen many ppl come n2 the salon with thinning edges (no shade) and my advise to them is protein treatments, oil and to give wigs a break. I love what ur doing n it looks good but try to protect your hair from the damage wigs cause.

  3. Chevanna Jennings

    All that has to be said is.. you know the work you do and you do it well never a moment when you are not on point.. nor your clients.. some people will never see your vision that should never stop you from doing what you keep making people look beautiful.. but important keep making them feel beautiful cus at the end of the day these fools with the negative comments.. they are the ones that probably made black hair information look at your video. That one bad comment can make the right person watch ur videos and tutorials. So let them talk trash… and like you say “thanks for watching” best response to the negativity

    1. Chevanna Jennings

      You do se where it says in the picture at the bottom No edges / No Glue. That was the whole point of the tutorial to make it look natural without edges

  4. Nikeisha Lovelace

    Why yall arguing with someones grandma it’s very clear from her profile pictures she still wants to be young and needs some attention.

  5. Lilian Adesheila

    People are still wearing lace fronts? They killed a lot of edges and scalp infections are on the rise because of lace fronts. Smh.

  6. Claressa Jackson

    I don’t like this tutorial at all if it works for her than ok. But there Is a better way to blend lace fronts.

  7. Shawn Williams

    What of your naturally loosing your hair you still want to feel beautiful. Gosh we are to negative

  8. Yvonne Lee

    Stop with all the negatively. Not everyone with thin edges or absent edges is due to poor hair styling choices. Some have lost their edges due to thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance, or just plain alopecia that affected the frontal hair line.

  9. Shawntel Singletary

    Thats probably why she dont have no edges.
    Where is the wig cap?
    When i wore my lace front without a wig cap. My edges started thinning out even more and my crown was thinning out badly.

  10. InTo Be Natural Bailey

    You can start off by tending to your natural state of hair and obtain your natural hair line….yeah that would be a great idea!

  11. Tee Collins

    A lot these chicks walking around with no edges, because of weaves and wigs…that’s STUPID!

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