How to Make a Frontal Wig [Video]


(1) 13×6 Lace frontal + (3) bundles of 21″ hair

Products used:

Wig Tripod (amazon)
Canvas Head (amazon)
Spandex dome cap (mesh)
Nylon Thread
Standard Curved Needles


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Taima Middle

Kris Karamelle Karamelle c’est bien fait

Quennie Dixon

Yes I can beleive it

Libriane Turner

I want one

Ayesha Lyles

Me too…

Libriane Turner

It’s probably a million dollars lol

Kierra Byrd

I need this hair!

Jalisa Yvette

Candi I need one

Tasha Johnson

How to get one?

Chrys Clarke

Nadine Brown check this out

Nadine Brown

I need to find this

Brittany D. Smith

How Sway?? ❤️❤️❤️

Kristen Nicole Thompson

Can that hold up on sweat too

Dana Woods

Gorgeous love lt!

Alicia Kelly-Melton

OMG I NEED THIS LIKE ASAP Sherita Kelly Ashley Mills Constance Caraway-Davis

Ashley Mills

Omg I want this !!

Ashley Mills

Lol slay that wig I need a wig especially since it’s getting cold !

Alicia Kelly-Melton

rightttt cause don’t nobody got time to be doing no hair

Constance Caraway-Davis

I’m wearing one now

Anastasia Da Silva

Lena N’diaye Sophie Ndiaye c’est terrible

Lena N'diaye

C’est vraiment très beau!!!!????????????

Sophie Ndiaye

Ça tue . ????????

Brittany Fisher

Courtney Hyman it looks so real

Courtney Hyman

I know I’m going to do a frontal next time

Brenda Ross

Loving it. Want it.

Mycah Denise

She’s my fave I’ve been watching her for so long

Jamel T Diggs-Betterton

It’s all good until that glue takes away your hairline. Ex Countess Vaughn!

Adefah Welch

I like this, u thinking about this ????

Hanni Hanni

Sally Rachel Ngale I wantttttt

Tiffany Thomas

Angela Clark Briona Clark Angela Kirby man i think wigs it is

Brittney Stallings

Dee Nelli I’m just gonna get one of these the beginning of February so my hair can relax after these braids

Ameisha Ferrer

I need this in my life

Davis Tiffany

What was that brown strip? Slow it down so it can be more detailed

Carol Welch

WoW I want one

Wendy King


AJ Hinkston


Emily Collins


Emtiesha Busby

Joyce Forge-Johnson we have to try this

Vivi Onyeka Onyekachi

I want to order the wig,how much is it?

Chantelle Christmas

I need one in my life!!

Priscilla Rowe

What was she applying to her forehead?

Shanna LaRece

Taylorr Ashley I love this

Taylorr Ashley


Nicole R Jones-Sargent

Isn’t that glue tho?

Breanna ChocolateDiva Redding


Nicole R Jones-Sargent

But it works as a glue, right?

Thanise Marc

Yup. Got2BGlue gel is a good gel for holding down a lace front

Cookie Louis McCray

But its still glue

Monique Diane Fortune

Cookie Louis McCray…. I’ve used this product. … it’s a gel. Some folks use it for wigs just like the product “Gorilla Snot (or Snat… lol)…. anyway it’s a great gel

Cookie Louis McCray

I need to understand this right Monique Diane Fortune but did not Thanise Marc said it was called Got2BGlue see the last word so im not understanding is it glue or not glue

Sabrina Madi

C’est trop bien ????????

Adry Hodge


Darrell DNice Hayes

Embrace your blackness my sisters!!!

Ebony GodisLove Johnson

What is that she put on her edges if it wasn’t glue

Shekita Wimberly Estes

Mo Wimberly braid your hair down & get this

Krystal Lewis

Irene Lewis Taslim Patterson Lucette Palé look at the beautiful hair

Mzz Bless Child

Wanna order one

Maranda Jones

Kortlie Cousin this

Gnanssa G-f

Yanne Axelle Adja Grave ????

Tykeyah Michaelee Thomas

Yessssssss love it

Tia-Marie Ragbir

Love it

Ann Ragbir Seurattan

Hmmm me love it more

Tia-Marie Ragbir

Real easy

Lissa Laurent

Mark Louis really want one of these

Sherri Washington

I like to try