How To Get Rid Of/Avoid Single Strand Knots For Natural Hair [Video]

Hey Wonderfros! Welcome back to my corner of the YT universe! This video is the intro to my new series that I decided to call “According to Ev” officially…I think! lol In this video I share with you all how I get rid of and avoid single strand knots. Because I often get DM’s that ask me questions that have loaded answers, I decided to address what I can from my experience in video form. This is to let a lot of my new subscribers know what I do that helped me grow my hair longer. A lot of this stuff I have mentioned before in passing but I am creating a new playlist on my channel so that you guys can refer to it in the future. Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave your suggestions down below for another video idea, and don’t forget to subscribe! Peace and blessings!

Find out more about single strand knots here:

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