How To Fluff & Stretch Day 1 Wash N Go Hair



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Ariel Smith

I wish my curls would hang, be unified and defined like that! Oy vey!!!!!

Penny McNeil

Alisa Williams Zoe McNeil Shaundra Brown good stretch technique vid.

Brandi Alexis

Yana I wanna do this

Yana MacLeod

that’s hella cute. I wonder if you need a curl pattern before hand though

Brandi Alexis

Well when I put the other curl cream in my hair and it clumped my hair so this may do it.

Brandi Alexis

Oh no I mean clump like it it pulled a bunch of my hair together so it had a curl pattern

Yana MacLeod

ooooh… hmm I may have to look into this stuff then. I heard about it when I first cut my hair and I said I’d get it when it was longer so it may be time for a trip to target

Dominique Barlow

Lovely turn out! I love Kinky Curly products. Works well on 4c type hair.

Leverne E Jones

I don’t want THAT much product on my hair

Charde' Cooks

Some people put a lot of product in if they only do their hair once a week

FitNutritionist Tynika

Kiy Janine Tenorio cute huh

Monica Thornton-Anderson


Jay La Touche

I wish it worked like that for me. I can get the curls but not the stretch.

Kayla Pickett

What’s the song called?

Anseanee Copeland Williams

If someone knows this artist I would like to know too.

Aleah Vassell

Yes great video! What is this song?!

Ametrea Laree' Robison

Aquila Cunningham watch how she does this!

Aquila Cunningham

Dang!! I’m gonna have to try it!! That looks bomb!!

Ametrea Laree' Robison

That’s kinda what I do but not every time only if I have time in the morning lol. But curls be poppin!