How To Flat Iron 4c Hair Silky Straight [Video]


Start on freshly washed hair, meaning there should be NO products in your hair! I sectioned of small – medium sized parts and added the leave in conditioner, chi silk infusion and heat protection. I then combed through my thick 4b 4c hair with a paddle brush to make sure all of the products on my natural hair were evening distributed.

I then set my blow dryer to high heat and used the tension method until my long natural 4b 4c hair was 70-80% dry. I then used the paddle brush with the blow dryer to get my hair as stretched and straight as I could with the blow dryer.

Once all of my natural hair was completely dry I set my flat iron to 420F and on small sections of my natural hair I first used a rat tail comb to comb out the entire section then with a SOFT bristle brush (I know I said had in the video) I used the chase method to flat iron each section of my natural hair. I go over the roots a few times then go over the length of my natural hair twice!

After you finish your entire head you are done! Wrap your natural hair at night to keep it straight. I kept my hair straight for 8 or 9 days. It could have lasted longer, but I got bored with it lol!


Remington S9500PP Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-inch

Aphogee Pro-Vitamin Leave In Conditioner

Chi Silk Infusion

Chi 44 Iron Guard Heat Protection Spray



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