How To Fake Bleach Knots in Under 1 Minute On Frontals, Closures & Lace Wigs [Video]

This quick tutorial will show how to cover your knots on your lace wigs without using bleach for a realistic looking scalp. Here’s a link to compare prices! . It’s a super easy and fast way to get a more natural looking lace frontal or lace closure without bleaching your knots! I used Sally Henson Airbrush Legs. You can use the airbrush spray or lotion to achieve these results. I love that it doesn’t leave an orange hue to the lace! They come in different shades and are usually used on the legs for a more tanned look! The hair I am wearing in this video is my Bantu Curly texture. Thank you guys for watching, remember to thumbs up, subscribe and hit the like button!! I am wearing my Bantu Curly texture with a 5×5 lace closure



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  1. Dominique

    Thanks for posting this video! While other videos are good, this is the only one that showed the differences between the complexions of the spray and liquid option. Im a really indecisive person so this helped alot!! Thanks!!

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