The BEST EVER Vixen Weave Installation – Very Neatly Done And Great Braiding Pattern

This video is about Vixen Weave Installation also known as the 4 part sew-in. This Installation Gives The Most Versatility While Wearing A Weave, Allowing You To Wear Installation With Versatility. Style Your Hair Multiple Ways

• Full High or Low Ponytail
• Half Ponytail
• High Bun A.K.A Ninja Bun
• 2 Pigtails
• 4 Ponytails or Bun
• 2 French Braids
• 2 Inverted Braids
• Hair Down w/ Middle Parting
• Hair Down w/ Side Parting
• Custom Curls
• Updos


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Annette Green

I agree

Stephanie Walker

I would love to try this.

Loyal Ford

go watch dis video Pookie is awesome Jacquetta Flawless Brooks

Cash UhhStallion Hibler


Stacie Hart

Can this be done with kinky curly hair?

Courtney Gray


Shavon Clay

Honestly I don’t see what all the hype is about. You can get the same versatility with a regular sew in . Maybe I’m missing something.

Blaque Chyna

It’s simply the braiding pattern of this that makes it so versatile

Shavon Clay


Jamila Kelly

but can you? o.O I thought vixen sew ins were special because you can do so many different hair styles with it in that you normally could not with a normal sew in without the tracks or braids showing

Ni-Ni Patterson

Me either, especially since it’s an old “technique” that was given that title all of a sudden in recent years. I know I’ve been doing it on and off since 2007.

Chelsea Lowe

you can’t wear two braids/buns or do half up half down with a regular sew in. the downside to this is that there’s soooo much leave out… it’s barely a protective style

Shavon Clay

Yes that’s another thing I was thinking of about it being too much leave out.

Yasmine Robinson

I get it, but I don’t want to flat iron that much of my own hair. I’m trying to preserve it, not fry it.

Melissa Juanita

If you get hair close to your natural texture you wouldn’t have to.

Mylah Marie

I want this Kay N Grays !!

Maria S

Who wears their hair in parts like this to even see it? Other than kids??

Tina Greene

I like the versatility

Rhondeisha Nicole Jones

You never heard of this type of installation? Or are you telling me this is what you’re getting?

Giovanna Orfintia Marina Dos Santos

Charlotte Milobi i want this

Shante Robinson

Aleshia Lee I want this

Princess Kuevor

Has anyone figured out how to do this WITHOUT leaving hair out?

Sammy Fuentes Martinez

I love the vixion weave

Sammy Fuentes Martinez

Vixen *^

Teannae Miller

Nice job!!