Weave Style Shared By Gabby Mahair

weave style

Weave style shared by Gabby Mahair



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    1. Crystal Adams

      Yes the amount of hair leftnout is what i want!! Hahahaha i love that u do hair man!! And of course it will be tax time so ima get some good remy hair….leave it in for a weeka nd have u take it out so……yeah!! LOL

    2. Crystal Adams

      Hahahaha hopefully getting my hair dyed tomorrow if the weather allows me to so u can help me pick the right color this weekend

  1. Khandi Owens

    Weaves are too damaging! Especially when they are done by someone who puts too much tension on your own hair and doing PERMANENT damage so that in certain spots your hair will never grow back. Some women will be in wigs and weaves for the rest of their lives because they have sacrificed their own hair in an effort to have hair they are not patient enough to grow on their own! There are a lot of bald and going bald women out there!

    1. Monique Wynn

      When installed and taken care of properly, weave is a very protective style used to promote hair growth. The baldness and damage comes from ladies taking the cheap way out and not wanting to pay for the correct way. On top of that once it’s installed you cannot leave it in for 6 months without the proper maintenance. There is a lot of education involved when deciding to where weave. All of my clients that were weave, glued or sewn in do so not because they have to, but it is so much easier to maintain, and they all have full heads of healthy hair. I hope if you have a a negative experience with weave, you find someone in your area that maintains the integrity of your natural hair. Do research

    2. Phabiola Ridoré

      It’s ridiculous to me that ppl put extentions in their children’s hair so early. They can do all that stuff when they get older. But then again it is their children so they can do as they please. But I wonder what the child is being taught to not only have her hair straighten but to also have extentions put in…I’m just saying.

    3. Khandi Owens

      Thank you Monique Wynn for your response, I have uses weaves in the past to wear a straight style similar to the one shown (my own hair is curly) so instead of a perm or a blow-out, I did a straight weave to try something different. Small plugs of my hair came out. To me it wasn’t worth it, as good as it looked, it still wasn’t worth the hair loss. You sound very knowledgeable about this subject , I would trust you with my hair ☺

    4. Rivian Jones

      Phabiola Ridoré That girl looks 14 and at that age I was in highschool. At that age I loved wearing weave ponytails and etc. So what exactly is too young? I think ppl are reading too much into this I promise a teenage girl is not thinking about I hate my natural hair and etc. We had fun in Junior High and highschool with fashion and hairstyles. I had a different hairstyle wether it was weave or my real hair. This has been going on since the 80’s you act like this is brand new wearing weave in highschool.

    5. Khandi Owens

      OH, by the way Monique Wynn, I was what you call a “kitchen sink” stylist I did weaves and braids. BUT, I always told the people whose hair I did how important it is to take care of their own hair. And my weaves lasted for at least six months. You are so right it CAN be a protective style when done right. On that one occasion I’d let a pROFESSIONAL do it for me. For me it was a lesson learned.

    6. Michelle Davis

      What works for one person may not work for the other but i believe that what ever make a woman happy and comfortable she shall not be judge each person is their own

    7. Jelann LtRipley Mitchner

      Sorry I don’t agree. It’s all dependent on the beautician & how the person wearing the weave takes care of it. I think I do a pretty good job in taking care of my extensions & I have an awesome beautician that communicate with very easily in taking of “my” hair. It’s all about & respecting it; not demonizing other people’s choices

    8. Phabiola Ridoré

      @rivian Jones I did say it was my opinion and ppl can do as they wish with their children. My only point is they have plenty of time for weaves and ponytails and etc. Kids grow up too fast these days. Maybe I’m too old fashion but I think it too young for an everyday thing

    1. Bri Moore

      Lol @Lena. It’s a protective style, maybe she is needing to get or keep her natural hair healthy. It appears to be lengthy from how her braids and leave out looks.

    2. Phabiola Ridoré

      It’s not about the length or how it looks. I just don’t like the idea of children wearing any kind of weave including braids. I feel like kids grow up too fast ..anyway that’s my opinion.

    1. Jo Anne

      You did an awesome job! I would never know it was weave and the style is so age appropriate.

  2. Khandi Owens

    This is my last comment on this. Like Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell said, “AIN’T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING BABY!

  3. Latoshia Gipson

    This looks real good to me and the style is not to grown for her like some of these styles that’s suspose to be for kids!!!!!!

  4. Adrian E. Franklin

    Question why do folk Not understand the concept of gettinga weave(if you have long hair) What’s so hard to comprehend? they are convenient, no bad hair day, hair falls right allthe time, don’t have to color your own hair to try colors, don’t have to cut your hair for bobs or really short styles, great for transitions, etc.etc it’s NOT a bald head thing…

    1. Khandi Owens

      You must buy some really nice hair! All I usually see is frizzy and unkempt weaves that is usually the wrong texture for the person who is wearing it. Not to mention the wrong color for their skin tone. A GOOD weave is on that looks very natural.

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