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    1. Shonda Blount

      Don’t forget shrinkage. It may not be as short as it appears. It’s still very impressive though.

    1. Elise Cromwell

      Either way it looks like they had to straighten her edges so it wouldve been better to just buy a full wig and not leave any of her hair out

  1. Tawanda Lck

    Who, what, when, how? More details would have been great but I guess that’s too much like right.

  2. Janelle Barrett

    Poor guys, men are being dooped, she went from ant jamaima to repunzel smh lol….no one keeps it real any more.

    1. Janelle Barrett

      Cynthia If someone is recovering from something life threatening then humble is, a, word that comes to my mind, not weave…being greatful to God for life and another chance to live. ..I doubt this is a life threatening now I want installed long weave situation lol

    2. Janelle Barrett

      I guess I don’t understand why get something that’s totally different than what you have? Weave is, worse than make up…make up should be an enhancements to what u have.. weave to totally different or opposite, unnatural to what you have if the texture don’t even match. White girls add hair too but at least the textures match and are natural to what they have. Idk, i guess since I don’t wear weave I just don’t understand.

    3. Jessica Marie

      I think her hair looks very pretty. We don’t know her situation but I hardly think she did it to fool a man.

    4. Aarice S Berry

      You’re right, you definitely don’t comprehend the point nor how to be tactful.

      You can tell by her hair texture that it is a result of an outside chemical or sickness.

      Your ugly comment reminded me of bullies that tortured my sick friends before weave was the hype. People who have cancer regrow hair and often that IS their priority…looking as good as they once felt. You were saying?

    5. Janelle Barrett

      Aarice, my comments are not ugly nor bullying…that’s not my style. My bff has cancer and cancer is, very humbling to the spirit, and makes you connect with love and strength and faith, it does not push one to focus on vanity. The real depth of beauty is from within, not a texture of hair installed that isn’t ones own. Amazing install that’s for sure.

    6. Mary Ellen

      I’m getting thin hair and it runs in my family,genetics unfortunately for some people.or stress and medications can cause you to lose hair.I’m actually looking at any options to feel good again about my hair.

    7. Janelle Barrett

      Hair thinning runs in my husbands side of the family, I’d imagine maybe a wig is good, I do totally understand, the older women in the fam do wear wigs, i get it.

    8. Marlene Ferguson

      Janelle, please humble yourself. I had a friend years back that was discriminative to people who received foodstamps, do you know that same friend lost everything including her job and had to apply for foodstamps. You never know where God is gonna bring you in life. I suffer hair damage so I have to depend on wigs or extensions. Keep your mouth from off of this woman because you don’t know her story.

    9. Cynthia KismetJoie Sahara

      NO, YOU CHOOSE NOT TO UNDERSTAND…I am a former professional stylist and I’ve seen every type of scalp malformation and the heartbreak it causes, from EVERY culture of women….the emphasis and judgement that this society puts on WOMEN’S HAIR is sickening and you’re doing the same thing!!!…I have had to counsel women PRIOR to even styling their hair because they felt unattractive and unloved because THEIR HAIR didn’t fit a societal image!!!…so forgive ME if I lack any patience or understanding with your unnecessary comment that was filled with sarcasm and vitriol…????

    10. Janelle Barrett

      Val, no I’m not ugly, beauty is not defined by weave or long hair that is not your hair texture regardless if someone is sick or not. Most women get weave to feel pretty and moat don’t have cancer. And yes they do want to attract men or feel more attractive. …or they get caught up in a Beyonce , Kim K world and wanna look like celebs I guess. Real beauty is, an essences of love and comes from within

    11. Janelle Barrett

      Beauty should not be defined by weave, wigs , make up, nor society etc etc. ..yall are telling me to be humble. ..interesting. ..yet I’m the one telling yall that real beauty is from within, regardless of an illness…beautiful is in the spirit and the heart. And men are being fooled by fake butts, fake boobs, hair, eyes, tans…the, standard of beauty has, gotten so halloweewny. No one knows what’s inside because the focus is all exterior. So who really needs to get humble here? Yall ain’t hearing me.

    12. Jessica Marie

      I can see your point but non of us know why she got her hair done. She may have just wanted a different look. As you can see there’s not much she can do to her real hair

    13. Janelle Barrett

      Jessica, thank for at least seeing my point 🙂 and you are right, but we never know, maybe she’s not sick, maybe she can grow her hair, I grew mine, gallon of water a day, I don’t do much to it at all, eat lotsa vegies, take multi vitamins, i use Wen and it grows. Society has us not loving ourselves properly 🙁 us women have so much to offer, there is, so much depth to who we are, what we, are and who’s we are (we are from God ) therefore we are beautiful already, we don’t need a hair that is totally different than our own to be pretty. We women are amazing nappy hair or long locks, dark light, tall short, skinny, thick it don’t matter.:) we need to start embracing us

    14. Cynthia KismetJoie Sahara

      Well allow HER to embrace HER inner beauty in HER OWN journey….WE cannot dictate when/where/how that happens for someone else…your argument should not be with her individual choice, but with the COLLECTIVE SOCIETY that has been force feeding THEIR STANDARDS of beauty and excellence for the past 500 years into the hearts and minds of women everywhere….

    15. Val Lott

      Janelle Barrett I hear and understand. MAYBE you should have chosen a better way to word your thoughts. From an outside perspective you casted judge not just on a woman but you chose to define who by addressing her as “ant jamaima” which it’s “Aunt Jamaima” to be correct. You have a healthy full head of hair by the looks of your pic, but if it were your head that looked like hers regardless of the cause and effect, if there were something you could do to make yourself feel more confident wouldn’t you?

    16. Toy'Nishya Curry

      Beauty should be defined by hair period! I’m so sick of ppl judging ppl who choose to wear wave it’s just hair beauty is something that comes from the inside and if those inches gave her a smile and a boost of confidence so what ! It’s just like that pair of jeans or dress that you have that makes you feel flawless / at your best

    17. Janelle Barrett

      Val, i hear you hun and I apologize for not using full tact…I was being a little dramatic and silly with the whole aunt jaimaima thing…but do we know why women go so extreme.? Illness or not… from 2 inches to 25 inches? and texture that one will never have, indicating they feel pretty with something they don’t have. That’s dangerous.

    18. Marlene Ferguson

      Janelle, I think your missing the point. Your attacking a picture without the story. This was a picture to represent the work of the stylist and not this woman who is sitting in the chair story. Your stating valid points, but this isn’t the post for this. My hair looks the same as this woman because I suffer hair loss, now if I was in the chair getting this look and you didn’t know my story but you attacked me, you would have been totally wrong. It’s no different for this woman who we know nothing about. Get an understanding before you attack. I think that’s what everyone is trying to get you to understand.

    19. Janelle Barrett

      Marlene…I understand what your saying but what about the thousands of females doing this, making hair companies lotsa money to not love themselves. ..I’m sure most females walking around with weave are not cancerous…why can’t we just love ourselves, or why not get a hair texture that at least is more real to who a person is. I guess that’s where I’m confused too, ok I get it add hair if you have thinning hair, but why a texture or extreme length that is no where near what you or your family already have? What’s the psychologically on that? I do agree that whomever did the install did do an awesome job tho.

    20. Ashley Nicole

      What an ugly comment – there’s nothing wrong with her wanting to wear extensions – judgmental much?

    21. Janelle Barrett

      Isn’t extensions a slippery slope tho for those who don’t have a medical condition? If you only feel pretty wearing hair extensions that is not your own length or texture, don’t you become inslaved to it by always getting it redone over and over?, not to mention it can be expensive especially if you get quality hair and quality install. Do people feel pretty with it to the point where they never wear their natural hair because they don’t feel pretty or, sexy without it? Just curious

    22. Melody Harris

      Sometimes, Janelle – but if they do, it’s within their scope of reasoning for doing so, and not for anyone to judge; NO ONE has the power or the right!

      I appreciate THIS comment because it shows the humility that you just don’t know or understand. Have a good day, dear! 🙂

    23. Angie Jackson

      She could have just wanted a different look for a while & for HERSELF. Everything a woman does isn’t for a man & who says she doesn’t already have a man.

    24. Derrick Ellis

      Y’all care entirely too much about hair.

      And to the ones that are saying, “She might have cancer.” in an attempt to make her feel bad about her opinion…. shame on you! YOU don’t know either! So, until you know her story, an opinion is just an opinion. And more precisely, it’s an opinion about HAIR.

    25. Kita Amaker

      This sounds like you’re mad at her for “knowing” when she gets out of that chair she will look amazing, not that she already doesn’t ! But it’s as if you’re trying to say……”show your real you, oh you wouldn’t look as pretty without it and you know that, that’s why you’re wearing that weave to “scam” guys” which if you’re thinking like that then that’s pathetic and you’re trying to expose her more than anything, cuz if you were trying to help her love herself then you would let her wear what she wanted to on her head to love the reflection she see’s because it may be painful for her to look in the mirror. It’s no different then you or any of us being picky about the clothes we wear. I totally understand you saying love what God gave you but what if he gave you long beautiful hair and it fell out then by wearing weave you’re just trying to get back to that person you once knew !

    26. Derrick Ellis

      Let me clarify…

      Since I’m a man, I don’t feel about hair the same way the average woman does. I understand that. I know you guys LOVE your hair. lol I’m just saying, when your edges start disappearing, your hair starts thinning or matting, or falling out or just starts becoming irreversibly damaged because you want to look pretty, then you care about external appearance too much. You’re effectively & ironically destroying part of what makes you beautiful while trying to be beautiful!

      And I say you guys care about hair too much simply because a difference of opinion over it causes y’all to attack each other’s characters. I’m over here like?Dang! lol It’s not that serious.

      Lastly, again, coming from a man, we don’t care about your hair remotely as much as you do, so if you’re trying to look good for someone, we don’t really care. lol We love your essence anyway. But I realize that women, most of the time, do stuff like this to avoid ridicule from other women – not so much to receive compliments from men… which is also sad.

      I’m just saying… #aMansPerspective

    27. TeArra Howard

      I have waist length hair and still wear weave/wigs ?.. I personally like to look different all the time.. I’m sure this woman feels similar… I don’t get why women concern themselves with other women so much.. *Shrug*

    28. Chevy Red

      I understand Janelle. One of the points she was making is why get a weave that’s a different texture from ones true texture?? If you feel like you need a weave or wig then shouldn’t it at least be believable. Some people think a black woman wearing hair that looks like it could have came from an Indian lady looks weird and odd.

    29. Ashanti Soovery'all Grant

      No different from lashes ass injections fake nails make up and whatever else women do to beautify themselves.. Obviously she didn’t want to keep rocking the nappy fro hell thank goodness for weave cause in my day if u was abald head bitch u was just a bald headed Lil bitch and I went to school with plenty of em…

    30. Janelle Barrett

      Ashanti… lol, i gotcha…Girl them females with all the fake titties and fake ass and fake hair and eyelashes and color contacts and spray tan and fake nails and makeup, and spanx, next thing you know it’s going to be like that scene in the movie “I’m gonna get you sucka” when the guy was about have sex with this chick and next thing you know her wig don’ fell on the floor, the titties fell out, the fake ass popped off, the nails popped off, them she took off her lashes, the eyeballs, thespray tan and make up rubs off LOL and the dude is sitting there like eeew who the hell are you?! LOL LOL…men just never know what they are truly getting if all the realness is hidden.

    31. Ashanti Soovery'all Grant

      Lol true Janelle Barrett but u know they dogs they dont care all they see is ass and titties and they forget about real society is really jacked up nowadays.. Smh I feel u though

    32. Yolanda Hill

      The biggest racist to Black people are their own people! Before you point a finger think first! #Stopthesimplistformofhate

    33. Janelle Barrett

      Yolanda Hill, that’s the thing, it ain’t hate, its more like confusion… Different black people have different grades and lengths of hair, we don’t all have the same hair however why go and buy hair that’s totally unlike your original hair why not try too match it somewhat similar to what you already have , or why not focus on natural hair growth in the event that there is no medical condition. Embracing yourself is not hate it’s actually a form of acceptance and love. Weave is becoming an epidemic. That industry makes billions I’m sure.

    34. Yolanda Hill

      Janelle Barrett Black Americans are adapted to their environment, we are not in Africa to learn anything about ourselves, mostly African women embrace their natural hair, their men embrace the natural beauty of African women. You must realise and i’m sure you know the stereotype here inside America. What is beauty from a young child is programmed into Black Americans. What does men LIKE. We’re are considered the last of the last. I’ve lived enough of 23years to see who’s treated differently by shades of different darkness, and i seen the wound of my sister’s! … I will never make that type of comments you made. .. I’m not confused. I’m very blessed that i don’t experience what my cousins experience, but i see and feel their pain. Wanting to be accepted, wanting that right man to accept and lov’em, but nothing is never enough. All Black Wo/Men need to uplift each other. We know are struggles here in America. Rather you are sexually attractive to another ethnicity or NOT, NEVER EVER be disrespectful to any Black in public or media. Pull them to the side or inbox them….. Janelle Barrett i totally understand your view. I do…..

    35. Yolanda Hill

      Janelle Barrett we have no history, we have no history as a Black American. No home land. We are just here, dealing with what happened a hundred years ago! Americans will not let it go. Now White women are trying to be more of a Black woman. And Black women are becoming more seen now through interracial dating! … I’m looking at a future for us… We are shining, but we must be uplifted in the right way ,by our own flesh to feel our natural born 1,0000000000000 blood line ethnicities. Lol… Yes i went there ?…. At the end of the mixture ,we are still with African features lol… ? you!! Stay strong. Embrace with knowledge. ..

    36. Janelle Barrett

      Yolanda Hill. ..well, I think you are totally gorgeous, and your hair is too…we all need to see ourselves as such. Most of of black people are not fully black anyways, most of us are multi ethnic, so the beauty of our river runs deep, we are are alike yet different at the same time, with at the core we all want to be loved, beautiful, accepted, respected and wanted. We should embrace that, and folks , maybe why not save the money spent on reoccurring weave instalations and maybe take that trip to Africa, or Brazil Or India or, Asia etc the places where all that weave comes from and really learn or experience something new? Just a thought 🙂

    37. Janelle Barrett

      Yolanda Hill. Lol :)..yes love, I like your points..and I believe that all life began in Africa, a lot of ethnicities originated in Africa

    38. Kay Dub

      Janelles hair is long because she’s multiracial (but in her country, they just call it being peruvian). She doesn’t understand the difference in textures, or the difficulties thereof.

    39. Janelle Barrett

      My family is multi ethnic but technically most of us are anyways, and Chevy Red and Yolanda Hill are both right. most of us, are all a mixture and at the same time, even if, someone is not “mixed” i know several black women with really long hair, my mom is black with long hair . I even have friends from Africa born and raised with looong hair. But yes my family is all racial mixture, but not sure that makes a difference since multi racial or not, we all have various hair texture and lengths…and we all originated from the same place anyways in my mind

    40. Davetta Cheri Shy

      So if you have a short fro (more than likely from making the very smart decision of going natural), ur “aunt jemima”. Wow. #ignorance

    41. Alisha Whynn

      She just wanted a change jeez soon the wig will be off then you can allll bevhappy again lol shes clearly chosen to go natural soooo I doubt the weaves staying on forever

  3. CeCe Green

    They ain’t lie when they said magic! ? Little baby Jesus himself came through and delivered this slay

  4. Jamila Kelly

    But her edges are already barely there in first picture :< brave brave women....a free months of fabulous hair only to have no real hair? I don't understand it. In so scared of losing my edges at a young age

    1. Reniesha Parks

      Exactly I see a few bald spots coming in smh all that money spent on weave they could invest in good products and vitamins to grow the hair

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