Georgia Woman Ends Up With Relaxed Hair After Salon Sneaks Relaxer Into Her Shampoo

Recently one of our writers shared her experience with her stylist sneaking a relaxer into her hair on purpose and many of us admitted to not ever hearing about any such thing.

Well here is another case which involved a woman in Georgia.The lady went to a salon in Marietta, Georgia and asked for a blowout. The blowout included shampoo, conditioning, and comb/blow drying.

The style came out great but when it came time for her curls to revert she noticed something a bit off. Her curls were stick straight like they had been relaxed.

She called the salon and they told her it was normal for some relaxer to be added to the shampoo and that this procedure is mainly for customers with natural hair.

As you can imagine the pictures and the story of what happened to this young lady went viral and she has threatened to sue the salon.

Since this was the second case that we have heard about we came up with a short list of tips to help you avoid these situations.

1. Bring your own product to the salon

2. Research the salon and ensure that they are dedicated to the practice of taking care of natural hair.

3. Go with your gut, if things look suspicious, there is no reason for you to stay there, just walk away.

4. Only go to reputable salons even if you have to wait for an appointment. Sometimes your hair is worth the wait. Pick a reputable salon and get your hair done the correct way.

5. Ask the salon up front if they practice adding relaxers to shampoo

If this happens to you do not be afraid to share your story and contact the salon. Unfortunately you will have to remove the relaxed portions of the hair or transition all over again.

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo

About Mykel Trent

Hi! I am Mykel, and I love life. I love performing, dance, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a Bachelor's in Communications Theatre. Theatre is the best and challenging major by far. It has taught me discipline, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, and so on. I like who I'm becoming! xo


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Kurvy Chucky

Omg lawsuit

T Tee Dickson

Without her consent, she need to sue that salon.

Lamyia Crawford

I agree with these ladies! Take legal action now!

Tiela Lewis

Wow! That is NOT right at all. They are clearly in the wrong business! #judgeMathis

Lashonda Dixon

Yes yes lawsuit, they wasn’t supposed to do that!!!

Celestine Williams-Rivera

smh….im not saying sue…but…take them to judge Judy!!

Chantel Ewok

Marcia Mesm omg i would actually scream☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Joy Mbali Gift Nhlangulela


Demejah Addison

???? hell I might need some ????

Candace Harris

Actually there are may shampoos that have some sort of “relaxing” or smoothing kinda of agent too easy the curl. Its not a full on chemical but some do. As a client it’s important to ask about product and have a stylist that knows what there product they are using.

Jemmelia Morgan

Girl byeeeee the put perm – actual chemical into her shampoo. That isn’t right. Do you ask your dentist what ingredients go into your flouride treatments when you get a check up? Probably not. Not so say she soul don’t ask, I’m more so feel your response is insinuating that the salon is somewhat less liable because se didn’t ask what shampoo/hair products she was using for a simple wash and blow out.

Candace Harris

Actually I don’t do fluoride treatments. And I do ask what goes into products. I am not saying who is liable here. I am saying people should ask before they let anyone put anything on there hair or body ECT. There are salon products as well a not salon products that contain chemicals that relax the hair.

Michelle Jackson

This is why I stopped going to a Dominican shop. Everytime I went she tried to convince me that adding a texturizer or keratin treatment would make my hair healthier and easy to manage. My last trip she put some “special” shampoo and conditioner in my hair, claiming it would help with the dryness and make detangling easier. She even showed me the bottles. But I noticed shortly after that my hair began to shed terribly. And when I washed it the curl pattern was much much looser. Before going to her my hair was nearly bra strap length . After the breakage it wasn’t even shoulder length. I ended up cutting it. It’s been over a year and my hair still is recovering.

Sarrha A Johnson

I wud sue them..I don’t have any reason to go to a hair salon..unless I’m gettn a protective hair I have a relative tht owns a hair salon..& she wudn throw me kno curve like tht!!!! SMH

FLisa Childress

Why would anyone do that

Adriane Craig

This is exactly why I prefer to do my own hair but whenever I do go to the salon I bring my own shampoo & conditioner.

Tamara Springle Wellington

Marie Fields smh

Marie Fields

wtf i went to that salon and uck that b**ch up . that is out of line im natural u put perm in the shampoo let me put a little posion in your leche it should be fine right foh.

Marie Fields

who ever did that to her i wouldve made her swallow the whole bottle of the shampoo and perm mix foh

Debbie Yvonne Mckenzie

This is outrageous

Debbie Yvonne Mckenzie

I would be contacting my solicitors without a doubt. Document everything, take pictures. Who does this hairdressers think they are??? A woman’s hair is her beauty . You put relaxer on my hair without my say so ?? Oh boy


some of yall talking violence when you know that is not the way. This stylist should have her license revoked. As a person who has been natural for the past 7 years, I would be livid and in heart attack mode.


Wow that’s heart breaking. I’m not going to do no type a violence to no one, but I would have her license and even have the salon shut down. That is a lawsuit though. They have to look at it like what if a vendor put water in your products just to get it to stretch a little longer. you didn’t ask for that. I’m pretty sure that she’ll win. I’m happy that I go to a trustworthy salon. Oh my heart hurts for her though. What a violation.


First, unless anything has changed with relaxers, it is a HUGE NO-NO to use it in WET hair. Relaxer requires as little manipulation as possible outside the smoothing action that re-aligns the hair bonds so they will remain straight after neutralization. Different bonds are broken by water, and both do not need to be broken at the same time. Second, without someone’s permission it is morally WRONG to use a permanent *anything* on them without their consent. This includes relaxers, curl perms, permanent haircolor, tattoos, anything that cannot be easily reversed. And third- this is the most important part: there are people who exist who are allergic to some kinds of chemicals, I’m not speaking of a rash although that is bad enough, I am speaking of people who have life threatening reactions to their allergens. I had a classmate in cosmetology school, who got a tiny drop of relaxer on her wrist; even though she washed it off immediately, her entire body swelled up and she had to go to the ER because she couldn’t breathe or see. She could have died from that reaction within a few more seconds. I am just waiting to see the article where some shady, underhanded so called professional sneaks relaxer into someone’s shampoo only to have a client nearly die or lose their hair permanently from a reaction. Some people don’t get chemicals because they CAN’T, and to just assume you can do this to make your job easier is dangerous and wrong! And I agree, she should sue.Even if she wins no more than funds for hair care until her hair is back where it was in terms of health and length, it’s the principle.

Indy Styles

Oh they would be sued

Shakida Patterson

Sue that ass in that’s why I bring my own shampoo and conditioner

Lauren Monet

Ain’t no way!!!????

BishopandLady Clark

Rigggggghhhhhtttt!!!!!! Girl I would have sued them….I’m angry reading this. This is AWFUL.