Vibrant Bantu Knot Crochet Braids shared by Tracey


I twisted my hair and set it with perm rods. This took me about an hour to acheive the curls after dipping them in hot water. This was done on a crochet braid style.


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DA White

Love the curls! and a very interesting hair color–looks really good on u!

Stacie Hart

The Color is Amazing!!!

Laurio Ask

Tres belle

Catrena Mckinnon

Luv the color::))

Chelly Johnson


Tamesha L Saint

Oh how I love crotchet braids!!!

Arice Grigsby

This is lovely

Alisha Renee

i love it and the color is everything!

Andrea E Fobbs

She looks beautiful

Stephanie Bradley

Love that color it accents her complexion very well.

Linda Anthony

Pretty hair & makeup!

Riah Primus Kydd


Ricardochantal Fleurival

too bright

Princess Dobbins

Love the Color !

Joyce Strange Tyson

To old school can’t get with the color, but the style is cute

Serena Chrissette

There are so many styles you can do with natiral hair. See a stylist who specializes in natiral hair first. Watch YouTube videos. Then do what makes you happy.

Shaluh Mack

Just Beautiful

Mahalia Thompson

I would like to see this stye in burnt orange hair color

Porter Novelli

It makes you wonder where she works…

Andrea Darden

that’s my next hairstyle

Andrea Darden

I went on YOUTUBE LOL and found u can do this with marley braid hair by crochet

Andrea Darden

ctfu that’s why I put it in bold letters

Slim Martine

What kind of hair is that

Adriannia Garcinez

What’s crochet braids?

Khadijah Alleyne

The colour thooo!!!!

Erica Acire

Ok I melted

Rhonda Shorts

To much makeup

LovelyLady SoBlessed

Nice hair to much make up

Zamo Sokhela

Lovely colour

Karolynn Cockrell

Too cute

Jasmine Bell

Too much is going on

Malakah Angellia Gladston

BOZO the clown

Jai Brinson

omg such nice braids…..

Starr Six


Antionette Mullings


Nubianz Nemeziz


Natalya Faithful

I think the make up is too loud love the hair.

Brandy Hollingsworth

her color is beautiful!!!!!!! I love to see brown skin women experiment with color. It lets me know that I can probably try it too.

Yolanda Hill

Hey there go Bozo the clown!!

Bianca Dongen

what a beautyful color and those big curl i love it

Aliah Classy Allen


Syd S Carter

Very nice…..I like

Astairwaytolearning Wherewehelp Familiesgrow

No toooo red

Tameka Ladson

I always do my daughters hair like this! So easy and convient!

Heart Angel

omg the color

Abimbola Oduwole

if i was fond of having curls i would definately go natural

Tracey Alorah

Thank you all! Follow me on IG for more pictures! IG: Traceyalorah

Shauncy j
Shauncy j

Hi Tracy,

What brand of hair is that? & what dye brand did you use? It’s beautiful