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  1. Jamila Kelly

    the color is irrelevant because its spray painted on 😛 thank goodness because I don’t like unnatural grey. Very cute style and pretty ladies. I also normally hate neon lipstick on darker women but they pull it off very well

    1. Auset Auset

      No @Joyce, some people say ugly stuff for attention before even knowing what’s going on in the picture

  2. Monique Elizabeth

    I try to be open minded but being honest takes over and then I remember what mama said so I am just going to refrain from commenting my thoughts on this but still make my point very clear. Just because you can doesnt mean you should.

  3. Jenn Best

    It’s baby powder everyone… ( look at the twin in the black shirt it’s all over) but why, was it for some type event? Or fashion show?

  4. Angela Jackson

    I’m grey but wow I have to admit if that’s really their hair, I won’t complain about mine.

  5. Shantellee I'mBlessed Jackson

    They look like they are models at a show or event. Which means it was probably for a show, has no one heard of wash out hair paint..? Lol. I think they look gorgeous either way…

  6. Naomi Naomi

    It’s obviously art of some form. Whether they were in a play, photo shoot… Blah blah blah.

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